Sunday, January 14, 2018

Larry The Bunny- Chapter 2

Hiiiiii everyoneee!!
Wow, it's kinda been a while, huh?

I apologize- school last week was kinda chaotic, and I was also using a lot of time to finish reading the third book in the Maze Runner book series, AND I just kept forgetting some nights as well!
Eheheh... so yeah!

But I'm back, and I've got a 3-day weekend, so yay!
Anyways, I've been meaning to post a new chapter of Larry The Bunny, and I figured "Why not now?"

So, without further ado, here is CHAPTER TWOOOOOO!!! (Click this link if you need to read the first chapter, or reread it, hehe!)


Larry The Bunny- Chapter 2

After that night, time passed quickly, and Larry grew up, keeping the name he'd been given from the very beginning.
But soon, Henry began to notice that Larry was... different. He didn't act, look, or even talk like most boy bunnies, and he seemed interested in stuff that most boy bunnies would reject.
"Can I have this, Mom and Dad?!" he asked excitedly one night at Jamaa Clothing, touching a sparkling purple designer skirt.
"Um... well, uh... why would you want that?" Henry stammered nervously. Cora's ears twitched. She had noticed Larry's behavior lately too, and she seemed very suspicious.
"Because it's cool!" Larry answered without looking up from the skirt, obviously not thinking anything was odd.
"Well... Larry..." Henry said gently. "Most boy bunnies don't wear stuff like that."
Larry finally glanced upwards. "Really? Are you sure?" He pawed the sparkly material of the skirt again. "I think it'd look nice on me."
Henry felt Cora's gaze burning into his back, and he turned to see her glaring at him, her ears flattened. She took him aside and whispered into his ear fiercely.
"Look what you've done!"
Henry blinked. "What? What did I do?!"
"You told me the night Larry was born that he was a boy. You said he 'acts like one'." She gave a slight gesture of her paw towards where Larry was standing, being careful not to alert him. "How is that 'acting like a boy'?!"
"Well, uh... maybe he's just a bit... confused right now. I'm sure he'll be fine later!" Henry answered.
Cora leaned in closer and made her voice sharper. "That's not the problem, Henry."
"Then what do you think the problem is?"
"Henry!" Cora scolded angrily. "The problem is that Larry isn't a boy... she's a girl!"
Henry stared at her, realizing that everything added up. He grinned sheepishly, his ears down.
Cora's eyes were flaming. "You've let him- no, her- go her whole life thinking she was a boy! You said that night that she definitely was a boy!"
"Well... I said I think", Henry pointed out quietly.
Cora just glared at him for a moment. Then she closed her eyes, let out a breath, and opened them again.
"Well, what do we do now?" she said, her voice sounding much calmer now. 
Henry looked back at Larry, who was now examining a jeweled necklace. "I don't think we should tell hi- I mean her. It might be too much for her to take in at this age. She'll be totally confused."
Cora sighed and rubbed her head. "Fine. But she needs to know eventually."
Henry nodded. "I know. But not yet."

Soon, Larry was old enough to attend Jamaasian Elementary. She talked every day the week before about how fun it'd be, and how good of a student she'd be.
"I'll be the smartest in the class, and I'll be good at everything they teach! And I'll make lots and lots of friends, and we'll all play together all the time- it'll be awesome!" she said happily at dinner one night.
Henry and Cora glanced at each other and smiled. They had agreed to let Larry be herself, even without knowing she was a girl, and it seemed to be working out just fine for now.
"You better go to bed earlier tonight, Larry", Cora pointed out. "Since tomorrow's your first day of school."
Larry nodded eagerly. "I will!" She finished eating and hopped up. "I'm so excited!" Then she bounced off to her room.
Now alone in the room, Cora spoke to Henry. "Are we going to tell the teacher to call her a she or something?"
Henry shrugged. "We said we'd keep this from her as long as possible. If we have to talk to the teacher about keeping it too, I'll do it. I don't want to ruin Larry's view of school."
"Fine", Cora replied, sighing. "And me too." She glanced back at Larry's room worriedly. "I hope she has fun tomorrow."
"I bet she will", Henry soothed her. "Don't worry- this'll all work out fine in the end, you'll see!"


And there you have it! Man, Cora is NOT happy, XD!
Anyways, I hope you all liked this chapter! I don't know when the next one will be posted, due to my non-schedule, but hopefully it'll be soon!
Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, guys! See you laterrrrr!! ;)

P.S. Yes, yes, Jamaasian Elementary. XDD!

P.P.S. If you find any typos or grammar mistakes (especially you Lost, XD), please tell me, as I wrote this post semi-fast and didn't go back through the entire thing and edit it! Any pointed-out mistakes would be a big help to me! :D

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Artwork Of AJ Lands

Hello hello again, everyone! Man, we're already speeding through January!! Or I am, at least, XD!

