Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Back Again!

Hello everyone! It's been a while! 😀😀😀

Now, before all the questions start, I'm SUPER, SUPER, SUUUUPER sorry about the inactivity! I've been quite busy lately, with get-togethers, Christmas, and now, MY NEW PHONE! Yeah, I got a new one that actually works for Christmas, plus some more things like an MLP comic, Pokemon toys (yus I'm a Pokemon nerd now lol), and even the new Snow Fort Den AJ playset! What did you guys get? Tell me in the comments! 😁

Arg. Still, though, I feel like I've let you all down. I apologize. I'll try not to let it happen again.

To make up for it, TWO chapters of Jamaasian High will be posted tomorrow! I would do it today, but I'm going to a sleepover at my friend's house, so I won't be able to. I'll also make time for a new Icing And Friends, maybe the day after. I really need to make up some days where I'll be posting JM or Icing all the time, but with school, I'm not sure how that would work. Still, though, I'll see if I can work something out.

I'm also getting my new computer up and running tomorrow as well, so that means even more posts for you guys! I just hope my new laptop has bookmarks or something...otherwise, I doubt I'll be able to keep track of all the blogs I check, including mine! But, however this goes, I PROMISE that I'll figure something out that works for everyone!

Again, I'm sorry for all of this. Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine, just busy! But you'll see more of me in the very near future! See you all later, and remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, ma peeps! 😂

The two chapters of JM are now up! I hope you like them! Spolier: 2 new characters have entered the story so far!

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Hey guys. So guess what?

My laptop's officially broken.

You see, I've been having trouble with my Chromebook lately. It's been glitching out into blackness every time I move the screen, unless at a certain angle. And the angle went down every day. I got my dad to look into it, and we found it had a loose wire. Setting it up again, he said that, if I didn't move the screen, it'd be okay for a while.

But guess what happened today?


My dad tried to fix it again, but he couldn't. Basically, it's dead to me now. So I'm posting from a horrible, kinda-laggy computer right now.

Don't worry, I've got a brand new- well, okay, it's actually a used one in good condition- computer coming in about a week, but until then, I''ll have to keep posting from other computers. I dunno if it'll keep me signed in, either, so don't be surprised if you see comments by an anonymous Swirlshine on other blogs.

On the bright side, my new computer will support things like Roblox and some video-making programs! 😏

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Seriously, guys. I literally got very excited at a random time about 5 minutes ago. It was weird. 😂

Anyways, how are you guys doing? I heard that Lostfairy didn't sound too good the other day, but she said she's feeling better now, and that's great! Although I DO wish your mom a speedy recovery! Honestly, I might even be sick-ish too. I've had a cough and stuff in my nose and throat for pretty much the whole month of December. It's not fun, I'll tell you that. 

But enough of that for now. Today, I'm gonna be posting some very random things, but hopefully you'll like them all. First up, my answers to Fang's bingo game! I actually DID get a bingo!
I bet you're wondering " Swirl, WHY ON EARTH is there a green plus sign on 'hates school'? ARE YOU BLIND!?"
Okay, well, maybe you're not wondering quite like that. But you get the idea.
Well, I put that green plus sign because I PARTLY hate school. The work sucks, and it stresses me out. However, I did make some of my best friends at school, so I like that about it. So that one's a "kinda" for me.

That took up...a lot less time than I thought. Hm. Well, time for the next thing! Remember when, a while back, I did that post with some facts about me? If you don't remember it, I bet this'll help you: it was the post where you all found out that I held pencils weirdly, and then I found out that YOU GUYS hold pencils weirdly too. XDD!
Well, I've decided to make another "Facts About Me" post! Well, not on a separate post. It'll be on this one. 
Man, am I awkward. 😌😂😌
Let's get on with it!

Facts About Swirlshine- Part 2
- I am now a Julian2 fan.
- I have bad eyesight.
- I have scoliosis (that means my back isn't straight, it's curved).
- I can literally pop my jaw whenever I want to. Apparently, according to my dad, that's bad, and I'll most likely have to get surgery on it later in my life.
- I'm a crippled mess. 😇 Okay, not exactly, but I still have a lot of problems, XDDD!
- Not all of my teeth have fallen out yet. I wish they would already.
- I can see things that most others wouldn't notice. For example, I saw the other day that, on a sign at a restaurant, the wing-thingy on the left was not perfectly lined up with the one on the right. Yes, it's pointless, but it's true.
- I'm not good with technology. In fact, I think all technology, phones, computers and all, hate me. Why might I think that? BOTH my computer and phone stopped working. And I did nothing to them.
- Sometimes I think up questions no one has the answer to: for example, who built all the roads on earth, how, and how long did it take?
- I rarely ever get sick, because I wash my hands a lot.
- I have a Roblox account, SwirlySurvivor.
- Fan art is literally my life. When I get fan art, I fangirl over it. XD!
- I love roleplaying with my sister in real life. I know, it sounds weird, but I do.
- For some reason, when I want something to happen in a positive way, it usually turns out negative. If I think negatively, things usually turn out positive. For example, I once took a test, thought it was really easy, and that I had gotten a good grade, maybe even a 100, on it. I got it back a few days later. I got a 60 something.
- Sometimes (and this happens with everyone in my family), if my family and I are just casually talking about something, we'll hear a word we just said on TV or the radio or somewhere. This happens very often. I seriously think my family has some kind of magic or power. You might think that these times are just coincidences, but you have NO IDEA how many coincidences that would've been by now. 
- I daydream about the Blogger portal, and you guys coming through it, sometimes. 😄
- My dad has a Christmas light show that he does at our house! He covers our house and small yard with Christmas lights, and synchronizes them to music. 

