Saturday, December 27, 2014

New things at the end of 2014!

Heya Jammers! I just got a new computer for Christmas, yaay! Anyway, the new items of Jam Mart Furniture are...
- Snowman Mask
- Hat and Beard
- Snowflake Tiara
- Snowflake Crown

The Jam Mart Furniture items are
- Snow Fort Wall
- Snow Fort Corner Wall
- Giant Gift Pile
- Sleigh Runway
- Phantom Snow Tree (dunno if I showed this item on last post!)
I promised a picture with my BFF, swirlshine101, so here we are!
Anyway, soon I think I will be adding more tabs on my Blogging Home screen; Other AJ Blogs, Glitches, etc. Ok and finally, for everyone who wonders about the Jamaaliday Gift on the 26th, there was NO GIFT! Sadly, AJHQ apparently forgot that their Jamaaliday gIfts were supposed to continue through the END OF DECEMBER! Well Jammers, I can not think of any other things to say in this post. The R.I.M. was apparently a RARE Hat and Beard, though I must have forgotten to check for it. See you later Jammers; remember to JAM ON!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Jamaaliday Items and More!

Hi Jammers! I almost forgot today was Saturday, good thing I remembered before I had to get off of AJ! So, here are the new Jam Mart Clothing items: Reindeer Slippers, Jamaaliday Gift Hat, and Ornament Earrings. The Jam Mart Furniture items, however, are a Lit Wire Reindeer, Jammaliday Light Strands, Paw Ornaments, Spiral Ornament, Snowman, Candy Cane Ornament, Popcorn Strand, Poinsettia Gardland, Jamaaliday Stocking Ornament, Jamaaliday Street Lantern, Jamaaliday Bird Feeder, Jamaaliday Window, (breathe) AAND, a Winter Fire Pit! Anyway, here is a shot of my Lit Wire Reindeer!
And, the light bulbs change color too! So Jammers, I am not trying to boast, swear to Mira, but look what I got!!!

AHHH! I got a Pink Long Rare one from my sister, velvetglimmer, and traded it for a Green one: I am hoping to get a Black Rare Collar, if anybody has one.  Here my AWESOME sister, velvetglimmer, who gave me my dream item and is also looking for a Rare Headdress: she is no scammer, she will trade her entire Trade List for one, and I agreed to help her and also send a Rare to the person who gives her the Rare Headdress she wants!

Also Jammers, it looks like the New Years Party will be coming soon, according to this page in "The Jamaa Journal".

Also, on the first page in "The Jamaa Journal", it states that Pet Foxes are back, yay! Well Jammers, I have no idea what the R.I.M was, so I must say, so long Jammers,and remember to

- swirlshine
(the blogger)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Adventure and Jamaaliday Items!

Hey Jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I had to go to a school party. Anyway, here are the new Jam Mart Clothing items so far!
- Wreath Necklace
- Reindeer Mask
- Pinecone Necklace
- Jingle Bell Necklace
And the Jam Mart FURNITURE items...
- Paw Candy
- Reindeer Poop (XD)
- Jamaaliday Lights
- Candle Ornament
Okay Jammers, so, BIG NEWS! A NEW ADVENTURE HAS ARRIVED!! This new Adventure is called 'Jamaaliday Rescue', and it is like a mix of 'Twists and Turns' and 'Bitter Sweets'. You have to make your way to the center of the maze, while collecting presents along the way. Every time you reach a present Goal, it gives you a prize! Here are several shots of me playing Jamaaliday Rescue!
Sorry Jammers, I'm posting on my Grandma's computer, and I can't 'Save As' any more pics! < _ >
Anyway, you get the idea!Don't know if I ststed this last blog post, but the Gingerbread House den is back! My Candy/Winter themed Gingerbread den will be open, so be sure to check it out!
Well Jammers, all I can think of now to blog post about is that the Rare Item Monday was a Rare Gift Sleigh. This is swirlshine, signing out, and saying 'Remember to Explore, Earn, Conserve and JAM ON!' BYE!
- swirlshine
(the blogger)

Friday, December 12, 2014


Hey AJammers! Just a quick Friday Glitch post I'm doin' here! There is a new Jamaaliday adventure, Jamaaliday Rescue, and there is a way you can WALK THROUGH DEAD ENDS AND WALLS using the Speed Glitch! Here is the Speed Glitch, where the computer goes wild and gives your animal SUPER SPEED!
Now, it looks like just a picture of my animal (oops, this AJ account is louderthanalion1234) running regularly, but if you try it out by pushing the arrow keys instead of moving your mouse to make your animal run or walk, it could possibly work! And while I was testing this glitch out here is another!
You may not get it. It shows the Go to Den icon, when I AM at my den! Lol!
 And here is the other glitch, the ' Wall Walking Glitch'
 Cool huh? If you wanna cheat while you can, don't reveal this glitch to other websites, unless your own, and to do this glitch, all I had to do was use my arrow keys to move. Well Jammers, until Saturday! JAM ON!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meh Best Buds and an Epic Dens Catch-up!

HOLA AJ AMIGOS! I know, I know, AGAIN, it's not Saturday, but I just HAD to make this post of my AJ Best Buddies! So without further ado, I present the Swirlshine's Best Buds List!
- swirlshine101 (my real life BFF)

- animaldancer123 (another real life BFF)
- velvetglimmer (my real life sister!)
- rachelcatpaws
- cuteicewolf48997
- dka123 (which swirlshine101 has taken over)
- leafeonforever
- louderthanalion1234 (lol, it's my backup AJ!)
- shaun03706
- zoois62660
So Jammers, if you want to be one of my Best Buds too, send me a buddy request, and get to know me;remember, I'm swirlshine! I also have been COMPLETELY FORGETTING about the top 5 Epic Dens! So, here are some EPIC DENS!

