Friday, December 2, 2016

JM Help!

Hello my fabulous friends!!!!! 😁

Do you all remember Jamaasian Middle? Well, I wanted to ask something of you!

I based some of the story off my real life, and I want it to be kinda realistic. Today, I thought of an idea that I'd really like to add in the story! This is going to sound so weird, but...I'm going to add a scene with one of us being bullied/teased.
They're not going to be bullied throughout the entire story, don't worry! It'll all be done with pretty fast, because I'm make all of us other bloggers stand up for the victim.

So, the question is, who's going to be the one being bullied? I would make it me, but I've never really been bullied before, so I dunno how I'd react to a bully. That's why I want to know if any of you will take that role.
This sounds like the rudest request on the entire planet, I swear.

If none of you want to, no worries! I'll take the spot if you want! Remember though, it won't even be a full day that the victim is picked on! All of the bloggers will stand up for him/her immediately. I just wanted to add this in the book to show that we've all got each others' backs, you know?

I kinda regret making this post already, to be honest. It sounds so stupid, asking someone to be bullied in a story. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. 😖

*On another random note, when I move my mouse over the Sol Arcade entrance, it makes the sound the doors on AJ do. Well, it doesn't have a door, it's never done that before, no other doors are doing it, and my sound is off. O.O*


  1. Ok so Kraft is gonna explain how moths aka bullies work

    1. Ok so the girls who pick on me like to grab me by my bag (it's called seatbelting* and jerk me backwards. they also like to pull my hair for some reason. Like WHY? PULL YOUR OWN HAIR, KIDS!
    2. They like to get in your way
    3. They like to laugh at you for no reason
    So yeah

    Since HtbaH is basically all about bullying, you could steal some ideas from there if you want. Like when they dump the coke on Indeever's head.

    I'm happy to be the person bullied.

    And oml I cant wait to read this


    1. Wow. Those are some pretty stupid things to do. They're not even clever! These bullies must not be the brightest.

      Oh yeah, that's true!

      I thought of you exactly when I thought of this idea, actually! If you want to, I might just give you the role! :)

  2. Don't feel bad! One of us gotta do it. I've been bullied before, so this is gonna sound so weird but I'd love to be the one XD I'd react.. interestingly XD I'd be crying a little o.O and I'd try and stand up for myself, and say God would not approve of this 😉
    So I volunteer myself :)!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. You've been bullied too!?
      These bullies need to back off my friends before I come at them through the blogger portal!!! >:)

      I have an idea! You and Kraft would both be good for this role, so how about the bullies start picking on one of you, the other stands up for them, and then they tease both of you? That's when the rest of us'll come up and get them to stop. That way, you'd both get the role! :)

    2. Still four comments? No! Aarggggghh!! What is WRONG with this thing? ):(


    3. I dunno...I wish it would work!!

  3. Hey, it's SO not crazy. And it's not rude, either! Us writers gotta do nutty things for each other a TON. CX I once asked lpslover98989 to dress up as a boy Koala with a Ninja Mask and pose with me in a screenshot-illustration. She did it, too! Perfect positioning and all! :D Kudos, gurl. *points at lps, AKA Fr0zen L0ver* XD

    I've actually never been bullied, either, being homeschooled my whole life. :P If my character appears, perhaps she could recently have been enrolled from homeschooling for one reason or another. If you've already written it differently, then of course scrap the plot-rabbit-trail-thingie here.... Dang. Plotlines are hard. XD Just throwin' out ideas here, take 'em as you please. Writer to another writer. ��

    Okay, well, if me/she/her ever was bullied (and I'm totally open to the story possibility, please, by all means. :) You could go for the participant that is both willing and most interesting, story-wise.) ANYwhooooooo, (XD) if she ever was, I believe she might be kinda... blank. 'Cause she's never experienced this before, ya know?

    If they use rude comments, she could not react. (Fact is, she doesn't know HOW one reacts to that, but it might be funny to see the bullies' reactions. Do they think she's trying not to show any emotion? Are they surprised by the lack of anger or defensiveness?) Just kinda... wide eyes, "Ummmm... okay? Yeah? I'm a geek. So what?" XD (I LIKE being weird, personally. *shrug* For what it's worth.) What does that give them to work with?