I hope you guys liked that! Did I sound negative throughout all of that? I hope not!

Now, here's some AWESOME Christmas music that'll get you through the holidays! And yes, it's all Owl City. I think I've got yet another problem...
Nah. XD!

Peppermint Winter
The Christmas Song
Light Of Christmas

They're all really good songs, so I suggest you click on those links! 😉

*Looks at piece of paper* What's next on the list?

Oh darn. 
I forgot what was next on the list.
Sorry guys.

I suppose I'll just have to end this by saying that I'm planning something very special for you guys! 😏😉😏

That'll be all for now, my friends! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE SAFE, and HAVE A HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS!!!!! Goodbye guys! See you tomorrow, at Lost's party, and for the next chapter of JAMAASIAN MIDDLE!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Masterpiece Sale!

Hello hello hello my fine fellows! XD!

It's been a while, huh? So sorry that I didn't post last week, I had SO many finals to study for! But now that those are all done and gone, and it's Christmas break, I've got a surprise for you guys!

For THIS WEEK, and THIS WEEK ONLY, I will be giving out copies of ANY of my saved Masterpieces!

Now, not ALL of them are saved, I'll admit. So here's a list of the ones that ARE saved! That means that you can ask for a copy of it!

-My Cookie art
- Fireflies art
- Silhouette Yellowfang art
- Hospital Flowers Brightheart art
- Galaxies art
- Owl City banner art
- Bird With A Broken Wing art
- Waterfalls art
- Cup and Nova art
- Liza and Peck art
- Eevee art
- Shadow art

But that's not all, everyone! If you request a copy, I will be SENDING the art to you once it's approved, no questions asked! It's Christmas, and you're my friends! I'm not charging ANYTHING, I insist! ;)

This is also the week that you can request custom art made by me! I can draw most animals fairly well, but don't ask for a human unless you want a deformed one, please! XDD!

I hope you all enjoy this little deal! I'll be posting more Icing episodes and JM chapters very soon! Merry Christmas! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Guys, I love how 4 people chose "Why would I be excited?" on the JM poll. Wow.


I think I gained some viewers, which is probably who those people are. On my older polls, I had about 10 votes. On this one, I had 20. O.O

Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Here At Last!

As you wished my friends, the VERY FIRST CHAPTER of Jamaasian Middle is now on the JM tab! Hope you enjoy!

I'm very sorry that I didn't post it sooner! I have a good reason, so hear me out before you kill me, XD!

I had to go to my grandma's house for a few hours. I was going to write the chapter there, but, hehe, I...uh...forgot the spiral I had written it in. After a whole day of reminding myself to bring it. Yeah, I'm real smart. XD! Sorry!

I'm also sorry that it starts on such a low note. It gets better, I promise you, in chapter 2!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The New Icing And Friends Episode Is Out!!!

Check the Icing And Friends tab and scroll down to read it!

(Haha someone chose "Why would I be excited?" on the poll."

Saturday, December 10, 2016

You Guessed It!

You guys guessed it!!! JAMAASIAN MIDDLE IS COMING!!!!!!!!

But that's not all! Not only is it coming, but it's coming................

ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday- Icing And Friends episode
Sunday- The first chapter of Jamaasian Middle
Monday through Friday- Jamaasian Middle chapters, if I've got time

Jamaasian Middle will be posted in chapters, so check in daily to see if a new one has come out! 


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

IS THIS IT!!!???

I literally just spent almost $100 on LPS yesterday.

*Sees you guys staring*

What? I had a 100 dollar bill and nothing to buy with it! 😳

That's not what this post was going to be about. And you know what?!

I'm not gonna tell you what it IS really about! XDD!

No, really! You'll have to figure it out, my peeps! The title may give you a bit of a hint, as well as previous knowledge...


Monday, December 5, 2016


You guys- Uh....what?
You guys- Woah, what's with all the yelling?!
You guys- Uh, you're writing in caps, so it means you're yelling.
You guys- Wait, you even put the "Me-" part in caps too!?
You guys- *Sigh*

Woo, now THAT was a long intro, am I right!?

