Icing And Friends (Plushie Series)

These are all of Icing and his friends' adventures (all in order from top to bottom)! Stay tuned for more episodes, and maybe even a whole new blog, just for Icing!



A friendly, adventurous, and totally crazy fox plushie. He, in his opinion, has an "awesome-looking" hat. In a bleak situation, Icing always tries to break the ice- unless he's trapped in a tight space!


Icing's studious sister. She likes coming along on adventures, but prefers to get all the facts before rushing into something. She's one of the smartest in the group, along with Speckle and Freddy.


A super-fast tiger who LOVES to win. Despite his tendency to brag a little, he's a truly brave and loyal friend.

Flame Jr.

Flame Jr is one of Icing's closest pals. He loves to adventure as well, and anywhere his friends go, he insists on going, too.


Flower is Flame Jr's younger sister, although he's only one year older than her. For a girl who loves pink and pretty outfits, she can be pretty athletic, especially when it comes to dancing.


Summer loves to be lazy and lay in the sun, so he normally doesn't tag along with Icing and his pals. Still, he's a great friend to talk to about just about anything!


Summer's adopted sister. She likes to relax as well, but, if she's in a super-happy mood, she becomes very bouncy and energetic! She prefers to stay at the house with Summer, but she loves to hear the adventurers' stories when they return!


A very wise gecko. Despite being the same age as Icing and most of his friends, he always acts very mature (the opposite of Icing) and calm. He loves to be helpful, and knows more about Jamaa's history than any other plushie the gang knows!


For a giraffe, Henry is very agile! He loves to run and do basically anything sporty. Henry was one of the first plushies Icing ever met.


Majesty's full name is Purple Majesty, but she prefers to be addressed by her last name. Normally hanging out with Flower, she's very girly, but if anything threatens her friends, she'll immediately unleash her anger! Normally, though, this penguin is very kind and helpful!


Gumball is very handy when the gang needs a good laugh! He'll do almost anything to make his friends smile, and this is why he's such close friends with Icing!


Bandit is good-natured and playful around his friends, but around strangers, he's very shy and quiet. He's great at coming up with creative solutions to tough problems!

*This page is currently under renovation.*

So, as I told all of you above, I am a fox plushie named Icing. I like desserts, cool hats, trampolines, drawing, and adventures!

So, I guess I should introduce you to my family and friends.

This is my family. My mom, the big orange fox, is Florina, and Cherry, the red fox that is me-sized, is my sister. The smallest one is our little sister, Little Rose, just Rose for short. They are a great family! Cherry always comes with me on my adventures, and since she is not the annoying type, and I am not the kind of fox who likes to adventure alone, it's nice having her along. Little Rose usually stays behind with my mom, but she wants to be like me and Cherry one day :)

Next up, my friends! I must warn you, I have a LOT!

I tried to warn you! Sorry, Swirlshine had to take this picture, my camera couldn't get all of us in the picture!
I guess I should start from the beginning: literally (sort of). I'm gonna start with my first friends.

 These are three of my best-est friends ever, Flame Jr., Flower, and Racer (in order from left to right). Flame Jr. and Racer like to adventure like me, although Racer also likes to just hang out at the beach too. Flame Jr. likes almost all of the same things I do, except he likes dancing instead of drawing. Flower hangs out with us sometimes too. She likes sparkly things, but she also acts a little tom-boy when she hangs around us. She also likes gymnastics. :D
Summer here is siblings with Spring. They both like to chill, but they are pretty loyal to their friends. Summer likes hanging out at the beach (like Racer, which is why sometimes they meet up there together), and he likes to eat. A LOT! Hehe, sorry if that offended you Summer!
 Spring is Summer's adopted sister. She likes nature and sitting in a nice little field with flowers and butterflies by a little pond. Or at least she says that is her dream paradise, anyway...
 Henry likes running, and has entered a lot of races, and won most of them, I might add. The only times he doesn't win is when a cheetah enters... He also likes swinging and hanging out with his friends!
Lastly, Bandit. He is silly and fun-loving around good friends, but around strangers, he is kinda quiet and shy. He likes to sneak up on us and scare us when we are having sleepovers, because he can blend in with the darkness. We have only scared him once though...

Now on to my other friends!

