Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Adventure and items!

Hey Jammers! Swirlshine here! There are some more new items in JMC (Jam Mart Clothing), Heart Glasses, and Heart Antennae Headbands! Nothing too new in JMF (Jam Mart Furniture) though. Anyway, Owl avatars have yet to arrive, but the good news is, we know what they will look like, due to the new Adventure, "Special Delivery"! Here are two pics of Rose, the AJHQ-controlled owl who guides you!

In the first shot, she is just hovering, while in the second pic, she seems to be either Dancing or Playing; we don't know which yet! This unidentified action that owls do seems to be made up of spreading their wings out one after the other about two times, then spinning their head BACKWARDS! Anyway, getting off topic here! In the new Friendship Festival (aka Valentines Day) based Adventure, you get batches of valentines to deliver to Jammers' mailboxes! Here are some shots of me playing it!

( This is what happens when you deliver the valentines!)
This icon in the top left corner of the screen shows how many valentines you still need to deliver before moving on to the next batch ( There are 3 batches!)
Members will get two prizes after completing a batch, while non members get one.

These are some of the prizes you can win, a Chocolate Zios Fountain, a Burrow Door, a Valentine Mailbox, a Chocolate Heart Fountain, and a Winter Wishing Well.
Well Jammers, remember...
Party Hard
Never Give Up, and...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Animals!

Hey Jammers! Here are all my animal avatars on AJ, some I change, but I usually change them back., while some, such as my Wolf, never change and never will!

Flora Daisypride

Favorite Land: Jamaa Township
Favorite place or shop: Art Studio
Flora and her pet, Purplewings, are very good artists who paint many pictures for AJHQ to judge. They also love to read books together, and of course, BLOG! 

Purplewings is Flora Daisypride's best pet friend. Wherever Flora goes, Purplewings is flying right behind her, even helping her paint pictures in the Art Studio!

Swimming Futurestone
Favorite Land: Kani Cove
Favorite place or shop: Sunken Treasures
Swimming loves to explore, especially underwater! He loves to play in Jamaa is Kani Cove, because of the many hiding places and one of his favorite shops, Sunken Treasures!
Firesky is Swimming Futurestone's pet. He loves to hop with Swimming, and he never goes anywhere without his favorite boomerang! Firesky plays with his boomerang at the same time every day.

Eternal Templeclaw
Favorite Land: Temple of Zios
Favorite place or shop: Brady's Lab
Eternal is a hyena who likes to draw, and collect BETAS! She is the ultimate collector, and she has always wears her Rare Worn Blanket, her Phoenix Amulet, Rare Leg Armor, and Mech Helmet. If her Mech Helmet is traded for another color, she will definitely wear it; her old helmet was originally dirty orange, then pink. Her collecting habit doesn't stop her from having fun dancing or laughing though!

Victory Snowyjoy
Favorite Land: Mt. Shiveer
Favorite place or shop: Hot Cocoa Hut
Victory is a fun-loving polar bear who always wears her Ice Tail, Snowflake Balloon, and Snowflake Tiara, though she sometimes changes her scarf! As you can see, she LOVES snow, snowflakes, ice, just about anything cold in a polar bear's habitat! She also has a gift for building snowmen, but she likes to throw them behind her even more! She claims she is giving the snowmen a ride, but the snowmen don't always look like they agree!

Microbear is a cute little polar bear cub who loves to have fun! Her penguin chick buddy, Waddles Jr. is never far behind her. The two love to go sledding down the Mt. Shiveer ice slide with Victory!

Lucky Sunnyjoy
Favorite Land: Crystal Reef
Favorite place or shop: Conservation Museum
Her name says it, Lucky is almost always joyful and excited! She loves to roleplay, and, of course, swim all day underwater, AND in mud! Her favorite necklace is her Purple Rare Leaf Necklace, from her grandmother, and she never leaves home without, except for going underwater!

Flutterberry may get it from Lucky, but she is ALWAYS energetic! She is always doing tricks with her flowered hoop, drinking nectar, and following Lucky in a blur of wings, while her bee buddy, Honeybuzz, trails behind a bit slower!

