Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Storytime

Hallooo Jammers, happy Easter! Did everyone have a good Easter Sunday? I did! I got a chocolate squirrel ( basically choco bunny, but, you know...a squirrel) and some other candy! So, today I'm gonna tell you a story from back in 2013, when I first started AJ. I would keep the featured Jammer's username secret, but I doubt she reads this blog or even plays Animal Jam anymore. I don't even remember her whole username either, so I'll refer to her as Hihi. That's all I can remember of her username, lol!

So, in 2013, I was bored, so I looked around for "children" to "adopt". I came across someone, her username was Hihi, then some random numbers. I took her as my child, and she was a fairly good one too. Until she got out of control.
She started getting to the point where every time I saw her, she would "get hurt" and then say "cries". And I got to the point where when she got "hurt", I would say "Uses healing potion". Yes, it sounded stupid, but it was the only quick way I could get her to be quiet! Even when I was at a buddy's den, she followed me... and immediately said "cries". So yeah, I put on a bag, found a so-called healing potion, and used it on her. I can't remember if that worked or not... but Hihi STILL followed me, until finally, one day I'd had enough. It was around Halloween, I guess, since I was using my Spooky Den, and I saw her online on my buddy list. I ran up into my den and hid behind my Greely's Wardrobe, since she would follow me if I went anywhere else. She came to my den and looked all around, calling "MOM!" Finally, she came to where I was and said " I know you're there!" So I went to my sister, velvetglimmer's den, which was locked, and unbuddied her. I never really saw her again after that, and tbh, I'm glad I didn't.
So there's your story of a little terror. :P

( Like it? Violet made it for me!)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Art Needed!

Can anyone draw my wizard wolf somewhat like this?

No this is not mine, it was made by TacoNoob Gamer for Meloetta385.

I'm totally asking way too much of people, aren't I? Well, maybe this could work too...

Nafaria's blogger profile pic.

Yeah, that's a little better. So, if anyone out there can make art like this, I would love if you made my wizard wolf, Flora Daisypride! BTW, if you do make it, please comment on here the link to the picture! Thanks!

I got some art already! Way to go Flora Cutegirl!!

The more art, the merrier! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cosmic Glitch

I found out from Mel's blog, the Animal Jam Flash, that there's a glitch with the Cosmic Necklace, released a few days ago in Epic Wonders.
The necklace is a complete different shape on Arctic Wolves, yet on Change Your Look...
...they look normal! Here's a close up on the pendent.
Strange shape, but I rather like it! I love the whole necklace, actually! There are seriously TWINKLING STARS on it people!

Now, for your entertainment, here is an amazing piece of art!! No, sadly it was not made by me... I found it on the Internet randomly, lol!

It's my screensaver right now /\ - /\


Sunday, March 20, 2016

What's wrong in this picture?

Looks like AJ forgot to patch a little glitch when they updated! On the bright side, Waterberry is happy to have finally seen what land looks like!

I was just gonna leave this post at that, but why not do another no-pictures review of the update? It wasn't a very good update though, so pictures would make no difference. Plus, I'm pretty sure none of you guys are blind and can't see the Jamaa Journal yourself.

Jamaa Journal Update of March 17th, 2016 (aka, the "One Excitement" Update")

#1. So, the Spring Festival is back. Normally I would be happier, but this adventure, I swear, is:
1. Almost impossible
2. The adventure that gives you the worst prizes
True, they added a few new prizes, I like that birdbath and the birdhouse. But everything else is 
as last year! And Lucky Clovers is officially gone. :( I never got much good things from that adventure, but hey, at least they were Rares!
O.O   I take that back!!!! Lucky Clovers is still here you guys!! Woo! 

#2. The Mushroom Hut is back! I love this den! But it left? Hm. No one seems to remember it leaving the den shop, huh?