 That's Majesty and Gumball. Majesty's (she is the penguin in case you haven't figured out) full name is actually Purple Majesty, but it's long so we just shorten it. She is pretty girly, likes bows and sparkles and all of that stuff, but she still likes nature, although she usually stays home on most adventures. Gumball, the green bunny, is the comedian of the group. He is pretty handy in tough times when we need a good laugh.
 This is Freddy. He's the smart one, and if there is some kind of code or whatever on our adventure, he's the first one to figure it out.
 Cloudy, or her full name, Cloudy Day, is best known for her amazing homemade bakery treats. I've had a TON of those, and I never get tired of them! :D
 This is a biggish picture, so get ready for a lot of typing. Wheatseed is the deer in the top left corner, Kingdom is the yellow lion, Berry is the wolf, and Fogflight is the white eagle in the bottom corner. Wheatseed likes racing, like Henry, although he never gets quite close enough to beating Henry! Kingdom is loyal and confident, and everyone in the group likes him. Berry likes hanging out with him too, and she pretty much has the same qualities as him. She also likes to jump through hoops. Well, she told me that, anyway. Even though we don't even have any hoops... Oh yeah! And Fogflight likes playing that Falling Phantoms game in the Temple Of Zios. I personally think that game is kinda freaky, with all those flaming phantoms falling down everywhere, not to mention hard.
 Ice and Leaf are sisters. Ice is the blue arctic and Leaf is the one with, well, leaves on her I don't really know why she likes those leaves on her head though. Both of them are pretty smart, and Ice likes to make jewelry to give to her friends. Both are pretty good adventurers too.
Lastly, Speckle. He is the other smart one in the group, and knows a lot of things about the history of Jamaa and all that stuff. He's a little bit older than most of us.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my first post. Stay tuned for my second one! This is Icing, signing out!

~Icing The Fox

Weird Stuff Going On (Icing The Fox)

Hello everyone, Icing speaking! So, I told you all about my friends last time, right? This time-well, I'll just let you read it!

So, today me, Bandit, Flame Jr. and Cherry were talking in the front lawn when we heard a noise.
We looked around until finally we spotted some yellow ears poking out from behind a bush.

Me: Uh, guys, do ya'll see that?
Cherry: You mean those giant ears peeking out from a bush right by us? Yeah I see it.
Bandit: Who is that anyway?

We went a little closer, but then the thing hopped out of the bush and away. 
Turns out it was Geran. Geran is a kangaroo that we see around sometimes. All I really know about him is-#1.He's a kangaroo
#2. He's yellow
and #3. He likes smoothies (I saw him with a smoothie once.)
So yeah, he is not very well-known. Something seems weird though. He's quiet, but he usually isn't so...sneaky. 

Flame Jr: Why was, um, what's-his-name-again, sneaking around by OUR house?
Bandit: His name is Geran, I believe. 
Me: Yeah, it does seem pretty weird. What would Geran want with us?
Bandit: Hey, why don't we just follow him to see what he's doing? 
Cherry: I don't know...What if he spots us? It will look like WE'RE the ones doing the creeping.
Me: True, but he was acting pretty suspicious...
Flame Jr: I think we should go for it!
Bandit: Yeah!
Cherry: Alright, alright, but let's at least get Freddy to come along with us.
Me: Yeah, he is pretty handy. I'll go get him.

So yeah, I went back in the house to get Freddy. I told him what happened, and he agreed to come with us to follow Geran.
We followed his footprints all the way to this really huge mansion sort of thing.
Freddy: Well, the trail stops here. I guess he went inside.
Flame Jr: Then let's go in too! We can't lose him this fast!
Cherry: Um, dude, the sign says 'Closed'. We can't trespass like that.
Bandit: Why not? I bet they just made that sign say Closed so they wouldn't be bothered.
Freddy: Then therefore we shouldn't go in.
Me: Aw, c'mon guys! We'll just be quiet so no one sees or hears us.
Flame Jr: Uh, guys, what's up with this really creepy tree?
Me: Yikes, it's eyeless! The worst kind!
Cherry: It's not THAT creepy!
Me: Then stare at its pupil-less eyes for a long time and you will see what we mean.
Cherry: Noo thanks...
Bandit: If we're gonna find Geran, let's pick up the pace! At this rate we'll go in at sundown!
Me: Bandit's right, c'mon everyone!

So we all went into the mansion together. 
Cherry: Really? This place isn't what you would call, um, CREEPY!
Freddy: A place like this is a great hideout, actually.
Flame Jr: How does a bright-colored room with flower carpet make a good hideout?
Freddy: It throws intruders off track. 
Me: Oh, I get it! People who come in think no one is being creepy or whatever in there, but they're just hiding!
Freddy: Exactly!
Bandit: You guys talk too much. Let's find Geran!
Me: Alright! How about we split up? That way, it will be quicker to find him.
Flame Jr: Sounds like a plan!

