Sunday, April 12, 2015

Garden Hats, Glasses, and T-Shirts, OH MY!

What up AJammers!? Sorry for the late post, I had a friend over yesterday! Anyway, let's move on to our Jam Mart Clothing Items: the Square Glasses, Gardening Hat, and... wait for it... PHANTOM SHIRT! Yes that's right, these once "beta" shirts are now for 500 gems in the store! I personally HATE that. I traded BETAS for those shirts! But, the good news is, I traded AWAY all those shirits for Betas! Oh wait, is that mean? I don't know. I don't wanna sound mean. But I don't really know. So PLEASE don't say I'm mean! Okay, that's over, now what? Oh yes, the Jam Mart FURNITURE items now! This week, we have the Space Commander Chair, Space Airlock, and the Space Locker! I'm not a big fan of the chair, but the Airlock is cool, and the Locker has space gear inside, cool! Well, let's see, what's next? Oh yes! I wanted to show you all that AJHQ has picked a winner for the Engineering and Technology parts of the Imagination Fair!

I love how AJ drew those! So realistic! Actually, MORE realistic than AJ!! Lol!

And once you click on them, it shows the inventions up close!
 Nice! I like this idea! Robo-pets... hmm... wonder if those will be added...
OMG A VOYAGE DEN!!?? COOL! A place to trap phantoms, shark outside, cool inside... LOVE IT! HOPE IT IS ADDED!

Eheheheh... well Jammers... this was on of my shorter posts. Not much new going on on AJ. In fact, I even started Club Penguin, so if you wanna buddy me on CP, I am called Swirlshimmer!
Guess there is nothing left to say but...

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