Friday, March 31, 2017


Hey guys! This is just a small, 25/26-word post to remind you to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! I'll be doing it soon! :D

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hey everyone.

I know I keep saying sorry for my lack of posts. AND I know that I don't even fix it when I say that. Welp, I'm sorry again.
Seriously, though. Be honest with me when I ask this... are you guys getting annoyed with all this? I seriously feel like I'm letting you all down by not posting. I know you guys would probably disagree, but still.

Anyways, I'm not here to dwell in my own mistakes over here like... uh... something that dwells...


Getting back on topic here, I'm posting this because... well, I need your help.

You may have noticed that no new chapters of Jamaasian Middle have been posted. Well, it started out as me thinking "OH GOSH I FORGOT TO POST JM!! I'll do it tomorrow" on a Monday. But then, after thinking for a bit, I realized that I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER for Chapter 15. I had been planning Chapter 14 for quite a while, but now that it's over... I'm kinda stuck.

So, I'm gonna turn to you guys for some help! Do you guys have any good ideas for Chapter 15, or maybe something farther along the line? My only request, honestly, is keep your ideas pretty logical. Just don't suggest something like "Swirl and her friends wake up in a magical rainbow kingdom with tons of puppies and kittens and candy...". Despite how appealing that sounds (XD), that's not exactly something that fits into the storyline of JM, ya know?
I dunno why I included that part, because I seriously doubt any of you would suggest that as a serious idea. Hehe.

But anyways, please help me out on this! Hopefully, your ideas will help me get over this writer's block! :D

Oh yeah! Also, stay tuned for an ACTUAL post, which will arrive on either Thursday or Friday! I'll see ya then, guys! ;)

Monday, March 27, 2017


I just saw these on someone's trade list and I'm freaking out now.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Random Comments In AJ!

Hello everyone!
Gosh, I wish I could've posted more during this break. Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy. First, we went to walk around on the top of this really cool dam on... Tuesday, I think? I had a sleepover with my friend on Wednesday, and she stayed for most of Thursday. Then, we went to see a movie on Friday... and here we are now.
I dunno why, but I just haven't been feeling like posting. But, I have to admit, it feels good to be typing this now!
I apologize for always being so late with posts and all that. Somehow, I got off track a while back, and I can't seem to get back ON it.
Ugh. I can't wait for summer.

Anyway, who's up for some randomness!?

Here are some screenshots of some VERY weird comments I've seen show up around Jamaa! I have no idea why, but the past few months, I've been seeing a LOT of odd conversations in AJ. But that's how I like it!
XD! Let's just get on with it!

 Mkay then. Uh... nice... insult?
 Please don't.
 So am I, my friend. So am I.
 Okay...uh... I dunno what I walked into here.
 You want to take a "self i" with a stranger on a website where you can't even TAKE pictures with other people? Real safe.
 Okay, I'm sorry, but I LOVE this one! XD!
It's a typo, but it makes sense! XD! The Lost Temper Of Zios!
I just imagine Zios pouting and stomping angrily around the Temple Of Zios.
 I...just... I dunno.
 Oh yeah. That'll TOTALLY get people to trade you.
 XD! Okay, so today, I went around as my cougar in the Pillow Room and kept sleeping on random people to see their reaction. This wolf was my first victim, and... she?... didn't seem too pleased. She wanted me to get "out" of her, as you can see. Heheh. OUT of you?
 Shadow fire?
Oh dear. Roleplaying has gotten really... unbelieveable... on AJ, huh?
 A... genetic thing. Oookay then.
 The one on the left is from the person who said the comment in the second picture, and the one of the right is from the "TRADE ME CANCER" person. Nice! XDD!
 Hmm, are you sure about that?
I just... I have no idea what to say to this except for XDD!
And then, of course, we've got that person down there pulling people's hair. Or "weaves", as he/she (and half of my middle school) calls it.
 If they're pixels, then how do ya know what they like? XD!
 This random bunny spawned in my world, then said all this and left.
Okay then.
Apparently, neither did anyone else.

Yeah! You show that Lizard Of Lilie girl! XDDD!
Crab to you too.
Good to know. I'll just... stay over here.
No, I got dat SWAG, Legit Perfectspirit!
As for Magical Artisticbean, she, uh, looked in the gray water and then left. Gray water must be really interesting to her.
No thanks. That would hurt.
Unless it's a window on the first story of a building. Then it would be fine.
 Oh yeah. I dunno where the other part of this pic went, but the first part said something about them having no brain cells.
Um... could someone please inform me on what "The Counsel Of the Void" is? Is that, like, a Harry Potter reference or something? Sorry, but I really don't know. :P

Man, that was a lot! I hope I'll find some more weird people these next few weeks, so that I can make another post like this! :D
Well, gotta go for now! Sorry that this post was a bit quick; I gotta get off soon! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, my... uh... PAPPINOS!
(I dunno what a pappino is, so don't ask. XDD!)

Monday, March 13, 2017

I'll Explain!



I really, really enjoyed writing this chapter! That may sound weird, considering what happens in it... BUT I LOVE PLOT TWISTS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
I hope you guys enjoyed, or WILL enjoy, it too! :D

Now, if you're not Sarah or Gfox, you don't have to read this part of the post.

I deleted some of your comments, you two, because you guessed what the chapter was going to be about. I wanted everyone else to be surprised, so I deleted them. I hope you guys understand! I didn't mean to be rude!

Okay, so, when I read those comments of yours, I literally was all "ARGG THEY GUESSED ITTTT!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!"
Congratsssss on guessing it, though!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Please Read Below.

Hey, guys! I'm not dead! Yay!

I know you were expecting a JM today.
And I was planning on posting it earlier today.
However, my family wanted to watch a movie, so we did.
So here we are, at 11-something at night.

I also need info from one of you guys, so that I can write the story in the way you (and I, although I love ALL the ways) like it.

So, JM is postponed until earlier TOMORROW.


This time, it's not just because I'm lazy or anything. I swear. I just need the information, and then I'll be good to go!

It WILL be posted tomorrow.
Count on that.

And please, PLEEEAAASSEEE, don't be mad! ,;)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

JM... Tomorrow

Sorry guys! I just can't think of anything to put in between Chapter 12 and Chapter 14.
Well, not anything exciting, anyway.
So I need another day to think.

I know these sound like excuses now, but I'm serious when I say I have no inspiration right now.
Plus, I also kinda sorta wanna listen to music right now... eheheh...

But you WILL get Chapter 13 tomorrow, I promise! Hope you understand! ,;)

-A very lazy Swirlshine