We all looked everywhere for Geran. I looked in the kitchen (I didn't sneak a few bites of food...), Freddy and Bandit looked in the main room, and Cherry and Flame Jr. looked upstairs.
Suddenly Cherry came running down the stairs, Flame Jr. right behind her.
Rose: Icing!
Me: What-?
Rose: Shh! 
Me: Why?
Cherry: There's something I need to show you. Get Bandit and Freddy and meet me on the stairs.
Bandit: What's going on?
Cherry: While I was checking upstairs, I heard a nose.
Me: Hahaha, a nose!!
Cherry: Arg, I meant NOISE! Be quiet!
Me: Alright, alright...
Cherry: So, as I was saying, I heard a noise. I looked out on this little balcony thing and...I saw him.
Bandit: Saw who? Geran?
Cherry: Come see for yourself.
Cherry took us to the balcony and showed us what she was talking about. There was Geran, sitting in a grass chair, talking to a black wolf across from him
Bandit: Haha, I knew we would find Geran!
Me: Yeah, but I didn't know we would find someone ELSE.
Flame Jr: Who is that wolf anyway?
Cherry: I don't know...

We watched and listened for a few minutes to their conversation.
Black Wolf: So, how did it go?
Geran: Well, it was going good until they spotted my ears. I always forget to hide those...
Black Wolf: What!? Why did you let them see you!?
Geran: Relax, I ran over here before they could catch up to me.
Me: Are they talking about US?
Cherry: Shh, don't let them hear you!
Black Wolf: Ah, good, good. And what did you find out?
Geran: Not much yet. Mainly just that they like talking and sitting in the grass. But I'm sure to find out more tomorrow!
Black Wolf: You better, because I know something already.
Geran: What's that?
Black Wolf: Those fools must be destroyed.

~Icing The Fox

The Black Wolf (Icing And Friends)

Me: WHAT!? They want to DESTROY US!?
Black Wolf: Wait, I hear something!
Geran: What's that? Oh, a propeller hat! Wait, something about that hat looks familiar...
Cherry: Oh great, now they've spotted us, Icing!
Me: Curse my large, colorful, and awesome hat!
Black Wolf: There's someone here! I can smell them!
Geran: I can't smell anything.
Bandit: They can SMELL us too?
Cherry: Let's get out of here before they see us completely!

We quietly crawled towards the stairs. Suddenly, the black wolf turned her head and saw us. We froze and turned our heads slightly towards her. Her eyes were wide, we must have taken her by surprise, despite the comment about her smelling us, then slowly, they narrowed and she let out a low growl.

Black Wolf: Geran.
Geran: Yes Blaze?
Black Wolf: GET THEM!!
They both jumped up, and we didn't stick around any longer. We all raced down the stairs, the black wolf and Geran close behind us.
Cherry: Hurry everyone! 
Geran: Don't worry miss! I'll go ahead and get them for you!

Suddenly Geran bolted towards us as if he just hopped on a jetpack. We all ran as fast as we could, but Freddy, since he has no legs, had a hard time keeping up.
Bandit: Freddy! Hurry!
Freddy: For your information, I have no legs, only flippers, so I can't go as fast as you four-legged plushies!

Geran took a giant leap on his long legs and landed right behind Freddy.
Me: Freddy!!! Look out behind you!!
Freddy: AHH!!!

Geran grabbed Freddy by the tail and laughed.

Geran: Haha! You were TOO EASY to catch! Blaze will take care of you now!
All of us: FREDDY!!

All of a sudden, Flame Jr. ran back up the stairs and growled angrily at Geran before biting his hand.
Flame Jr: That will teach you to mess with any of my friends!

Freddy, who had been dropped by Geran when he was bit, flopped towards us as fast as he could, and we all dashed away, Geran still shaking his hand and moaning.
We ran all the way out the door, aware of Geran and another animal, probably the black wolf, chasing us. Once we reached the doorway, we jumped out and ran for our lives. I looked back to see Geran shaking his fist at us, and the black wolf snarling angrily.
Black Wolf: Why did you let them get away!?
Geran: The tiger bit my hand! It HURT!