Daredevil Bravecloud
Favorite Land: Canyons Pathway
Favorite place or shop: Greely's Hideout Den
Daredevil really IS a daredevil! She always is jumping onto rocks floating in lava! Her eyes are lava-red, because she is the Spirit of Lava, after all! Daredevil is VERY protective, but she is just defending the lava around her, usually. She can also be seen in a different form, a raccoon, Queen Futuremoon.Her home is on a piece of rock floating in lava in the Greely's Hideout Den.

Queen Futuremoon
Favorite Land: Jamaa Township
Favorite place or shop: Play Wild Shop and Jam Session Shop(s)
Queen really DOES love to play wild! Very social and rocker-girl, Queen makes friends with MANY Jammers in Jamaa. She always carries around her lilac and green guitar from the Jam Session party, in case of an emergency concert!

Miss Windyspirit
Favorite Land: Crystal Sands
Favorite place or shop: Captain Melville's Juice Hut
Windy changes looks often, but right now she is inspired by "Play Wild BETA", a newly released mobile AJ game! She decided to wear things Play Wild has that you can buy too, and she just LOVES to visit the Juice Hut in Crystal Sands and buy a grape smoothie!

Jumping Speedyfoot
Favorite Land: Kimbara Outback
Favorite place or shop: Outback Imports
Jumping loves to jump as HIGH as she can in Kimbara! Her favorite hobbies are making friends and leaping over the waterfalls in the Outback! Jumping also likes to see how fast she can find ALL the land animals in her Journey Book, and her record time is 12 minutes and 33 seconds! She once found an abandoned old mansion in the forest, and made it her home, which she still lives in today!
Microchip loves to smile, he is always happy, anytime of day OR night! He loves his teddy bear, Caramel, since he got it on the day he was born, and even when he was adopted, he kept it curled safely in his tail. Some pets laugh at him for carrying it around all the time, but he can get VERY defensive when it comes to his teddy, and he knows his bear will always be a memory.

Explorer Spiritruler
 Favorite Land: Coral Canyons
Favorite place or shop: Royal Ridge
Explorer is a true adventurer! She almost never leaves without her beloved orange Head Feather and Wind Amulet, and only changes mostly to put a Worn Blanket on instead of her Crossbow. She LOVES to play Forgotten Desert, and she has played it SO many times she is an expert! She also just likes to rest on the softest, puffiest clouds!

                Thornswipe(aka Arctic Wolf)
Favorite Land: Sarepia Forest
Favorite place or shop: Adventure Base Camp
Thornswipe is a warrior of ShadowClan. She is very protective and insulting sometimes, but it is just her nature. She likes to watch battles, and sometimes even leaps into one unexpectedly! She has very powerful claws and hindquarters, and can win a fight with any cat or creature who picks one. One thing is for sure, although Thornswipe may seem ignorant and blood-thirsty, if you are one of her close friends, you would definitely disagree!

Prancing Rainystar
Favorite Land: Appondale 
Favorite place or shop: Epic Wonders
Prancing loves to see all the amazing items in Epic Wonders! She sometimes changes her outfit, but she also likes trying new looks as well! Prancing, as her name suggests, also loves to prance about, and can also transform in Swirl, the reindeer who comes only at the Jamaalidays.

Eternal Windypaw
Favorite Land: Sarepia
Favorite place or shop: Sarepia Theater
Eternal is a very nature-y tiger and loves the great outdoors! She made her Flower Crown herself, as well as knitting her own Clover Blanket from natural materials! She loves to leap about, slide down slides, explore, just about anything!

Eternal Canyonjammer
Favorite Land: Coral Canyons
Favorite place or shop: Flag Shop
Eternal is 100% ANGEL! She always wears her favorite Sparkly Boa, and loves to look at the great view or the Canyons Archway. She is very graceful, well, ok, KIND OF graceful. She still needs to practice her head stand!

Mighty Braveclaws (aka Gizmo)
Favorite Land: Sarepia Forest
Favorite place or shop: Chamber of Knowledge
Gizmo was a member of Thunderclan before becoming a loner. She once again joined a Clan, and is a fearless follower of her leader, Yolanda. Not afraid to speak her mind, Gizmo isn't one to break out in a fight, but she is a very good fighter is she is needed.

