Saturday, November 28, 2015

Epic Dens!

Hey all you people out there! So, I wasn't gonna do a post today, but then I went to an AMAZING diner den, and since the owner said I could show her den on my blog, I decided to make a post containing the epic-est of all epic dens! Let's start out with the den I just told you about, which belongs to ceci12349!

Great job ceci12349, this place was the best diner den I've seen in a long time, maybe the best I've EVER seen!

Next up, a hangout den belonging to puppylover10048! Check out her videos at puppylover10047, and subscribe to her as well!

 Coming up next, Jammer5815t's den! It may seem a bit small, but I think she did an awesome job of decorating the place! Who says a Small House den can't be cool?

Now continuing on to New Jammer's den! New Jammer, I don't know your username, but I DO know this is what you looked like!
 Now for her den!

That is a pretty sweet candy shop den! ( Haha I made a pun! Does anyone care? No. Was it bad? Yes, yes it was.)

Now for a Good vs. Evil den made by hayes610!

And finally, a den which is TRULY epic, made by gp8478!

Great job to all who were featured in today's post! If you Jam-A-Grammed me and your den didn't get on here today, don't worry, there will be plenty of other chances for you or your den to be featured! Until then, just remember to Party Hard, Be EPIC, and Jam On!
If you would like your den featured, don't hesitate to Jam-A-Gram me or comment on this post!


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