Cherry: Icing, come on, hurry!
We ran and ran until we got back home.
Bandit: Well, that was freaky!
Freddy: Indeed!
Flame Jr: Geran almost broke Freddy's tail off! By the way, are you okay Freddy?
Freddy: Yes, fine, thanks for helping me.
Cherry: Okay everyone, focus. Why was Geran acting so rude?
Me: I don't know, but what about that black wolf? Now THERE are some teeth I never want to feel the sharpness of!
Cherry: And that! Who was that black wolf?
Me: I think I heard Geran call her Blaze.
Cherry: Okay, Blaze then. What were they doing on the balcony?
Bandit: Why are you asking us questions that nobody, not even you, knows the answer to?
Cherry: I'm just trying to find out the facts!
Me: Everyone focus! Didn't you hear Blaze? She wants to destroy us! Maybe she's evil!
Cherry: He's sounding like me. Well, all except the last part.
Bandit: Evil? Do you really think so?
Freddy: I doubt she is evil. A little rude, yes. But not evil.
Me: She wants to DESTROY us for no reason, for Mira's sake! 
Flame Jr: True. Maybe she really IS evil...

~Icing The Fox

What Happened To Geran? (Icing and Friends)

We all decided to go inside, rest, and talk about Blaze and Geran. Leaf, Ice, and Speckle came up to greet us.

Leaf: Hey guys! Where were you?
Ice: Yeah, we wanted to play with y'all but you weren't there! Is everything alright?
Me: I'll tell you guys all about it. But first, let's go upstairs and sit down, I'm pooped!
After we told them about Geran, Blaze, and our escape, they all looked pretty confused.

Speckle: You think she is evil?
Me: Well yeah! She was talking about destroying us!
Ice and Leaf: OH MY-
Speckle: I'm not sure I believe you on the whole 'evil' thing. I'm gonna do some research.

Then he walked off, so it was just us and Ice and Leaf.

Ice: That's SO freaky!
Leaf: Did you ever figure out what happened to Geran?
Me: No. To be honest, I completely forgot about him. I need a memory update or something.
Freddy: There's no such thing as a memor-
Me: I know Freddy. It was a joke.
Freddy: Oh. Hehehe, um...funny?
Me: Oooookay. Moving on, all we know is Geran was acting just like Blaze.
Leaf: Has he ever acted like that before?
Cherry: No, never. He was just quiet and shy.
Freddy: Perhaps we never noticed his bad side, but it was there all along?

Freddy had a point. Maybe we just never saw Geran angry. But that still doesn't explain why he was talking
with Blaze. 

Bandit: You know what? Maybe we should show you Geran and Blaze!
Ice: Oooh, really!?
Leaf: I'd like to see that!
Cherry: Are you nuts!? Didn't you SEE what Geran did to Freddy!?
Freddy: I wish everyone would stop talking about Geran catching me. But I agree with Cherry, it's dangerous!
Me: Then how about this? At least two of us can stay here at home, while the rest of us go show Ice and Leaf Geran and Blaze.
Cherry: And what if we get captured?
Me: We can use these walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.
Freddy: I must admit, that is a pretty good idea! I will stay here, since, well, you know. The tail-capture thing.
Me: So do we all agree?
Bandit: I think it's a great idea!
Flame Jr: Me too! I'll stay with Freddy if you want.
Me: Sure Flame. Cherry? 
Cherry: I suppose it might work...
Me: I'm taking that as a yes before you can change your mind! Let's go!

So Cherry, Bandit, Ice, Leaf, and I went BACK out to Blaze's hideout. AGAIN.
After inside, we all fanned out to search for Geran and Blaze. Almost instantly, Ice yelled:
Ice: Hey guys! Check out this cool igloo!
Bandit: That wasn't there before...
Leaf: I see something yellow in it.
Cherry: Shh! It's Geran!
Me: Aw man! How come everyone finds something out but me!?
Cherry: Icing, just stop thinking about you and be quiet!
Me: Could be nicer, hmpf.

As we got closer to the igloo, we realized Leaf was right. There was a yellow foot poking out from the shadows of the dome. But as we stood staring, Geran turned and looked straight at us!
Geran: Why hello little plushies. What are you doing here?

I grabbed the walkie-talkie and yelled:
Bandit, Leaf, Ice, and Cherry: ...?

I heard Freddy's voice answer back.

Freddy: What in Jamaa does that mean?
Me: Geran sees us! Duh! So obvious!
Freddy: Yea, um, of course... 

Geran took a step closer, and we all flinched as he leaned close to us.
Geran: Listen you fools. You shouldn't be here.
Cherry: Geran! What are you doing here with that black wolf? And why-
Geran: I have something to show you. Follow me.
Cherry: Follow YOU? Do you think we are THAT gullible?! Anyways, why did you capture Freddy? And why did you talk with Blaze about-
Geran: Are we gonna sit here chatting or are we gonna escape? Come on! You too, talkative nerdy detective fox.
Cherry: EXCUSE ME!? Nerdy?!
Me: Come on Cherry. Ignore his comment. Let's go.

