Thursday, December 31, 2015



So, in 5 minutes ( for me), it's gonna be 2016! Wow, this year went by fast! I gotta get ready to count down and stuff, I'm at my grandma's house, but I just wanted to wish you all a great new year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hola Aloha

Hi! I watched The Good Dinosaur tonight! I gotta say, it was A-DOR-A-BLE! Just a few sad parts, but then again, that's what Disney movies are. Someone dies in all of them. All. Of. Them. But overall, I rate it a 9/10, so if you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it! It's about a dinosaur named Arlo who gets lost and meets a cave-boy, and he names the boy Spot. Here's Arlo:
 And here's Spot:

This has nothing to do with Animal Jam, I know, but I really liked that movie. To make this post have something Animal Jam in it, here you go.
I have a lot of these now! I'm hoping to earn a Rare Party Hat! A special thanks to rachelcatpaws, one of my best buddies, for sending me the red one! I hope to return the favor!

Well, that's all for now everyone! Remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, And JAM ON!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

(Not kidnapped), and Party Update

Hi! So yeah, as the title said, I have NOT been kidnapped. OR HAVE I? MWAHAHAHAHA! ( Lol dramatic right?)
Sorry I haven't posted in, um, 5 days, but my Internet's been suckish, and yesterday it was down. But good news, my dad restarted it, so yay! Let's take a quick peek at the new update, which may change AJ forever. Well, in my opinion, anyways.

 What O,O
THIS is the thing that might change Animal Jam forever!
 So, now on the Parties List is a list of parties people in your world are hosting, complete with a " Host Your Own Party" button.

But the parties are still on a little tab, so no worries!
Let's see how this works!
 Now on every player card you open, there is this button, which allows you to join the party that jammer is hosting.
 One Diamond!? No way. Not yet, anyway. But we can take a look still! Looks like we have a disco party...
 Cake party...
 Castle party...
 Barn party...
Lab party...

 And Dessert party.
They all have shops too! Here's the Lab party's shop...
The Dessert shop:
Cake shop:
Castle shop:
( The knight looks like it is murdering someone O,O. Please no!)

Disco Party
And the Barn party, my favorite, because...
AJHQ DID IT! They brought these so-called "beta" items back again! I got the Fire Pit because I have always wanted it. But seriously, if people freak out and say their quitting because of this, great Mira, they're out of their minds.

Alrighty, next up on the list!
 Penguinos! Yay! Actually, I've been wanting pet penguins for a while now! And these little guys, well, there's only one word to describe them.
If you think I've lost it and made that word up, it's the Japanese word for cute. I also found out that "cut" has a smiley face in it of you write it with Japanese symbols.
Hehe. Random, I know.

 Yay, New Years party coming soon!
 That sword looks pretty sweet! I can't wait until that comes out!

Well, the only other news I've got is that I finished the main series of Warriors! Yippie! Now, I guess the only thing I have left to say is PARTY HARD
None of these are owned by me.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quote Contest

Hola Jammers! So, i've been thinking...

After seeing quotes on the Animal Jam Whip and other AJ blogs, I think a little quote would be perfect on here too. So, i'm gonna make this into a contest sort of thing. You peeps can post quotes in the comments on this post, and whichever one I like, I will put on my blog and give whoever wrote it credit! You can either make up a quote, or you can look up one that suits this page! If you wrote it, please tell me so I can put it's by you, or if you found it on the net, tell me the person who wrote it so i'm not taking it.
I'm looking for quotes that have to do with these topics:

Animal Jam ( Of course!)
Freedom (Any kind)

...or perhaps just pretty cool quotes about galaxies, stars, nature, or anything like that!

So I hope ya'll enjoy, and I hope I get some great quotes! Until next time, this is swirlshine, saying Party Hard, Be Kind, and Jam On!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Creepy Mask

Hullo Jammers! So today, I wanted to tell those of you who don't know about a Jamaaliday gift we got this year.
Look familiar? I believe it's called the Gingerbread Mask. But, sadly, we can't know for sure, because this item has no name.

See? This item takes the name of whatever item you moved your mouse over last. If you see it in a trade, the name will be that weird number combination, #6228. It also shows nothing in the nametag when opened in any sort of gift, Jamaalidays or not. Plus, it stares at you with those dead eyes, like O,O

Hehe, now I made up a creepypasta for this mask, so, um, read if you are bored, I suppose!

