Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Creepy-cool items,clothes, and events!

ALOHA JAMMERS (LOL!) I'm so soooo sorry I didn't post last week, I was pretty busy, and I was at my grandma's house on Saturday.We have a LOT to catch up on! Okay, so, first, the new clothes! There are now many masks to choose from, such as the Robot Mask and the Zombie Mask. There is also a halo, Monster teeth,a Bone Tail, Monstrous Hair, and a BRAND new TRICK OR TREAT BUCKET! All are for members except the Trick Or Treat Bucket.Of course, as always, you can see and/or buy these items at Jam Mart Clothing.
So jammers, have any of you been wondering how you get a Flaming Jack-o-Lantern Mask? Well, these masks are found in the most unexpected shop... THE SHIVEER SHOPPE! No lie, go to the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt.Shiveer, click the clothes rack by the orange pillow, and there they are! Very surprising and weird, but oh well! They are now on sale, so get 'em while you can for a cost of 300 gems.
How many jammers have been wanting more Den Inventory space? I know I have, and for quite a while too! Well AJammers, the wait is over: Members now have 400 Den Inventory slots,and can put up to 300 of their items in their dens! THANKS AJ! I'm now on a MAJOR shopping spree; I'm buying any spooky things I can get my paws on!
Okay, WOW, lots of new den items in Jam Mart Furniture! You can now buy a Phantom Lamp, a Haunted Bookshelf, a Spooky Sewer Cover, a Spooky Chair and a Spooky Couch, a Candy Bowl, a Spooky Radio, and a Mystical Potion Set! And, at Outback Imports (in Kimbara Outback), there is now a Bat Tombstone, a Spooky Fence, a Spooky Rug (non- member), a Coffin, a Spooky Table, AAND a Spooky Lamp! :pants: Whew, that was a lot! Here is a shot of those items in my den (all except Spooky Rug, Bat Tombstone, and the Spooky Table).

Next Up, EPIC WONDERS! This secret shop now has a Spooky Tree and a Bubbling Cauldron for dens, and an Epic Dragon Skull and Wings to match! (The Dragon items are for your looks BTW.) Also, Feathered Masks are back! And, okay, I know this is is kinda off topic, but some random non- member bunny came up to me and said "Flora, can you buy me a Feathered Mask?" I was like thinking,"I don't even KNOW this person, and she's asking a random person in Epic Wonders, the first member Jammer she sees, to buy her a MEMBER Mask?" But, I still bought her one, though I had to trade her it for a Chalkboard.:) Glad to make anyone happy!
Treetop Gardens (the blanket by the Theater) now has Jack- O'- Lanterns for sale! You can choose from an Evil, Angry, Scared, or Surprised faced pumpkin.Oh, and Candy Bowls are now in every Land Place in Jamaa, so be sure to click it if you see one, and it will give you a special candy or treat that floats by you for about a minute or so. Each candy bowl has a different food, Sarepia has Doughnuts, Coral Canyons has little Starburst- looking candies, the Township bowl gives out Lolipops, and LOL, Mt. Shiveer gives you an APPLE! IT'S NOT EVEN A CARAMEL OR CANDIED APPLE! NICE TRY SHIVEER, TRYING TO MAKE US EAT HEALTHY, LOL :b
So, yup, here's me and my HEALTHY apple lol!
Want to see a cool Glitch Jammers? It only takes 2 simple steps! Here's how to do it: Step One: Go to Sarepia Forest and Stand by the Flag Shop. Step Two: Switch Into another animal and run as fast as you can to the doorway of the Flag Shop. Once you've completely morphed into your other animal, your avatar can stand in the doorway and, if you sleep, sometimes your TAIL will poke through the wall!! Here's me doing it: It's a really easy glitch to do!

 Well Jammers, I can't think of anything else to post about, except that the Rare Item Monday Item was a Rare Phantom Balloon; it's white and light blue. You will prob be able to see it on someone's trade list, so I guess I won't send a pic.
BTW, my den will be unlocked from now on when I am offline, so feel free to check 'em out if you want to. It may not be the same den as my background (BTW I changed that den a bit), it could be any den I have.Well, I'd better go Jammers, but don't forget to Jam On, Be Safe,and always PLAY WILD!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Items, Parties, and other things this Week!