So we all followed Geran upstairs. Cherry stayed back, muttering:

Cherry: Talkative. Hmpf! And sure, I'm smart, but not NERDY!
Me: Give it up Cherry!
Geran: Come in here! You first wolfies!

Ice and Leaf slowly stepped forward, then followed Geran into the room. Suddenly, we heard a bang, and Cherry, Bandit, and I rushed after Ice and Leaf. What we saw made me drop my walkie-talkie in horror.

Geran: Haha! You stupid wolves! You stupid plushies! You REALLY thought I was helping you escape!? Well, too late now! Your little friends are gonna be MINE and BLAZE'S minions now!
Geran had tricked us and trapped Ice and Leaf!!

Trapped ( Icing and Friends)

Me: Geran!! Let them go!! Or, I... I'll... I'LL THROW MY HAT AT YOU!
Geran: You REALLY think that's gonna stop me?
Me: Um.....yes? Maybe? Oh, I mean...uh...no...

We heard Freddy's voice on the walkie-talkie

Freddy: Icing! Guys! What's happening?
Me: Geran trapped Ice and Leaf!
Freddy: WHAT?! That's it, me and Flame Jr are going over there!
Cherry: NO! That's too risky!
Freddy: But we can't leave you! We're coming...
Freddy: Fine, fine...
Geran: Oh for the love of Pete! Are you plushies gonna stand here gawking with your little buddies all day long!?
Me: Who's Pete?
Geran: He's...um...well...OH IT'S JUST AN EXPRESSION!
Ice: Um, hello guys! Remember us?
Leaf: The ones trapped in ice prisons by an evil kangaroo?
Bandit: C'mon, let's get them out!

As we all ran to the ice cells, Geran stepped in front of us.
Geran: Not so fast!
Me: We ARE getting our friends!
Geran: No, I'm serious, don't go too fast. I'm tired after chasing you derps all over the place. Oh yeah! Focus Geran, focus...
Me: Umm...are you talking to yourself?
Me: What? No, we're NO-!

Just then, Geran grabbed us and flung us all into cages like Ice and Leaf.
Geran: Yes, you actually ARE!
Me: I kinda said that BEFORE you threw us into this-
Geran: SILENCE! 
Me: What was in YOUR cereal today? Sheesh!
Cherry: You're NOT helping, Icing.
Geran: Oh shut it all of you. Listen, y'all are trapped, so I'm leaving and locking this door behind me. Goodbye!

Just before he closed the door, he spotted my walkie-talkie on the ground.

Geran: I'll take that!
Me: Um, I didn't give you permission...
Geran: Too bad.

Then he slammed the door behind him.
Me: Oh no, oh no, oh no oh no oh no!!
Cherry: Why are you freaking out?
Me: Small space! Not enough room! AHH!!
Bandit: Um...
Cherry: Oh. That explains it.
Ice: Don't worry, we're gonna get outta here!
Bandit: Icing! CALM down! Just think of a nice, open field or something!
Me: Okay, okay... Nice, open field...
Cherry: That should keep him calm for a bit. Now, do any of us have a plan yet?
Ice: Well, not yet...
Leaf: Um, no...
Bandit: I MIGHT have one, but I'm not sure it will work...
Cherry: C'mon Bandit! Tell us!
Bandit: Well, okay. Here's what I have in mind. I can slip under this fence easily. So, once I'm out, I can unlock all of you guys' cages. If I can open the door, I can run out and distract Geran, and you guys can escape!
Ice: But wouldn't you get caught? What would we do then?
Bandit: No worries. I can run pretty fast, plus I can slip into tight spaces that Geran and Blaze can't.
Cherry: Oh gosh, he's at it again. But anyway, I think this idea could work! What do you guys think?
Ice: Worth a try!
Leaf: I'm in!
Cherry: Great! Then Bandit, let's get a move on, before Icing gets even MORE crazy!

So after Bandit, um, calmed me down again, I saw him slip under the barbwire fence and unlock our cage.
Cherry: Oh brother.
Bandit: Guys! I've unlocked Ice and Leaf! Now for the door!

He studied the door, then inserted one of his claws, twisted it, and the door swung open.
Bandit let out a loud shriek. Just as Geran appeared, Bandit took off like a rocket, shouting-

Bandit: GO GUYS! RUN!

Mad Dash ( Icing and Friends)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone, but let's refresh! Okay, so last time I left off, Bandit was bolting away, telling us to run, and he had Geran coming after him.

