Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Llamas, Pets, Glitch, and (Probably) More!

Hey Jammers! Okay, so this IS my promised post!! Let's get started! So, as you know, llamas have arrived in Jamaa! These little guys are SO CUTE!
Of course, these little pictures that appear when you choose their names are ALWAYS cute, but still! For any of you who have not seen a llama yet, here is how they do the actions!

Cute right? And get this! They prance when they walk! How cute is THAT!? Oh, and BONUS! You can also now be a LAND NARWHAL!!
Yep, just put a Unicorn Horn on, and BAM! Instant NARWHAL! The horn goes on your llama's NOSE!! This is my narwhal look! 
OH YEAH! Don't worry, you peeps can copy this look! It will show you are in de NARWHALCLAN! XD! 

Okay, next up, PET CONTEST! In the Jamaa Journal, AJHQ is allowing us to vote for one of three ADORABLE pets! The choices are: Pet Armadillos, Pet Elephants, or PET PEACOCKS! And get this! I told AJHQ to make peacock AVATARS, and we get peacock PETS! This might mean that one day, peacocks WILL be avatars! I also told AJHQ to make a Peacock Feathered Headdress, and today, in the Summer Carnival, the Feathered Bird Hat appeared! See how much it looks like a headdress?! 

It's the next best thing! Oh wait, I am getting off topic! Back to the pet contest! Here are what all the pets look like.
 Armadillos! I must say, these ARE pretty cute! But, if you look at it REEALLY close, it looks a bit like a snail with an anteater head. 
 Aww! These little guys would be my second choice! The DO look a lot like pet Piglets though...
And finally, PEACOCKS! Aren't they adorable!? Vote for Pet Peacocks everyone! VOTE FOR DEMMMMMM!!!! XD! I'm just kidding, vote freely, pick whichever pet you like! 

Okay, moving on, the FREEDOM PARTY has arrived! Have any of you Jammers been yet? Yes, it is the same as last year, but it is a real thrill if you have never been before! Here are some pictures!

 Hehe, the fireworks hadn't started yet in this picture, but the sky is still beautiful!
 Yeah, sadly, birds have no freedom at the Freedom Party.
Me, my sis, and that random wolf gave this party 3 stars! Lol!

Anyways, here are the shops!
Den Shop!
 And Clothing Shop!

Oh yeah, and we have the FREEDOM PLUSHIES back in the Summer Carnival, along with some new arrivals, Piglet and Sugar Glider Freedom Plushies! Be sure to grab them, the mini ones are REEEEALLY CUUUTE! 

Next up, the Rainbow Armor and Battle For The Beacon!
You can see the Rainbow Armor for yourself, but here are some pics from Battle For The Beacon!

These are some of the items (the ones that are clickable)!
Phantom Tree 
 Phantom Grass

Phantom Fern

 Phantom Stump

 And the Phantom Pipe when you click it!
And here are the other items!

Cool right? Those little orange gem things are called Earth Crystals, and you earn them throughout the adventure! Here are some pics of Earth Crystals!

Now I will give you all a tutorial of this adventure!

So, when you play, you spawn in this place.
Greely is there, and he tells you about what is happening.

 Then you are set off! This IS an adventure that other people play with you, so don't worry, you don't have to do everything on your own!

 These places are to the left and right of Hidden Hollow, they lead to the places with the phantoms. Remember to collect some boomseeds from the trees, you may need them!
And this newly added feature shows which way you go to get to the phantoms, although I thought it was a glitched person in the adventure at first...

 You must water the Chomper Plants if you want to get the phantoms, I have had groups of, like, 5 or 6 on my tail before!
 You can destroy the phantom pipes with boomseeds, or, according to my sister, you can also click them. But you usually have to run off real fast after that, because those phantoms have pretty good eyesight!
 After you destroy all the phantom pipes of that one area, you can click the paw to get a cork. Oh yeah, you also get one Earth Crystal for every pipe you destroy.
The pipe for the cork is usually close by!

And here is what the opposite land looks like, the land without phantoms at the time.
 Healthy Chompers...
 Clean water...
 No phantoms! All of those make a healthy, and sort of pretty, land!

At the edge of each territory (and by territories I mean the Eastlands and the Westlands), these AJHQ members are helping to fight off the phantoms outside of the territories. You can't go past the little log-barrier-thingies, but there's no need anyway. Oh yeah, these animal also drop boomseeds, as you can see in the second picture! I always thought it was the other people playing who were dropping them, but I guess not! I realized this because I played in Aldan and no one had joined. It was HARD, let me tell you! I only got the first section of the Eastlands cleared, then I just gave up. Don't play this adventure without help, that is a warning. 

Well, that is pretty much it for the adventure! Wow, how many pictures have I posted already!? Eh, I don't wanna count. Let's move on, don't worry, almost done!

So, did any of you check the Daily Explorer lately? If you didn't, here's an update!

 So, Play Wild is officially available! In Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, that is! Darn it! I wonder why AJHQ decided to release it in those places, and not the US? Maybe it is because american citizens already have the Freedom Party, and they wanted the Jammers in different parts of the world to have something that celebrates their places too? Seems like the most reasonable idea. But don't worry, AJHQ states that they will release it in different locations soon too! 
And lastly, the newest Diamond Shop item! This Jammer won the Den Item Diamond Contest with their amazing Mira Waterfall! But get this! Okay, look at the waterfall part of the pic...

Coincidence? Seems not. They even got the rocks at the bottom down! I am a little bit annoyed that they did that, but I still like the result (and by result I mean the actual den item)!

Pretty huh? To be honest, I like the real item a lot better than the drawing, but that might be the case for every drawing, hehe. Alrighty, and finally, a glitch!

I found this pretty interesting. Look at the two Fox Plushies very closely. They seem identical, right? Well, look at their eyes! The shadow is different! The top plushie has a the shadow in the wrong eye! Weird huh? I was like "OMG glitched Fox Plushie, I gotta get it!"! And lucky for me, the guy selling it was saying he accepted all trades! But when I clicked on the glitched one, it showed up normal! I went off of his trade and tried again, but it still showed the shadow in the wrong eye! Sadly, I guess this ISN'T a glitched plushie, but it is still pretty cool to see!

Okay, that is about all for today! Gosh, now I see why I shouldn't skip tons of posts like I have been doing! You people probably will get bored reading this whole thing anyway! Well, too late to go back now! To wrap it up, how about a funny little picture?

Hehe, it's funny and creepy at the same time! STALKER BEAR!! 
Me: Uh....hi...creepy polar bear.
Me: Uh........ I gotta go.... see ya!
*Runs off*

*Bows* Thank you, thank you! This was inspired by Cloudclaws, the author of Animal Jam River! Thanks again, and goodnight! Oh, and don't forget to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON!!