#1- Jammer294b8
#2- gigi8780
#3- sparklesnowystar2003
#4- wow60196

#5- manaby11
Well, Jammers, I hope you enjoyed this early post. Until Saturday! ADIOS AJ'ERS!

<3- swirlshine
(the blogger)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Furniture, Clothes, and Jamaaliday surprises!

Heya Jammers! Okay, so first, new clothes at Jam Mart Furniture!
- Snowboarding Helmet
- Topcoat
- Jolly Elf Hat
Also, the Pilgrim and Turkey Hat are leaving soon, so be sure to get these items while you can!
The new Jam Mart FURNITURE pieces,on the other paw, are...
- Mop and Bucket
- Vegetable Basket ( I don't know if i mentioned it before on last post)
- Fruit Bowl
- Maple Leaf Rug
- Round Ornament
- Epic Jamaaliday Tree
Starting on December First, Jamaaliday Gifts for ALL JAMMERS arrived!! At least two of these gifts were released last year, but most are pretty cool! Also, members get a BONUS DIAMOND on these days:
and the
Sorry, I DID get all the gifts, but I had to take this shot on my backup account, louderthanalion1234.This is also an example of what happens if you do not open a gift.
Here are all the Jamaaliday Gifts from 1 to 6 (so far)
-(1) Jamaaliday Hedge

-(2) Gingerbread Streamer

-(3) Bag Of Gifts (released 2013)

-(4)Candy Cane Lights+ 1 Diamond (for members)
-(5) Jingle Bell Bracelet
-(6) Anemone Head Bow
Pet Reindeer are also officially here as well! Here is my sweet little pet reindeer from last year.

And, yes, Twist and Turns is gone! :,(
Here is a PAWSOME glitch that happens randomly as a Land gets stuck trying to load.

Lol! Not your fault, Mira!

Well, Jammers, the R.I.M. was a Rare Beaded Necklace, and that's about all I can think of to blog about for now.

(the AJ blogger)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Clan Story Extra!

Heya Jammers! Geez, these are turning into like, DAILY posts now! Lol! Anyway, I had the idea to make a CLAN Story, since I'm REALLY into Warriors! So, whoever out there who reads this blog AND is familiar with the book series, "Warriors", by Erin Hunter, here is my short story!!It's actually kinda like a CHAPTER, but oh well!

                                                   The Kits' Ceremony   by: swirlshine
Cheetahstrike padded into the ThunderClan nursery, wanting to check on the kits. She peered inside, and saw the two kits,each doing something different. Featherkit, a kit with eagle feather-like- markings on her pelt, was observing and smelling the flowers growing around the nursery wall, while Firekit, the orange, furry kit who was a little more active than his sister, was trying to catch a butterfly fluttering around him.They spotted the medicine cat and bounded towards her.
" Hi Cheetahstrike!" mewed the kits. Cheetahstrike meowed her greeting back to them. " How are you doing?",Cheetahstrike asked Featherkit and Firekit. "Great!" mewed Firekit. " Wow, it's getting a little boring around here." "When do you think I'll be able to become an appreitence?" wondered the adventurous  little kit. "Yeah!" squeaked tiny Featherkit. Cheetahstrike smiled. These kits were certainly eager to be warriors in training! " Soon Enough." she replied. " In fact, I think I heard Firestar saying something about a 'special ceremony'." The kits happily bounded around the medicine cat hoping the meeting was for them. Suddenly, they heard Firestar yowl, "Let all ThunderClan cats gather here under the Highrock for a Clan Meeting!" Cheetahstrike strolled towards the Highrock and took her seat, the kits and their mother, Redleaf, close behind. "As you all know," Firestar began, "We have two kits in the ThunderClan nursery, Featherkit and Firekit." "It is time for these kits to have their ceremony, and graduate from kits to appreitences." " Featherkit and Firekit, would you come up beneath the Highrock please?" the leader asked. The kits nodded and padded under the tall rock, just below Firestar. " Firekit, Featherkit, do you promise to train hard at hunting, listen to your mentor, and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" Firestar asked, hid pelt glowing like flame in the sunlight. " I do." answered Featherkit respectfully. "Yes!" yowled Firekit, who was always a little less respectful towards important cats. " Then, in the name of StarClan, I give you your appreitence names." "Firekit, you will now be know as Firepaw, and Featherkit, you are now Featherpaw." The two new appreitences beamed. " Vineswirl, you be mentoring Firepaw," the fire-colored leader said as the middle-aged dusty brown she-cat strolled closer to the Highrock and stood underneath.  and Cheetahstrike, you will mentor Featherpaw." meowed Firestar. Cheetahstrike was bursting with happiness inside of her. Her first appreitence! The mentors touched noses to their appreitence, and Firestar leaped off the Highrock. As the crowd broke up, Featherpaw and Firepaw bounded around with obvious joy, yowling their delight. "Why don't you both go check out the appreitence den?" the medicine cat said. Firepaw nodded and bounded off, but Featherpaw stayed behind. "Cheetahstrike, I want to be just like you; a great medicine cat." mewed Featherpaw. "I'm sure you will be." meowed Cheetahstrike, licking her chest fur. " Will you teach mew everything you know?" Featherpaw asked nervously. "Of course!" the new mentor and medicine cat said reasurringly. "Now go follow your brother to your new den." The new appreitence nodded and bounded joyfully after her brother.