Monday, February 29, 2016

The WAY-TOO-FROGGY Leap Year Party

Hiyoo! So turns out I WASN'T back in 45 minutes, hahaha...oops. Anyway, here's the party review!
 You spawn here, with the Sarepia Forest music playing in the background. A strange music choice, I would've chosen something more like the Spring Festival music, but we can't change that now.
 A nice little resting spot.
 Giant frog eyeballing me like I'm an alien.
 Here's me going up the ladder.
 Then you see...that. The shop. I would expect some people to comment about the vine on here but I'm saying it anyway.
 You are KIDDING me. AJHQ tod us we would have so-called RARE ITEMS at this party! Instead we get creepy-eyed dolls, chubby-frog lamps, and a chair where you sit on a frog's TOUNGE. I'm VERY disappointed in AJHQ this year, as well as many others, on this.  If you actually like these items, great! Remember, this is just my opinion! That's what blogs are for, right?

 Going to the next floor
 Obsessive frog theme again, but it is pretty organized! Then ya see it!! The CLOTHES shop! Surely that shop will hold the good items!!
 NOPE. Honestly, the ONLY thing I liked, and bought, at this party, was the Fluffy Fox Head. Though why not just call it FLUFFY Fox HAT? The "Head" part sounds like a fox's head was made into this...;-;
 This room is pretty, despite the creepy nesting doll. THOSE EYES THOUGH! O.O
Sliding down a sliiiide!!

 Ouch, I think my wing got caught on that branch!
 And ya land here! Loving the slide! :P
Why AJHQ, just...why. The frog's like " Erm so butiful!!" 
Everyone else:

Welp, there's your review! I honestly rate this party a...5.5. I would have LOVED to see some brand new items that were NOT creepy, chubby, or gross, or recolored and renamed. I also think AJ went a bit (haha a BIT?) overboard with the frog theme. Yeah, leap year, frogs leap, haha, we got the pun from the party-tag-thingy AJHQ! 
And the music was not very fitting. But it was still a pretty cute party! I only wish I had joined in 2012, not 2013, so that I could've been to the first one as well. :1

That's all for today! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON! 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Am Excited!

Excited for this, but less so since the news from Mel's blog. No cool rare/beta returning items this year, jammers! D: 
On the bright side, they have a fairly decent new fox hat! See you in 45 minutes for a party review!

Friday, February 26, 2016

New Tab, yay!

Hey peeps! Be sure to check out my new tab if you wanna catch up on ICING AND FRIENDS! Making a new episiode right...NOW!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Goat Update Ish-ness

Hiyo! Yep, that's my new greeting for everything now, XD! I hope you peeps liked my insanely awesome picture I posted a few days ago, "Beauty" ( Yes I can make links!! Woo!) Butiful, no?
Anyway, today I'm here to talk about the "Goat Update Ish-ness". If you know what ish-ness is, then you're a stalker. :1
 If you don't know, then you're normal(er), because ish-ness is a word/suffix that I made up myself! But enough about ish-ness, let's get on to the update! Honestly, I dunno why I'm making update posts anymore, you all can read, can't you, but oh well! On with the show.

#1. Pros: -Goats came at last!
-They are super cute
-They bounce on trampolines!


I seriously think AJHQ has forgotten all about gem animals. Yep, if I mentioned gem animals to them, they'd probably think I was some kind of hacker and ban me for life. " Animals that cost...GEMS? That's crazy! We never made anything like that!!" l:1

But as I said, these guys are A-DOR-A-BLE!
Here are the actions:

 Unreleased Poses

Cute, no? Though in Change Your Animals, their centering is a
Have you noticed? My little goat looks like the so-called "leaked" one! It really was just drawn, but I really liked the Goat Myth that went with it!
Honestly, I don't know why people ever thought this was real. It says DEVIANTART right in the center of the picture, people! Well, maybe you can post pictures on Deviantart... I don't really know.
 Me and my sis taking a goat selfie <3
This is how they look on nametags. Congrats to this random goat for being featured.

We also have these little horns to go with our new arrivals!
When I first got a goat, I thought that AJ short, Kidding Around, lied about the goats having horns. Then I saw someone with the horns on, asked how they got them, and they didn't reply. So I checked the stores, and there they were :3

But these guys already have a glitch! This is a Bow And Arrows item.
Now look at it on goats!
See? Some colors are missing! The delicate stuff on the end of the arrows is supposed to be greenish, as well as the bow strings and rope thingys. And the gears are supposed to be a darker brown-red too! These are a few more bows on my goat:

Plus, they are horribly un-animated. But I won't get into un-animated items today. Let's move on!

This sounds awesome! I've never been to one of these, I've only been on AJ 3 years! Can't wait to check it out!

 Ooo. The words "polar bear prize" appealed to me. But I clicked on ALL the banners and went in the Museum, but I didn't get or see any prize. Anyone else find or get one? Perhaps it is only available on the 27? Don't think all I care about is prizes, I love polar bears, I really do! SAVE THESE BIG GUYS! :P

 Cool, yay otters are back! (soon)

#5. Skip across AJ Chat stuff.

 So, falcons won this time. At least they were my second choice! #teamostrich4life
Sorry falcons, I gotta keep dreamin'!

Lucky Party returning soon! Woop woop! And MORE PET SLOTS! YUS! Me and my sis have been wanting this for a while now!

Welp, that seems to be all for today! Check back later in the week to see, at least, 1 more post! Until then...
Remember to...

Bye 4 now!
( Like my new siggy?)

Friday, February 19, 2016


I am so glad I thought of this when seeing this Jam-A-Gram.


(Swirlshine, the spammer of spaces)

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hello all you AJammers! This isn't really a post, I just wanted to ask for some help!

So, I'm thinking of making a separate blog, just for Icing and Friends, my plushie series! I have been so busy lately, and even though I have time right now to make a comic, it's been so long and you guys probably don't remember were I left off. Neither do I! But, to keep the comic going, I need some plushies!

I am looking for these little guys specifically:

Other than that, any (dark) brown, black, or red plushies will do! Although, here is a list of the plushies I do NOT WANT:

-Bunnies ( unless black)
-Elephants (unless black)
-Giraffes (unless black, winged, or with red helmet)
-Snow leopards (unless black or red)
-Pandas (unless green)
-Monkeys (unless black or grey-white with green eyes
-Koalas (unless black)
-Horses (unless brown with helmet or black)

I know, I know, I'm being pretty picky, but trust me, what I'm going to do will be pretty cool! I will also accept black or default-colored Giant Shark Plushies from the Carnival, as well as Giant Lion Plushies from the Diamond Shop! So, if you have any of these plushies I showed or mentioned, and they aren't needed, please consider gifting or trading them to me! If I am not on and you want to trade, just Jam-A-Gram me what plushie you wanna trade for, and what plushie you are trading, and I will send you a buddy request so that we can get together and do our trade! The plushies in the pictures will NO DOUBT BE USED in my plan! Welp, that's all you guys! Remember to Party Hard, DONATE PLUSHIES, and JAM ON!
(Remember this one? I gotta use it more!)