Geran: Hey, how did you...COME BACK HERE YOU STUPID BADGER!
Bandit: I'm a RACCOON!

Bandit went towards the random exit slide attached to a balcony, while Ice, Leaf, Cherry, and I sneaked closer to the stairwell.

As soon as we reached the stairs, Ice and Leaf took off, and Cherry followed close behind. I looked back to see Bandit stop at the edge of the balcony, shoot an amused look at Geran, and then slither down the slide on his belly.

Cherry: Icing, come on!
Me: You think Bandit will be okay?
Cherry: Bandit? Of course he'll be fine! He's the fastest out of all of us right now. But you, I'm afraid, are not very fast at all, so hurry up!
Me: Okay, if you say-wait. I'm not fast? Of course I am! I'm so fast, I-
Cherry: Icing, who cares? LET'S GO!
Me: OKAY, fine.

Once we got out the front door, we turned in time to see Bandit walking casually towards us, smiling.

Leaf: Bandit! Why aren't you running? Isn't Geran still looking for you?
Bandit: Oh, he's looking for me. Just in the complete wrong place.
Ice: Surely he saw you go down the slide?
Bandit: Yeah, but after that, before he went down after me, I hid under a sofa thingy out there. Then, when he was almost down, I sneaked out, went through a few thick plants, and here I am now. I bet he's still looking under that couch for me, hehe.
Cherry: Well, I'm glad that you got away, Bandit, but right now, we have to move!
Ice: Oh yeah! We need to tell Freddy and Flame Jr about this!

So later, at home, we told Freddy and Flame Jr everything, while Bandit went inside to rest. After we finished, Freddy looked sort of confused.
Freddy: So they just trapped you, though? That's odd. 
Me: Why? That's what evil dudes do!
Freddy: Well, yes, but what would they want with you guys? It's not like you have any special powers that they want for themselves or anything.
Cherry: That's true. 
Me: But they ARE evil! Maybe they're so evil, they just trap anyone they see?
Freddy: And what would be the point of that?
Me: ...To be evil??
Freddy: Somehow, we have to figure out what it is that Geran and Blaze want with us. If it's some kind of item, maybe we can give it to them, and they'll leave us alone.

Just as Flame Jr was about to speak, a loud crack of thunder blocked out his words. We looked up to see the sky filling with black clouds, and flashes of lightning lit up the sky.

Ice: A storm? It was sunny just a minute ago!
Me: Eek! Lightning! Uh, maybe we'd better go inside.

We literally had to drag ourselves towards the door, because the wind was so strong now, it would have probably blown us away. When we were halfway inside, a booming voice rose high above the thunder and rain.


The Truth Behind Blaze

Me: GAH! Dude, you can't just go sneaking up on innocent plushies in the middle of a thunderstorm! 
Blaze: Oh yeah? What says we can't?
Me: Umm... the law?
Freddy: There is no law that states plushies cannot sneak u-
Ice, Leaf, Flame Jr, and Cherry: FREDDY!
Freddy: Oops, I guess I shouldn't have said that.
Geran: You guys are just weird...Now hand it over!!
Cherry: Hand WHAT over!?
Geran: Don't act innocent!
Me: Are you telling us to lie? Because I don't think we stole anything, much less anything you would want.
Blaze: Blah blah blah. Now GIVE IT TO US!!!!!
Cherry, Flame Jr, Ice, Leaf, and Me: GIVE WHAT!!??
Blaze: The Scrolls of Guidance! 
Me: The scrolls of wha?
Blaze: Of GUIDANCE! Honestly, are you deaf!?
Me: Uh, NO! If I WAS deaf, I wouldn't have heard you say 'The Scrolls of', and I-
Cherry: Icing, NOT the best time!

Suddenly, Blaze got all up in our faces.
Blaze: I'm warning you, chub-faces. I can be VERY cruel if you make me angry. So, if you don't let me in to find those scrolls RIGHT NOW, I will PERSONALLY TRAP YOU, TEAR OFF YOUR FUR, AND HURL ALL OF YOU OFF THE RAIL OF MY BALCONY!!!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?

We all scooted aside really quick. Hey, she was YELLING in my FACE that she would throw us off a BALCONY! I ain't risking THAT! Not to mention she called us chub-faces. My face is not chubby, just furry! Get your facts right, Blaze!

They searched EVERYWHERE, literally, EVERYWHERE, in our house.

Blaze: Where are they...!
Freddy: I'm sure you must be mistaken! We have nothing of value to you!
Me: Yeah! And we don't have any scrolls like the ones upstairs in the mini living room!
Ice and Leaf: What?
Blaze: Haha, fool! You practically handed them to us!
Cherry: ICING!
Me: Eheheh... Oh, um, let's go follow them!!