The Jamaaliday Nightmare ( Don't you just LOVE my bold text? :P)

Miss Windyspirit bounced up the cinnamon roll pathway of her winter home. Joy for the Jamaalidays, her favorite time of year, showed in her every step. Reaching the front door, she noticed a box sitting on her porch. " Aww, someone left me a gift!", she exclaimed as she picked it up. Turning it over in her paws, she found a small tag and read it. " This gift will stay with you forever.", Miss read. Opening the box, she found a small mask with a smiling face, seemingly made of gingerbread, staring up at her. " Oh, how cute! I love it!" Miss smiled as she took the mask inside.
That night, Miss sat the mask gingerly on her chair, then crawled into bed, snuggling deep into her covers. Suddenly, she had a sinking feeling someone, or something, was watching her. She shut her eyes tighter, trying to ignore the prickling fur on the back of her neck. Just as she finally started to drift into sleep, a thump made her eyes flash open. She sat up and peered around her dimly lit room, but saw nothing. " I guess i'm letting my imagination get the best of me again!", Miss sighed. Turning back around, she prepared to get back in bed, but as she lay down, she felt as if she were laying on rock. Pulling her covers down and sitting up again, she saw what had felt so hard.
A gingerbread mask with eyes made of bright white icing smiled eerily up at her from the bed.
Miss stared, not blinking, for a moment, before shaking her head and setting it back on her chair. " I must have accidentally put it back in my bed. My mind REALLY needs a rest tonight!", she giggled. " Still, though, I could have sworn I put it on the chair..."

The sun shone brightly through the windows the next morning as Miss got out of bed and stretched. " Ahh! I haven't slept like that for a long time!", Miss yawned. Turning to get her jacket, she stopped suddenly, noticing that her mask was not there. She looked around wildly, finally finding it sitting on the floor just behind her. " Oh, silly me! I must have knocked it off!", she laughed nervously. She picked up the mask, but this time, sat it in her dresser drawer. Sighing with relief, she hopped downstairs for breakfast. But, as she reached the bottom of the stairs, there was the mask. Miss' eyes widened, but she hopped over the grinning face and quickly out the door.

During the next two days, Miss spotted the mask just about everywhere. She tried hiding it under her bed, in her closet, even outside in her shed. But, no matter how hard she tried, somehow she always saw the mask's grinning face right by a few moments later. " What is going on!?", Miss screamed, getting scared. " Leave me alone, you creepy mask!!" But still, the mask followed her. In fact, it seemed that she was always finding it under her paws, a few seconds after she left it. Miss, now terrified, thought frantically of a way to get rid of it. " This gift will stay with you...forever.", she recited in an anxious whisper. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she grabbed the mask and ran out the door, into the deep snow. She carried it far from her house, finally digging a hole in the snow and burying it. " That just about does it!", Miss exclaimed as she finished covering the item up with snow again. " I'll have no more trouble with this anymore!" 
But, at her front door, there it was.
And it appeared there, with the same eerie, smiling face, waiting for Miss, and Miss alone, from then on.

Hope y'all liked that story! Have a happy Jamaalidays everyone, and remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and Jam On!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Animal Jam Experiment and the Animal Jam Jamaaliday Donations Contest (AJJDC)!

Hello again AJammers! So, yesterday, I decided to conduct an experiment. About 3/4 of the people on AJ these days only seem to care about getting rarer. I wondered: Would people still care if they saw a poor jammer on the paths of Jamaa? I decided to find out. So, I got my fox, made her look 'poor', as people may say these days, put a couple store-bought items and Jamaaliday gifts on my trade list, and set out to the Township.
I told people I didn't have much, and to please trade me.
Hypothesis: Only about 3 people would trade me.
Yeah, I was wrong.

At the end of Day 1, I had this:
 ( Sparkly Head Bow duplicated on the pictures, I didn't really get two.)

And after Day 2, today:
( Again, I don't have two Rare Bow and Arrows.)

So, I guess this proved something: 

Jammers on AJ really DO care!!

But, i'm not done yet! I have decided to trade these items to non-members and jammers who don't have much! ( Please note that the Butterfly Hair Bow, Angel Wings, and Candy Cane Socks were traded.) I hope all those jammers who get these items will have a happy Jamaalidays!
Now, I will be asking around for more items to donate to jammers! In return, I will post your username and what you donated on my blog, right here! The more items donated, the bigger the shout-out! I gotta say, my sister, velvetglimmer, is pretty intent on getting the biggest shout-out, she already has donated, hehe! So feel free to send gifts, trade me in Jamaa, or even help out! :)

I hope that this contest will encourage jammers to donate! Soon, I will go around and trade these items to the needy jammers around Jamaa! Surprise, jammers!
Well, I suppose that's about it, but remember to always PARTY HARD, Be Giving, and JAM ON!!