Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Lion, The Glitch, and the Wardrobe!

EEK! It's late!!! Sorry for being so late! BTW, this post will have A LOT MORE THAN JUST ONE glitch, and there is NOTHING about a wardrobe in it, I just wanted to do a pun sort of thing, LOL! And, the item in JMF that is new is the returning KOI POND! I liked it when it was "beta" or as it is REALLY CALLED "out of stores" but too late now.

Soo, I renewed my membership, and I got ten diamonds! So I got a LION! I made it one of those mythical lions that are golden and have wings:

Cool huh? So, when I was playing Best Dressed, I discovered that when you put an Army Hat on a lion, it turns into an unreleased color of the Polka Dot Tuxedo Jacket! See?

Although, once you X out of Change Your Looks, it shows an Army Helmet again.This glitch also works on Polar Bears: If you put Mystical Wings on it, it shows them as you walk around as an unreleased color of Epic Dragon Wings!

And here are my promised glitches!

 In this one, which still works (for now), it shows EVERY item as a RARE AND DIAMOND SHOP item when you go on Recycle Items!
 This one can be done by changing into another underwater animal, then climbing the ladder as it is still changing your animal. You can not see what you typed, but you CAN do all the underwater actions, plus, confuse on WONDER people!
Here, I was playing Best Dressed, when a tiger joined. When it was time to vote, it seemed he was dressed, but he stayed black THE WHOLE TIME, and no one was allowed to vote for him! Weird!

 And lastly, this weird bunny glitch EVERY AJ blogger has been talking about! It has been said that if you tried to purchase a TIGER, this BUNNY with a UNRELEASED FLOWER PRINT would show up! Then, if you clicked Next, it blocked your name suggestions!
Uhh, okay bunny, can you MOVE? That's just rude. LOL! Though, I tried to see if this glitch still worked...

It didn't. Poo.

Well Jammers, all I need to say NOW, is that I will find a way to post some of my NEW ANIMOTO videos on here sometime, so stay tuned, AAANNNDDD...


(Hehe!) (I put 11 exclamations, Ns, and As, cuz I am 11)


Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey again Jammers! I just read Cloudclaws' new page :Watching Out for Scams, and I decided: why not do one too?! First, here is a Comic about scammers, called...

Here is one! Yeah, SURE, you were scammed. Some WERE, but you can never be too sure!

And another!
 I will not fall for that! (a non member was saying this and non members CAN'T SEND GIFTS!
Not cool! I bet they were not even recording!
You may think this ISN'T a scam. However, if the person has not-so-good items on their trade, it CAN be.
( Tr00st is meant to be 'trust' but can not be said) 
Tad is meant to be 'trade', and it was from a NON MEMBER, who I bet DIDN'T have a Headdress at all!

Bye bye Jammers! I will do an additional post other time!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New stuff, website, and a work of art!

HOLA JAMMERS! Gee, I ALWAYS seem to forget when SATURDAY IS... but THIS Saturday, I have to go back to...
SCHOOL! After so much fun on Spring Break, school again, no choice for me! Grrr... Anyways...
The new item is a Clover Rug, although it looks like tiles... and the new JMC items are...

I just like the head items. The boots are a complete copy of the Cowboy Boots, so....
WHY AM I PUTTING SO MANY DOTDOTDOTS!? IT SO CRAAZEH! Okay, yeah, I am acting like Cloudclaws kinda... OMG THERE I GO AGAIN WITH THE DOTS! Okay, no more dots... GRRR, AGAIN! Wow, this turned into, like, a PARAGRAPH, with all this complaining about dotdotdots.

LIONS ARE BACK! WOO YAY YEAAH! Have you seen any around Jamaa lately? I have! But sadly, they STILL are not very popular. I have only seen about... 3 so far.And, AJHQ added a new system so that Jammers will be less easily scammed!

Cool! And Also, have any of you played BEST GUESS yet? It's pretty cool! Basically, you have to run to the side of the ground with an X if you think the question is False, and the side with a CHECK for True! Here is me playing it!