Hello once again fellow Animal Jammers! Here is my new blog post for this week! For one thing, there are some great new Night Of the Phantoms costumes! AJ now has a Ghost and Bat balloon ( they are so CUTE!), a Skull balloon, a Fang Necklace,and an Eyeball Antenna. All of these items are for your Looks, and can be found in Jam Mart Clothing, or you can click the Shop button when you are editing your animal. In Epic Wonders,the Phantom Mask (the one that moves it's eye and shoots lightning) is back, as well as a creepy-cool new Skeleton Suit! To get these new items, click the green orb at the top of the staircase at Epic Wonders. Here is a shot of my buddy, velvetglimmer, in the new Skeleton Suit.

TARANTULAS ARE OFFICIALY BACK IN JAMAA! As you can see in my pic above, these cool-looking spiders are for members only, and can be found in Jamaa's very own Diamond Shop. A cool thing about these new pets is that they hang on a string while your animal avatar is in water! You can see for yourself if you buy one for 3 diamonds.

The Spooky Party is back, and all Jammers are invited! According to the Jamaa Journal (the Animal Jam Newspaper), "The Spooky Party is filled with ghostly secrets,chilling music,and exclusive spooky items!" I will post a picture of it as soon as I go!

Hiding in the Spooky Party, pet Bats are waiting to be found and adopted! And since I will be posting codes and other stuff on this blog, whoever reads these next two sentences will know where to find these hidden new pets. THE PET BATS ARE HIDDEN IN A BAT SHAPE IN THE WALL OF THE SPOOKY PARTY! They are hidden by the covered items with a Sale sign by it; it may still be a bit hard to find them, but keep clicking around the wall and you're sure to find them very soon! Here is a picture of my pet Bat I still have from last year.

According to The Jamaa Journal, ANIMAL JAM NOW HAS AN ALBUM!!! Apparently, this new AJ album, called "AJ's Greatest Hits", comes with all the music on Animal Jam! The Jamaa Journal says,"AJ's Greatest Hits is now available in Online Music Stores, and Online Music Streaming Services!"
Cheetahs will be endangered soon! :'( Jammers only have until October 23rd to buy a Cheetah before they are gone for a while! Jammers who have a Cheetah will be able to make new ones, though.(And those meanie Phantoms wrote in their Phantom Goop "GET OUT OF HEAR!" on the Cheeah picture!) :b
I forgot to mention last week that a new PET adventure has come out! It is called "Bitter Sweets" and there are places to click "PLAY" all over Jamaa! Just click on the Small Portal with the Phantom and the two candles to Join or Host a Bitter Sweets Adventure! It is a timed adventure, you only have about 12 minutes to collect as much candy as you can, getting candy from Proto-Phantoms (they look like tiny baby Phantoms with barely any legs). Be careful about the regular Phantoms, though! Your pet can not use Chomper Plants or get rid of the big Phantoms, you simply must run as fast as you can to get the Phantoms off your trail. You also get cool prizes if you collect enough candy, and your goal for the amount of candy gets bigger every time you reach a candy goal. Here is a shot of me playing Bitter Sweets as my owl, Purplewings (I will warn you, play as a flying animal, land animals, including Sugar Gliders, have to stay on paths, while flying animals can fly off to the side out of the Phantom's reach).

And Finally, the new den items! Available in Jam Mart Furniture, you can now buy a World Animal Day Banner,and Spooky Balloons. Well Jammers, that seems to be all for this week, keep me updated if i forgot anything. SEE EVERYONE NEXT WEEK, AND REMEMBER TO JAM ON AND PLAY WILD!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Items and Party! 10-4-14

Hello Again Jammers! There are a lot of new things this week! For one, you can now buy a Creature Mask and Scary Antlers in Jam Mart Clothing. And, the new things in Jam Mart Furniture are the Rake and Leaf Pile, the Scary Balloons, the Giant Phantom (which looks like a balloon phantom, hehe!), and the World Animal Day Banner! Here is a picture of the new Scary Antlers, for 250 gems.

There is also a great new party, called the Haunted Forest Party! When you go to the party, you can actually become a ghost ( you can see through your animal) by standing in the Fog! ( The best patch of fog is in the far bottom left corner of your computer.)There are also some great new masks and den items at the Haunted Forest party, so be sure to click on the record player to find spooky music, the wagon to see new den items, or the mask chest to pick out a new mask for your Night Of The Phantoms costume!

 The Haunted Mansion den is back! It can be bought for 5 diamonds at the Diamond Shop. Here is a shot of one of my Haunted Mansion den's rooms.

The last thing is a mini Pet Haunted House for your den. It's basically a small pet version of the Haunted Mansion den.You can buy it at Epic Wonders ( click on the blue orb). Well, that's all for this week jammers. See you all, and remember to PLAY WILD!