#3. This is the "One Excitement" part of the "One Excitement Update". We got some fairly useful new den tabs that help organize our items! Now the items of everyone have been split into 6 sections, not including the normal "All" tab. Though, this feature IS NOT new, it's used in Play Wild. 

#4. Now we can win Rares from the Daily Spin instead of ugly items you can buy in JMF! Too bad I already figured this out a week or two ago :P Oh yeah, good luck rhinos!

#5. *Insert Snow Leopard Advertisement here*

And there ya go! Honestly, NOT a very good update. AT ALL. But hey, there's always next Thursday! Until my next post, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and

Wednesday, March 16, 2016




( Sorry I'm posting WAY to many quiz results, but I've been bored, lol!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Love/HATE Quizzes.

Mkay, I can live with that.

Not bad! I like Cinderpelt! :)

I doubt I'm "brave, and determined" and "will be remembered after I'm gone". But hey, I'll let it slide.
WHY are quizzes thinking I'm brave and all that!?

Yes! Go Leafpool! I think the Firestar and Leafpool percents should be switched!

Yeah, that's true a little bit!


Lol, I also got a terrible answer on a quiz my friend took for me. WHYY!? 

Monday, March 14, 2016

I kinda need cheering up... I'm posting today. Hello everyone! I'm back again, 2 days later!

So, I ordered The Apprentice's Quest on Amazon, so it should be here tomorrow, the exact day it is released! Woo! I'm also fairly excited to see the "Bonus Poster"! What do you think it will be? A book and events poster, like the one that came with " The Ultimate Guide" (I think), or something else? I'm personally hoping it'll be one worthy enough to hang on my wall! ( Yes, I hang tons of posters on a wall in my room, don't judge, lol!)

If you read the title to this post, I'm not exactly in the best mood. Why? The reason is other people.
Yes, you heard me right. All of the things I'm sad about have almost nothing to do with me. But I'll tell you all out there anyway. Just keep these things to yourself, if you can, I don't want the people who had these things happen to to be mad that their problems went public! So please, keep quiet! ,:)

1. I read on a certain blog's comments (the blog kept secret for privacy reasons) that someone had to put their cat down because of a mysterious illness it had. It's not my business, I know, but I can imagine how that must feel. So I'm feeling super sad for them right now. I also know how that feels. The reason is in the next paragraph.

2. Here's the reason: My best friends' cat died too. No, not today, actually, it happened last year, but I think about him (him being the cat) all the time. He was funny and cute and my friends and I loved him. I also think about how my friend must feel... ,:(

3. Here's the big reason I'm upset.
So, my good AJ friend ( username kept secret for privacy, like the blogs I'm talking about) has a school at her den. It's a high school RP (roleplay), and we had a lot of fun last time we played. But today, I noticed a post on another AJ blog (privacy). The blogger was having fun and being a little crazy, which I gotta admit, can be fun at public den-events sometimes, but the pictures are kinda making my friend look bad, and I'm a little scared for her. I know, it's not that big of a deal, but when I saw the first pictures, I was shocked.
( Buddy, who I cannot say the name of, if you don't want this known, tell me somehow, and I will take this post off of my blog!)

4. If I say this problem, SOMEONE in my family will freak out, so I'll just say this.

So yeah, there you go. Again, PLEASE PLEASE keep the things IN YOUR HEAD, not on your blog, or anyone else's, or in your friends' heads. I don't want people to be mad! And also, don't judge me, or ANYONE in these stories, please! I like animals A LOT, okay? Hehe! ,:P
Bye for now :1

Saturday, March 12, 2016

3 More Days!!!

Screenshot from the Warrior Cats blog, Silverpelt.

Is anyone else SUPER excited, or is it just me?

Monday, March 7, 2016

This Goes Against Everything I've Lived For On AJ

I'm not bragging, I swear! Don't hate meh! I'm just happy that I got like this over 3 years. Yes, I WILL change this look, I think it looks too "rich people".

Also, I saw this on the DE...
...and I thought "WHY!?" XD!

Byez for now!