Arctic Wolf (aka Loveflood)
Favorite Land: Crystal Sands
Favorite place or shop: Friendship Festival
Loveflood is the Spirit of Love, and as she walks, her Friendship Gauntlets leaves a heart trail behind her! She never starts a fight, unless standing up for friends. Her home is basically the Friendship Festival, as she spends most of her time there, or as much as she can, anyway!

Snow Leopard (aka Shadow)
 Favorite Land: Kimbara Outback
Favorite place or shop: Pilllow Room
Shadow is named after a real cat, who looks basically like Snow. His pet, Quickcat, resembles Shadow as well. They both are fun-loving and playful.
Quickcat, as stated above,does resemble the real cat, Shadow. He has angel wings and is sitting on a cloud in memory of Shadow, who looks like this too. Shadow was playful and silly, and Quickcat is the same.

        Blackleaf(aka Infinity Spiritmoon)
Favorite Land: Sarepia Forest
Favorite place or shop: Canyon Archway
Blackleaf is a warrior of RiverClan, once from ThunderClan. Her parents and sister were killed in a ShadowClan raid, while her one brother wandered off and was never seen again. Blackleaf became a loner, and,wanting to go back to Clan life again, joined RiverClan. Now she is an expert fish- catcher.

Victory Desertmoon
Favorite Land: Coral Canyons
Favorite place or shop: Freedom Shop
Victory is ALWAYS decked out for Freedom Day! She loves everything about the the day Jamaa earned it's freedom, the costumes and hats, the fireworks to buy, and watching the amazing sparks show! She and her pet buddy love to stay up late to play with her Fireworks.


Noblesky loves flying high to get a good view of the fireworks on Freedom Day! She never leaves home without at least ONE firework up her wing! She and her owner, Victory, hang out together EVERYWHERE; it doesn't matter where they are!

Princess Frozenstar
 Favorite Land: Temple of Zios
Favorite place or shop: Epic Wonders

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New PINK and RED items,along with exciting news from AJHQ!

HELLO JAMMERS! JUST remembered my deadline again, whew! Anywho, the Jam Mart Clothing items are a ROSE TIARA, and of course, the Heart Cape! Here is the Tiara, VERY good for a nature look!

And just LOOK at all the VIBRANT colors you can make it!

VERY beautiful indeed! Anywho, the new FURNITURE ITEMS are VERY valentines-ish, the Princess Chair, Heart Mat, Pink Chest, Rose Table, Pink Crystals, Heart Rose Archway, and two other random items, an AJ Sewer Cover, and a Giant Magnet!

Here are the Pink Crystals, they look like the BETA version, called just "Crystal",but as long as THAT version STAYS BETA, I'm okay with it!
Well Jammers, have any of you been able to but the NEWEST DIAMOND SHOP DEN YET!? Called the "Greely's Hideout" den, this place has lava, a Greely Lava thing where lava flows from his mouth, an emblem at the entrance, and much more! Here are some pics of the preview!

VERY AMAZING! AJHQ have REALLY outdone themselves! Also the FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL is coming soon, and some FRIENDSHIP ARMOR have already arrived in the Diamond Shop! YAY! And what's cool is, if you buy the feet piece, when you walk and wear them, they leave a trail of hearts behind you for a second! AND, check it out! GREAT JOB AJAMMERS!

VERY amazing indeed, and the zoo was the San Diego Zoo! I love that zoo, even though I am in Texas :D AND, a funny owl video!

Oh, who's this?
Hehe, hello up there!
Oh, look, another owl!
Check it out babe! XD
Look at me, I can stretch meh neck! :D
Woo HOO!

 Oh yeah!
 Um, could this be getting out of wing...?
 Oh dear.
Oh, hello! Oh, for me?
 Blue Owl: Owwww.............
Red Owl: Ughhh. :shakes head:
You gotta be kidding me.

LOL! Well, let's just say AJHQ AND me can not WAIT for owls to come! Anyway, guess there's nothing left to say except that there was a RIT, Rare Item THURSDAY, glitched Rare Pink Purse. These are pretty cool, so try to snag one if you can!
Save your Diamonds!
Have fun at the Friendship Festival (coming soon!)
and JAM ON!