    If they cause her to trip, perhaps she could gather up her books with a quizzical stare at the person that tripped her, (like, "What's the actual POINT of doing that? I'm curious. Do you derive enjoyment from it somehow?") until they let out an awkward "What are YOU looking at??" "Nuthin'. *shoves last of papers into backpack* Bye." Can you tell I'm trying to cover every possible situation here? X) I don't know if any of these are really plausible, so I'm sorry for any discrepancies, to any actual schoolkids who might be reading this. I've read about it some in books, though.

    I dunno. Jamaa is a fantasy world, right? *holds up paws questioningly, shrugging* :P If they wanna take her candy bar, she could just hand it to them. I can picture the prospective bully staring at the snack with an annoyed expression. "What am I supposed to do with a mostly-eaten Baby Ruth bar?" ):-/ (Meanwhile she's off in the distance already, smothering laughter.... CX)

    [Edit: This comment is so long, I have to put it in two parts! :O]


    1. Thanks for understanding Kara! :)
      OHH! So THAT'S who plays Lieutenant in the pictures!!

      I haven't written in your part just yet, and I'll be writing the story on my blog, so I can use your idea! There will be some other bloggers who are new in the school too, so you can be one of them! And we'll all meet pretty quick, don't worry!

  4. [My comment, continued. Subject: What would happen if my character was bullied in Jamaasian Middle.]

    If it actually gets to be physically dangerous, (as I don't think it will be in Jamaasian Middle, but I must be prepared for every fictional situation) I reeeeeally wanna see her give a solid thwack to the jaw, or knock the feet out from under an attacker to give herself time to escape. BUT I'm getting ahead of myself here. XD Sorry. I've got a thing for action-adventure. I may have mentioned/warned you before. (Probably. :/ CX) I just wanna show she's not completely helpless, ya know?

    This reminds me of a scene I had in the back of my head.... Warning: Gonna deviate from the point of this comment. Come to think of it, this comment is gonna be book-length! o.O I hear you like long comments.... XD I'm gonna test you on that.
    So my OC (Original Character) is in basically the same situation as my avatar in JM, but her backstory is that she's a junior secret agent, and goes on missions with her mentor. She's temporarily enrolled as a student, (probably there are suspicious goings-on at the school) but doesn't have a clear idea of how to blend in in a school environment. Minor trouble with bullies/just-plain-rude people ensues, but she doesn't "go all kung-fu" for three reasons. One, she PROBABLY shouldn't publcize her self-defense skills. Cover and all. Two, she doesn't wanna actually injure anyone. o.o Three, she doesn't know kung fu. (cx)

    The scene begins as she's walking down the hall after class. This big, everyone-thinks-he's-tough guy sneaks up behind her, and tries to give her a surprise shove. Unfortunately, her reflexes kick in, and she reacts like she's being attacked by an "evil henchman" or something, spinning and punching without looking. Before anyone knows ANYthing (including her), she's just knocked this six-foot-tall football player out cold on the floor. Her thoughts go:
    OhhhhhhhhhhSHOOTwhatdidIdo?? GAVIN!! Is he okay? *checks his pulse* *looks for concussion* He oughta be fine....
    What. The heck. Did I DO? The principal is gonna KILL me!! O.O Everyone's gonna know I'm a-- What is my job description, exactly? Will I get detention? Who CARES!? ACK!! O.O Ohhhhh no, [her mentor] is not gonna be happy about this....

    Heehee! XD Annnnnd THAT'S my OC, pplz. X) Well, one of 'em. I wanna know what's going on at the school! :o Will she solve it? I needz to knoooooow!! O.o *crazy face*

    Yyyep. And I'VE gone off the deep end.... Heh.

    Welp, there's the unnecessarily long answer to your question, Swirl! XD Thank you SO much for reaching out to us. :) It's wonderful to talk with other authors, and this time was no exception. I had SO much fun writing this! Though I really should have been answering Gracie's Blog Author Questionnaire. o.o Whoops.