If you get the question CORRECT, your animal, along with the other animals that agreed with you, dance!
And this pops up.
With confetti! Oh yeah!

And in the top left corner is where you see how many gems you have earned so far.
And remember, when you hear "Five, four, three, two, one!"and the clock flashes red, that means your time is up, and whatever side you are on is the one you chose. It IS kinda frustrating, but hey, you're learning, right? :D

I found this COMPLETELY BREATHTAKING PAWSOME picture on "Animal Jam Spirit Blog"! It was drawn by Lucykate651!
THAT IS SO STINKIN' AMAZING THAT MY WORK LOOKS LIKE A SQUIGGLY LINE COMPARED TO THIS!!! I LOVE the wolf's pose, the body formation, the WINGS, and the background, complete with another little animal down there! Fight those phantoms wolf! FIGHT DEMM!

And lastly, for those of you who roleplay in Sarepia, and like Warriors, Seekers, or Survivors, by Erin Hunter, check out this website!

It's really cool, the ERIN HUNTER BOOK WEBSITE! WOO HOO! I took a Survivors Quiz, and I got THIS for the type of dog I was.
Yay, PACK DOG! :D You kinda gotta READ Survivors to do this quiz, but it's cool!

Well Jammers, this is swirlshine, signing off, and saying...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

PI, Paint, and Pink Ninjas!


Yes, all the PI Day items are here, right in our own Jam Mart Furniture!
 Some other Lucky Day items appeared as well! I love them ALL! Fences and Gates ARE pretty helpful sometimes!
0.0 I AM GONNA BUY THE PI PIE ON MY NON-MEMBER AJ! (I have no Inventory spaces on member)

WHAT!? IT'S... TINY! I COULD EAT THAT IN A BITE... OR TWO! Well, I guess you can't expect a PIE to be giant, but still...

Okay, on to the NEXT topic. I am sure ALL you members have noticed this, but...
Yeah, AJHQ removed red because Jammers were seeing the red as BLOOD! AND USING IT FOR WAR SCENES! I hate that people did that. ):( Now, our lovely red is a mustard-orange color. I don't really care for it.
See? Meh. Although, I DO see how those Paint Splats look like blood dripping from the wall...
Okay, my stupid screenshot is not showing up, so GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! Sorry, LOL!

I found a glitch, well, KINDA a glitch, with rhinos and Ninja Masks
And it looks different on "Change Your Look"
 See? A slot for the eyes! But NOT while walking!!?? Huh...

I also decided to share this glitch that has been around for a LOONG TIME.
If you don't get it, it shows that my rhino's horn is light blue, and I have BLACK markings. I had that color markings and horn, THEN I changed the colors, and now it is SUPPOSED TO look like this:
I suppose the profile picture takes some time to load your TRUE look, because if you go on Looks and change your color, then  change it back to the color before, it fixes itself.
Okay, THIS one did, but the picture of my changed rhino IS NOT!

Okay, well Jammers, I know this was a short post, but I wanna fix a Pi Pie den, and no one really ever views this blog anyway... :(

Love, swirlshine
<3 :D

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey hey Jammers, OKAY I REALLY NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!!! Okay, how many of you have ever wondered what AJ was like... IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE??!! Well Jammers, just go to "kalosfrench" 's den, and you can experience it for yourself... IN FRENCH!

Here are some shots to PROVE IT!
This flag shows up by your... um... message typey thing, at the den!
 Even my settings are like this at the den!

OOO, how FANCEH! "Village De Jamaa".....

Discover how to say "Lucky Clovers", "Paradise Party", and more, IN FRENCH!