I sadly have to go back to school on Thursday. Yeah... not looking forward to that. :1
But hey, that means we only have 2 days this week, and then the weekend will come around again! So I guess I should just focus on that, XD!

Anyways, last night, I was bored on Animal Jam, so I decided to go around and just look for some details in all the lands that I've never really noticed before. 

I do this sometimes when I'm bored on AJ- normally, when I get on, not many of my buddies are online, and I really don't have much else to do, since all my dens are full, and I don't have much of a reason to go around trading anymore. I actually enjoy just putting some music on, then letting it play in the background as I wander around an empty world! 
It may sound kinda boring to some people, but I'm that kind of person who loves just enjoying nature, y'know? Even if it's digital nature, XD!

So anyways, I was wandering around Sarepia Forest, and... WOAH!
Guys, have you ever thought about how long it must've taken to make just that ONE ROOM?!

Ignoring the Jamaalidays decorations, just LOOK at it all!! Can you imagine how long it must've taken to digitally create each individual leaf sticking out like that?! I definitely would NOT have that kind of patience! And they're so small, and there's so many!
And there's detail on EVERYTHING. The tree bark, the wooden platforms, the lights, the ropes stringing the wooden platforms together, the slide, the forest floor... pretty much everything you look at is remarkably created! 

If the designers who created Animal Jam's lands haven't gotten some kind of reward by now, then I'll go over to AJHQ right now and demand they get one!

You Guys: Swirl, do you even have enough money to afford going there? Do you even have a way to get there at all?
Me: Um...


And in Crystal Sands too!

The colors of the water just fade into each other so perfectly! I seriously wonder how much smoothing and blending it took to make it like that...

And once again, everything here is so detailed! There are swirls in the sand (hehe, you can imagine how much I like that!), ongoing ripples in the water, cracks and different-colored minerals in the rocks...
Aaaaand I just noticed that Lit Palm Tree's pot is kinda off the rock. That'll bug me forever now, XD!
Hey, when you're a perfectionist like me, you notice that kind of thing. XDD!
But anyways, back on topic, everything is made to look so realistic! Okay, so maybe not entirely real-life realistic, but you know what I mean.

Once again ignoring the huge gifts (which are really bright compared to the rest of the land...), oh man. The Temple Of Zios must've been one of the hardest rooms to make.
Do you guys see all those stones on that pathway on the right?
And they all fit together, too (that's a design I really enjoy- I've made a couple things in art class where a bunch of shapes fit together like that, and it's honestly really fun to make, in my opinion!)!

*Switches back to AJ tab for a second and suddenly notices how many things aren't lined up in that world*

I desperately want to fix those now.
Especially that lynx banner. That annoys me SO. MUCH.
Ahem, anyways...

I won't go through all the lands in Jamaa- you guys probably get the point by now- but seriously, Animal Jam is a lot more than what you see at a quick glance! I love looking around each land in the game and noticing those little details! It's a nice idea if you're bored and looking for something more peaceful to do in the game!

Well, thanks for listening to me ramble on about scenery, XD! I hope you all have an awesome day, and I'll see you all later! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON! ;)

P.S. Wha? Never knew that, if you click the snowman at the New Year's Party, you get a little snowman for yourself!

Very random thing to add, but then again, I myself am random. XDD!
Okay, bye for real now!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, Guys!!! (A Quick Review!)

Man, I honestly can't believe it's 2018 already! 

I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve, and, if you didn't, I hope the rest of the new year goes much better for you! :)
I personally had a LOT of fun- Ja and Sarah, it was awesome chatting with you guys for so long! ;)

Anyways... man... it's gonna be hard now, writing 2018 on things at school instead of 2017! XD!
But woah guys, 2017 was VERY eventful!
We did have a lot of bloggers quit, and these bloggers were mentioned in Sarah's post here. Everyone who quit, I will sincerely miss you, and I hope your time spent offline brings you guys a lot of new ideas and opportunities! 
But look on the bright side! We actually had a large amount of people who joined (again, also mentioned in Sarah's post, which I made a link to above) our community! To all of them, I hope blogging turns out to be something you soon consider a passion! :)

2017 definitely did have its ups and downs IRL for me as well. I drifted apart from friends, I met new friends, I grew a lot closer to a few people, I tried new art styles, I found new songs... the list goes on and on!
Thanks to everyone in the community who made 2017 a great year for me! You guys rock, and I hope you know how awesome you are!

I'm definitely looking forward to a fresh start! Let's make 2018 a year to remember!
Have an amazing day, and year, everyone! See you all in my next post, or maybe sooner! ;)