Monday, April 16, 2018

I'm Back- With Some Tags!!

*Sighs* Okay, I promise guys, my period of inactivity will be over soon! 

I've been super busy with my school play, but the performances of it are this week, so after that, I'm officially done!! I'm quite excited to be going home 3 hours earlier than I have been, XD!
That will also mean that you'll be seeing more posts from me!! YAAAAY, XDD!

Anyways, I saw that a couple new tags have been made recently by Violet and Ja, and I've been wanting to do them for a while now! So let's do those now, XD!

First up, the Official AJ Blogger Tag, made by Vi!!

1. Oh, hehe, well, that should be obvious! It's STRAIGHTDU- I MEAN... SWIRLSHINE! XDD

2. I started blogging on September 26th, 2014! (I need to remember that... I always forget to celebrate 
my bloggerversary, XD!)

3. I write for this blog, The Weekly Jammer News, of course, and I'm also the Saturday author on the Animal Jam Artists Collaborative!

4. Hehe, well, yep, this is my own AJ blog, of course! I'd like an IRL blog as well, but I usually post what goes on in my life on here anyway, XD! Plus, I'm pretty cautious about what I put out there!

5. I've been blogging for about 4 years now, I believe! Goodness, I've come a long way, XD!

6. If I'm being entirely honest, I first started blogging because younger me had seen how popular the Animal Jam Spirit Blog was, and wanted some fame of her own. Over the years, though, my way of thinking changed, and now, I continue blogging simply because I love writing and meeting new people online!

7. The story behind this blog is basically what I put in #6, and I was hired as an author on the AJAC because of my passion for art!

8. I've been playing since September 2013! 

9. My favorite thing about blogging is the community! It's an amazing group of kind writers with lots of similar interests, and I found my best friends because of it!
My least favorite part would probably be how time-consuming writing a post is, XD! It takes me quite a long time!

10. Just growing up and changing my style is honestly something memorable to me! I'm glad I'm not as cringey as I used to be, XD!
And talking with the other bloggers is super fun as well!! I love being crazy and joking around with people, XD!

11. My intro? Well, I don't really have a specific one! I use the "Swirlshine Intro" a lot, though, which is the intro style with all the "You Guys:" and "Me:"'s, XDD! 
And my outro (which I've been thinking of changing, XD), is always some form of the phrase "Remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on!" It's from my early days of blogging, but it stuck with me for some reason, XD!

12. I do not! Every blogger's blog and personality is unique, and I love that! Plus, I'm just a person who really doesn't pick favorites!

13. All of my amazing friends, and just the fact that I love writing about my life and ideas with a purpose!!

14. Anything, really! I do enjoy making stories, though! (Speaking of stories, I WILL get some more Larry The Bunny chapters out soon, guys! I haven't forgotten!)

15. I'm with Lost on this one- if the blogger likes posting it, then I like reading it!!

*Reads through all of that*
Did I even use ONE period in this WHOLE post so far?! I'm not seeing any! Goodness.
Thereee we go, XD!

Anywho, thanks for making this tag, Vi, and Lost as well, for convincing me to do this tag because of your post!
Last but not least, we have Ja's Instrument Tag! I thought this was a really cool idea, so I decided I'd give it a go!

1. I do! I play guitar, and I'm currently in the "advanced" group! Can't say I'm super amazing yet, but I really love playing songs on the guitar!

2. My favorite instruments are the guitar and piano!

3. The guitar is great for upbeat, happy sounds, and pianos are beautiful for slower songs!! Since I like many genres of music, I enjoy different instruments a bit more at different times, XD!

4. Oh goodness. No hesitation on this one. 

5. Can the kazoo even be considered an instrument?! I swear, it just hurts my ears every time I hear it.  I CANNOT. STAND. KAZOOS. XDD!

6. I'd go with piano! It seems hard to finally become an advanced piano player, but I would absolutely LOVE to know how to play such a wide variety of songs on that instrument!

7. Oh goodness... do I have to choose?! I love so many piano songs, aaaah! XDD!
I seriously can't pick just one song, but I can say that I'd absolutely love to try Be Brave by Owl City on piano! Of course, I can't do the electric guitar parts, but quite a lot of the song is piano, XD! Plus, it's just overall a breathtaking song, in my opinion!

And there you have it! My answers to two awesome tags!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I'm looking forward to making more in the near future!! So, until then, remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on, and I'll see you all soonnnnn!! Byeeee! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2018

A Bit Of Explaining...

Me: *Warily walks in* H-Hey guys. *does a small wave*
You Guys: Swirl?
Me: Um, yeah?

OKAY OKAY, YOU CAN STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I know what you're going to say! (Although most of you know already, eheheh...)

*Calms down*
Ahem, sorry.

If you don't know what I'm going on about, my bad! I'll slow down and start from the beginning!

So, on Saturday, some of you may have checked my blog and noticed something different. Or a few somethings. Such as an all-black profile picture, a cleared Blogger profile, a blank post, and my Blogger username changed to "S.D."

I promise you guys, I wasn't being hacked or anything! That was just an, uh, April Fools Day prank.
Surprise, ehehehe...

Actually, I ended up telling most everyone who I noticed was freaked out by this whole thing, because ack, I just can't let people worry about me when the whole thing's a prank and I'm fine. That's not fair, and it's almost lying, in a way. Idk, but I'm sorry. Most of you know why all that was changed already, but my apologies again! Didn't mean to absolutely scare you or anything!

*Holds hands up* I'm done, though. Cross "Do a prank" off my list. I am NOT a prank person! Oh, I can DO the prank, alright, but keeping the secret and not feeling completely guilty is another problem, eheheh...

So I hope this cleared stuff up, and hopefully, none of you are super annoyed at me or anything! I hope you all had a happy Easter, and hopefully, I'll have some time to post this week after school! Until then, remember to party hard, be kind, not hate me because of this and jam on! See you all soon! ;)