Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Fancy Ball Copycat!

Heyo, it's me again! And by me, I mean YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!
No, it's swirlshine. Man, was that intro swag or what? XD

Anyway, tonight I had some fun messing with a few people at a " fancy ball party", and I wanted to show you all how the people reacted! Or OVERREACTED, in this case.

So, after going to this " fancy ball party", I came across weird comments, like these:
 Yes, yes you are.
 :is thinking " wow"
Uhhhh...I can't tell if these are song lyrics or an inspirational chat with someone. I just don't know

And then I found these on the cliff.

" Is embraced". I laughed at that. XD 
And there was even an arctic wolf yelling at the owner of the den " WOW YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN BLACK LONGS", because he/she wouldn't put any Masterpieces on his/her trade list.
But yeah. Basically, pretty odd stuff was happening. So I decided to join in! Secretly. 
I found a good friend in this sad-looking, silent kitty. So I named him Frown. Then, I felt a sudden urge to paint a creepy Peck picture!
Then, a nosy bunny hopped over and watched as my random hoof-prints made a creepy Peck painting in only 1 minute! Woo! PRO IN THE HOUSE YO!!
Then she told me " only apart i can make a creepy peck". I stated I didn't like Aparri, but instead of the bunny's reply, I got some arctic wolf's.

I decided to copy what she said.
But she left. So I decided to go up to the cliff and find another person to copy! I picked the first person I saw saying something a little more meaningful than " PINK FLUFFY POTATOES DANCING IN DA OVEN!", and I ended up with a non-member wolf. After copying exactly what she said a few times, she got mad at me.

Today, I found that I have a knack for copying comments exactly! Can that be a talent? I dunno.
But anyway, then ANOTHER arctic wolf, along with a bunny, decided to butt in. Man, was everyone there so nosy?!

The arctic wolf, which is that pink-and-yellow one on the right of the last picture, said " I REPORTED HIM". And then the bunny did too. REPORTED ME. For copying what someone said! Honestly. 

The wolf thanked her. Wow. I still copied her, though. XDD!
There's that bunny, in the top right.

Blossom, the arctic wolf, told Blooming, the one I was copying, to " RUN AND HIDE".
But when she did that, I found her easily. Thank you, new jammer-bubble den feature! Then I followed her after she ran out from behind her tree, and made the crying emote with her. And then Blossom decided she would " tell AJHQ".
Hehe. You're cute. But darling, AJHQ doesn't want to hear someone complain about how a pig is copying what someone else is saying. 

I think the bunny joined my side in the end, because Blossom said " kicks pig".  I just realized that, in this upcoming picture, the bunny is going " YOU SHOULD BE SAVING PEOPLE" to the arctic wolf. And apparently, she doesn't care because she's a cop.

I sat there, then told them some much-needed info, and left.
And then I went to my den and put the cracking-up emote while dancing.

I will remember this fiasco, always. Man, this is so good, I gotta write it down! Oh wait. I just did. XD
Yay, now I don't have to write until my wrist hurts! WOOO! Go...ME!!!

So there you have it. My trolling story for today. I hope you all enjoyed that, because trust me...I TOTALLY DID!!!

* Remember to read the post below for my answers on an AJ tag!*

* For Lostfairy*
Austin: This all seems so unreal. Like Bigfoot, or those mythical black-and-white striped horses.
Ally: You mean zebras? Those are real.
Austin: Sure they are Ally.


*And for Meloetta385*


  1. I found ur blog after a million years
    CUDDLY6342 <_>

  2. XDDDD Hilarious! All that ever happens at my parties/role plays/thingamacbobs is I pack in like 3 thousand people. Then get annoyed at how everyone is a mess. Find a nice person. Talk to them until everyone leaves. Heh heh

    1. Hehe, I normally do something like that too. Except yesterday, I was feeling super random/bored, so I decided to do that. XD

    Ha, I am so bad but I also like copying people. XDD Though I hate it when others to it to me so I should fix that... :P

    XDDD OMGOODNESS YES! LOVE DAT QUOTE!! XD Moral of the story: Never ever EVER listen to Dez's facts. XDDD

    1. Lol, I only do it to people I'll never see again in my life!

      XD, truth!

  4. Yup! And yay, Violet, you're commenting on here now!!!!!


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