    Gotta go, guys! :D See you on the flip side! Err, however that goes. Eheheheh. I DEFINITELY don't use slang from twenty years ago. Nope! Definitely not. CX


    1. I DO like long comments! Type away!

      (I find it really sad that, all this time, I thought OC meant Own Custom, because of LPS. *Facepalm*)

      You've got some detailed ideas! I love that!
      I don't want to add too many people being bullied in the story, so I think Kraft and Gracie will both be the ones being bullied. However, you WILL be one of the people standing up for them (well, all of us will be, actually)! I'll let you be one of the first to speak up, and don't worry, I'll try to write your part according to the personality you put here in the comments! ;)

      I'm glad you enjoyed writing that, because I can guarantee that I'll enjoy writing you into JM! See you on the flip-flip side! XDD!

    2. Right! Got it! ;)

      It might mean Own Custom as well, I don't know. It took me forever to learn that, too. XD

      Sounds great! I am very honored to stick up for my friends fictionally. CX *thumbs up* My very best wishes go with Jamaasian Middle!


    3. I think it does, but not all the time. At least, that's what my friends seem to think...
      Well, I've finally learned! XDD!

      Yay! I'm glad you're happy with the plan I've made! I'm SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS!!!!!!!

  5. Can I be bullied? It sounds weird saying thing (um typing) I can't wait to read the story! :D

    Today I saw someone saying "Gift me I'm getting Braces" O.o then another person was like "I have braces!" It was really strange.. O.o

    1. That braces thing is...interesting...

      Kraft and Gracie will be the ones being bullied, actually, but I'm surprised and glad that you actually want that role!
      I just had an idea though, so that everyone is satisfied. Gracie and Kraft will be bullied the MOST, but the rude people are going to shoot insults at the rest of us, too. Then everyone can react that way.

      I've got plenty of other ideas popping into my head at this very moment, to let you kinda join in that role too, but I won't give them away just yet! ):)

      *Please don't hate meee. Did I sound rude in this comment?*

  6. Can I plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be bullied? XD

  7. Aarghh! D:( It didn't show up AGAIN!!

    *sigh* Okay. I actually copied and pasted, in anticipation of this. C: It's not lost. Actually, it was so long, I had to post it in two parts! o.o

    Really, it was less of a response toward the end, but that bit's still interesting, I think. I also volunteer for the part. :) Whoever you think would make the best person/people for the story.


    1. I think I have a pretty good idea for the storyline, don't worry! :D

    2. Thank you! :D I might use that in a book... I haven't got a plot yet, though. :P


    3. You should! I bet it'd rock! :D

    4. D'awwwww, Shucks! *blushes* XDDDD


  8. That thing about the doors on the Sol Arcade... weird. o.e


    I went up in the loft to sort through stuff and found my box of LPs which contained...
    A ton of accessories...

    Imma go scream ok


    1. OH MY GOSH
      OH MY GOSH


  10. Don't listen to what they say,
    Make up your mind, walk away,
    Oh don't even give them the time of day,
    They put you wrong, turn away.
    (Song: The Cranberries- Them)

    Jamaasian Middle sounds interesting! And, since it's based off your real life story, well..., if any air-headed people are included, I'd love to meet them >:D

    Lol, I've never been bullied, a girl tried to bully me when we were in 5th grade, and she kept telling me I'm stupid, but then I sarcastically told her that, if I'm the stupid one, then how come I wasn't the one to get 3 outta 10 in that science test XD And then, in 6th grade, I ended up being the best student in my class (in the school generally XD alongside with another girl that had the exact same grades with me), and she could do nothing XD. Now she has been permanently banned from visiting the school...
    All this thing was so random XD But, if I'm in the story, you can make the bullies try ''breaking'' me XD I'd love to read that :P

    1. Wow! Those lyrics fit perfectly!
      Wait. It says The Cranberries. Are they really called the Cranberries, because that'd be the biggest coincidence EVER! XDD!

      Yeah, the characters are based off of their RL personalities! :D

      Sorry. XD!

      Woah, someone was BANNED from your school!? :O

    2. Yes, they really are called the Cranberries XD! Just as I said, I like pretty much anything associated with cranberries :p


      Actually, the principal sent her to another school because she was really NASTY (lol XD), but she wouldn't go there, she kept coming to our school, and now teachers try to keep her away from the school...

    3. :O
      Best coincidence ever.

      Oh wow. I don't even want to imagine what nasty means in this circumstance. *Shivers*


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