Anyways, ever since I saw one of the latest posts on the DreamMiner AJ Blog, I've been waiting to make a post all day!!! 

If you didn't already know, Cookycupcake hosted a "Blogger of the Month" little election-thingy. The 3 people nominated were Nafaria, of course, Canineclaw, and none other than ME! That made me really happy! But what made me SO FLIPPING happy??


I never win anything, and especially not against Nafaria! When I saw these results, I literally did a fangirl scream, right in my dad's class at school! Honestly, seeing this puts me in a good mood! I really can't thank you all enough for being such good friends!

Yikes, I'm acting like I just won a Grammy Award or something, and there were only 8 voters. My apologizes. This just makes me realize how many great friends I have, you know?

Next up on the list, an AJ tag! There hasn't been one of these for a while, so I decided to do one today! So here you go! I won't put my answers this time, so it's up to you to put your answers on your blog, or in the comments below! 

#1- If you could only choose one den item to keep, what would it be?
#2- If you could only choose one clothing item to keep, what would it be?
#3- What is your dream item at the moment?
#4- How would you react if someone bullied you? *Kara and Gracie, since I saw your comments, you do not have to answer this one.*
#5- What do you normally do around the Jamaalidays in AJ?
#6- What day and time would be the best for a Jamaalidays party at my den?

That's about it for now! *Hence the words "for now"* See you later, peeps! ;3

P.S. If I bragged in any way in this post, I'm sorry to the bottom of my heart!

P.P.S. AJKraft, I saw this and thought of you. XDD!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

JM Help Update

Hello again, everyone! I'm so, so, SO sorry for not posting too much recently! I've been getting on a lot and making a LOT of LPS stop-motion videos! I'll try to fix this absence this upcoming week!

Meanwhile, I have decided who will have the role I offered in my last post!

Since they both have experience with being bullied, Gracie and Kraft will both be teased the most by the bullies. BUT, I'm having lots of ideas, and I've come up with a way so that you all will have a chance at being bullied! Wow, THAT sentence sounded weird! But anyways, I will have the bullies shoot insults at all of us, so that way, we'll all have a chance to react! How does that sound?

I'm SO anxious to show you the story on here!!!!!!! I'll be making a page for it right after I wrap this up!

Stay tuned for more posts soon! I'll try to squeeze some in during the week! Man, I can't WAIT for Christmas break!

Are you crazy!? Hehe, just kidding!
This post isn't over yet!!! I bet you thought it was, huh? XD!

Nope, I'm still here! To entertain you while I'm gone, here's a list of super good animations to REALLY, REALLY good songs! Okay, well, not ALL of them are animations! Just most.
I recommend all of them! Now, there are some MLP ones in here, so if you don't like MLP, it's okay! I would just let it play on another tab while you're on AJ or whatever! :)
*Warning- Most of the Warriors ones have some blood in them. If you're like me, and don't want to see that, I'd try looking up a lyric video for it, and letting it play while you're doing something else, like I said above! I still watch the Warriors videos with blood, but I try to click onto another tab while that part shows up. I just wish people could animate dramatic things without so much gore...*

Sorry About Your Parents- Warriors *Minor blood warning*
Rubik's Cube- Warriors *Minor-ish blood warning*

(For Youth, look up "Youth- Daughter", because there's another song [which I love also] that's called Youth, which is more popular, so it's the one that normally shows up when just typing "Youth".)

I'm so, so, SOO sorry for all the blood warnings! I suggest looking up the lyric videos, or just listening to the songs, instead of watching those! The MLP ones are all fine, though!



Don't you hate when that happens?

I...I......ugh. I'll edit this if I can think of it again. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

JM Help!

Hello my fabulous friends!!!!! 😁

Do you all remember Jamaasian Middle? Well, I wanted to ask something of you!

I based some of the story off my real life, and I want it to be kinda realistic. Today, I thought of an idea that I'd really like to add in the story! This is going to sound so weird, but...I'm going to add a scene with one of us being bullied/teased.
They're not going to be bullied throughout the entire story, don't worry! It'll all be done with pretty fast, because I'm make all of us other bloggers stand up for the victim.

So, the question is, who's going to be the one being bullied? I would make it me, but I've never really been bullied before, so I dunno how I'd react to a bully. That's why I want to know if any of you will take that role.
This sounds like the rudest request on the entire planet, I swear.

If none of you want to, no worries! I'll take the spot if you want! Remember though, it won't even be a full day that the victim is picked on! All of the bloggers will stand up for him/her immediately. I just wanted to add this in the book to show that we've all got each others' backs, you know?

I kinda regret making this post already, to be honest. It sounds so stupid, asking someone to be bullied in a story. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. 😖

*On another random note, when I move my mouse over the Sol Arcade entrance, it makes the sound the doors on AJ do. Well, it doesn't have a door, it's never done that before, no other doors are doing it, and my sound is off. O.O*