Geran immediately bounced over to our decorative scrolls.

Geran: Blaze look! I've found them! And these derps didn't even hide them!

He scooped them up, trying not to drop any, while Blaze smirked.

Blaze: Good work Geran!
Flame Jr: So the 'Scrolls of Guidance' are these pieces of parchment that WE have?
Me: We've been using them as decoration!
Cherry: What is so important about these scrolls anyway?
Me: Yeah, besides the cool name.

Blaze turned with a snarl
Blaze: Honestly, you all are as brainless as beetles! The Scrolls-
Voice: The Scrolls of Guidance.

We turned to see that Speckle had come up behind us.

Me: You know about these papers?
 Speckle: Yes. These papers contain magic. They were said to have been buried for million of years in an underground dungeon. Once they were heard about, animals started to go into the dungeon to retrieve them, but the place was booby-trapped. It was said that whoever retrieves and reads the scrolls would be given complete, instant power over all of Jamaa, and all the lands beyond.
Me: Wow! That's a lot of coolness for just 56 gems!
Cherry: Icing, sh!

Blaze smiled evilly.

Blaze: Glad you could tell these brainless bubs what I'm after.
Me: But why do want them?
Blaze: Ugh! Because I want to RULE. OVER. JAMAA. Get a brain!
Leaf: WHY do you want to rule over Jamaa, though?
Blaze: Ah, that is a tale from long ago. I suppose I could tell you it though. Years ago, I was younger, like you, except smarter.
Me: Hey!
Blaze: Guilty is charged. Anyway, when I was even younger, a little wolf pup, I got bullied at school. First only one animal was rude to me, then others joined him, and others joined them, until every day I was being shoved, punched, and kicked, while the other animals in the halls laughed their heads off. I spent my life hidden away, with not a single friend, trying my hardest to avoid the bullies. But they still found me, and made fun of me even more for hiding. Then, one day, I was sitting on the playground, when I was tackled from behind. I tumbled off and hit my head hard on a rock. The other animals dragged me to where they couldn't be seen, then pinned me down while hurting me even more. I got so mad that suddenly, lightning bolts shot out of my paws, blasting the bullies away. I ran off, into the road, but that's when the worst happened. I starting going crazy from my head injury, and I started leaping, tumbling, even dancing in the road, looking like, hmm...Oh! Like you, brainless yellow fox!
Blaze: Um...I wanted it to be...duh! But, all the while, the bullies were taking a video. They posted it on WeTape, and it went viral. So every time I stepped out of my house, I was laughed at. BY EVERYONE!
Flame Jr: It couldn't have been THAT bad.
Blaze: Oh yeah? I'll have you know that the ALPHAS were giggling with the crowd! The crowd of 3,000 jammers who were there in front of my house one day!
Flame Jr: I stand corrected.
Blaze: So, I want to gain FULL POWER of Jamaa. That way, I can make EVERYONE my slave! And THEY will figure out how it feels to be taken advantage of EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIFE! I will control them ALL!!! Now, if you'd EXCUSE me, I have a job to do.

And she ran excitedly out the door, eyes gleaming with ambition, with Geran right behind her, holding the scrolls that would give full power...to the wrong plushie.

Where One Goes, The Other Must Follow

Geran and Blaze had just taken the Scrolls of Guidance and disappeared, leaving us standing in the same spot as before, stunned.

Me: What...just...happened?
Ice: Blaze just stole a powerful ancient relic, that's what!
Leaf: Well, let's go stop her then!
Speckle: Relax, everyone. I'm almost certain that Blaze has no idea what the Scrolls actually do, nor does she know how to activate their powers.
Freddy: Speckle has a point. Plus, Blaze and Geran are probably long gone by now!
Cherry: I...I don't know. They certainly seemed like they knew what the Scrolls did.
Me: Maybe she was just pretending.
Cherry: Maybe...

She didn't sound so sure, and, deep down, I wasn't very sure, either.

Ice: Come on, Cherry! Speckle and Freddy are almost NEVER wrong!
Flame Jr: If we spend our days chasing after her and Geran, we won't have a second of relaxation! The Jamaalidays are coming up, and we haven't even started putting up our decorations! Why don't we all just forget about this for a while? It's not as if those Scrolls were super important to us, anyway!
Me: Yeah, come on guys! Let's get our tree up!
Ice and Leaf: YEAH!
Freddy: Why not?
Speckle: I'll get the ornaments down from the attic!