P.S. Yes, this IS supposed to sound like a commercial... um... thingy.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Updates and Firefly's Story: Part 3

Hey Jammers! Today's new items are the Clover Top Hat, Shamrock Glasses, Clover Balloon, and Clover Bracelet in JMC, and the JMF items are a Painted Rainbow, Painted Heart, Paint marks, Paint Mixer, Paint Paw Prints, Painter's Tarp, Painter's Ladder, Paint Buckets, Paint Splat, and Paint Roller and Tray. See the connection? Yep, that's right, the PAINTERS THEME has come out! Second most votes, woo hoo! Anyway, have you all played Lucky Clovers yet? It's awesome! The point is to collect these little clover keys in all the clover patches, use them to unlock chests, and after you open all the chests, you get a key for the EPIC CHEST! AJHQ even hints that you can win SPIKED WRISTBANDS AND SPIKED COLLARS FROM THE EPIC CHEST! Cool huh? Here are some shots of me playing it!
 The map is shaped like a Four Leaf Clover
 Hello little frog!
 I'm Dorthy... umm... the wizard? LOL, JK!
 These are what the keys look like, remember to pick them up by touching the paw icon!
After you touch the paw icon, the key will float by you until you use it on a chest
 Yes, this game has little burrows, just like Special Delivery!
And this place is where you need four people to dance on the clovers (not shown) to make some stairs and get up on the islands, though eagles and owls don't need to do that!

I will say, though, this game is SO TRICKY, I couldn't even find the last two keys! Then, for some reason, I made this my screensaver:
Gee, now I will always be reminded of my recent failure. LOL! Cute though, so I just did it anyway!
Did you Jammers here the news? LIONS ARE COMING BACK! YAY! I really needed a Lion!
And, have you noticed? NO MORE SNOW IN THE TOWNSHIP! Everything is beautiful, vine-y, and spring-y!
 A nice little resting bench!
 Wow, so many people! Love how the diamond shop GLOWS!
AJHQ even changed our original Jamaa Township Fountain!
Yes, Snow Leopards ARE endangered now :,( 
But, on the bright side, Super PI day is coming... have no idea what that even means or IS... but cool!

Okay Jammers, I better hand this over to Mythical, she has been excited to share the ending of her story with you!

Hello Jammers! Firefly here! So, where did I leave off last? Oh yes, when Liza told me to come with her! Ok, so anyways...
After Liza took me away, it turns out she led me to a little tent, where I met Graham, Peck, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, and the other Alphas of Jamaa. They told me that the creatures I was with were phantoms, and that they were the creatures who wanted to claim Jamaa for their king. Suddenly, Liza silenced the other alphas and turned to face me. "Mythical, there are some phantoms hidden in Jamaa as spies, but... not even Amelia can seek where they are. "Do you think that... maybe you can try finding them for us?" I stared at Liza breathlessly, surprised that she would send me on a mission when she barely knew me. "Well...Okay." I replied. The Alphas cheered joyfully as I flew off to search.
After one whole hour, I had found nothing. I wanted to give up, leave Jamaa, and fly back into the wings of my parents, but a small part of me knew that I would never return to my home. Plus, all the Alphas were counting on me... I just couldn't let them down. So I kept searching, trying my hardest all night, carrying a torch to light my way, because Jamaa was darker than where I came from. 

The next morning, tired-eyed, I fluttered up to the tent, grasping 5 phantoms tied tightly together with a thick rope. The Alphas looked at me in shock for a second, then Peck cheered and the others joined in. "You know," said Liza, putting a paw on my shoulder, "Owls will be coming to Jamaa soon, and they can not come without an Alpha to guide them." I looked at her in confusion. Liza laughed warmly and said " Mythical... do you want to be an Alpha?" I stared at Liza ad the other Alphas wide-eyed, not knowing what to say for a long period of time. Then, finally, I looked Liza straight in the eye and said, "Yes, I would, thank you Liza." The Alphas looked at me in pride, and I knew that now, this was my home, and I would stay in it for as long as I could.

So that's how I came to Jamaa. As for how I became Firefly, ever since I searched for those phantoms, the Alphas and my closest friends have called me "Firefly", because I flew in the night with fire (the torch). I hope my story continues for a LONG time, and I know that I will have another adventure very, very soon!