Cherry still sat there, looking unsure, but finally, she decided to join in. About an hour later, we had cut down the perfect tree, set it in the living room, and decorated it with lights and different colored ornaments. I tried to put up a big ornament with a picture of me on it, but Cherry said that wasn't fair, so I had to secretly hang it by my bed. We then got out all our presents and set them under our tree.

Ice: Wow guys! It looks awesome!
Leaf: You said it!
Me: Can we open presents now?!
Cherry: Icing...we still have 2 weeks until Mira's Day (equivalent of Christmas Day).
Me: ARGG!!!! I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! Can we at least sing some Jamaaliday songs?
Freddy: Of course! By the fireplace would be appropriate.
Me: Kinda cliche if you ask me...but okay!

We all gathered on the couches and sang some traditional carols. I politely told everyone I wanted to be first, and they kindly let me.

Cherry: Icing, chill out!
Cherry: Alright, alright! Don't scream that in my ear next time, by the way!
 Me: Ahem... (sung to "All I Want For Christmas Is You") 
Ice, Leaf, Cherry, Freddy, and Flame Jr: ICING! Those are NOT the words!
Me: They're MY words!
Ice, Leaf, Cherry, Speckle, Freddy, and Flame Jr: ...........
Me: Why are you all looking at me like I'm insane!? Would an insane plushie bungee-jump off the side of their house into the river, slide down the waterfall, go through the sewer tunnel, and stay lost down there until an alligator chased them out?
Ice, Leaf, Cherry, Freddy, and Flame Jr: YES!
Me: Oh. Well, uh... I didn't do that! Nuh-uh! That was just something that my...uh...friend told me they did!
Cherry: What friend?
Me: Uh...uh...er...OH LOOK! IT'S ALMOST 10:00! TIME TO GO TO SLEEP!
Freddy: He's right. Goodnight, everyone!

Soon, we were all downstairs, under the covers in our beds. I was sleeping soundly, having a great dream about it raining ice cream, when I woke up to the sound of the door creaking open. Blinking open one eye, I saw a red tail whisk through the doorway. After sitting up, I watched as the door closed behind the plushie, but not all the way, as I could still see a glint of light in the dark room. Wondering what was going on, I decided to follow the mysterious figure. So, careful not to disturb Wheatseed, who was snoring beside me, I stood up and went towards the door. Sadly, I, uh, forgot that our room had stairs, so a few seconds later, I was sprawled on the first step, groaning.
Luckily, I don't think anyone heard me, so I continued, carefully, up to the door. 
After closing it softly behind me, I broke into a trot, determined to catch up with whoever had left the room earlier. After following the scent, which smelled very familiar, for less than a minute, I realized that I was outside. Who would have gone out here, at night, when it was this cold? 

Blindly following the pathway up to our gazebo, I heard a crash, and then a irritated growl. I tried not to yelp as I leaped into the air, scared. Dashing right into a hedge, I peeked out, watching for whatever had made the noise. What I saw next made my eyes bug out of my head. It was...
But what was Cherry DOING, wandering out here in the dark? I thought about calling out to her, but decided not to.
Cherry: ARG, stupid stones! We really need to clear the yard of all these rocks.

She flicked her ear, then turned and headed in the opposite direction of where I was hiding. I knew I had to follow her. She was my sister! I couldn't let her get lost! 

After a long period of time, in which I kept having to jump behind bushes, rocks, benches, and even in the branches of a super tiny tree, to avoid being seen, Cherry stopped in front of a large mansion. But not just any mansion.
Geran and Blaze's mansion.

I bit back another yelp. She was going inside!
It pained me to even think this thought, but I wondered: Was Cherry...WORKING for Geran and Blaze?
"No", I thought to myself. "There's gotta be a reason for her doing this. And I intend to find out what that reason is."
So, once again, I secretly trailed behind her.

She padded up the sets of stairs, slowly, but nonetheless confident. Suddenly, I heard her shriek in terror, and then a loud thump sounded, followed by the creaking of some kind of door. Not caring whether or not I was seen anymore, I raced to the top of the second staircase...and skidded to a halt just before I stepped onto what appeared to be a trap door. Panting, I looked around for Cherry, but didn't see her anywhere. Glancing up, I realized I didn't see Blaze or Geran around, either.

That's when it hit me- Cherry had fallen down the trap door!
But how was I going to get her out!? If I went down there, I'd get stuck, too!
I stood at the trapdoor, staring, until I heard a magical noise underneath the floor. Then a loud cackle sounded, and that was all I could hear. Just laughing. Maniacal laughing.


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