Saturday, June 23, 2018

Shelter Pics!!!

Me: *Mumbles super fast* Hey guys so yeah technically it's been like a week or two since I came back from camp but I didn't exactly have any posting ideas so I just didn't post but um yeah sorry. ANYWAYS! I NEED HELP.
You Guys: With what???
Me: *Falls over and hits ground with a thud* HELPPPPPPPP MEEEEEE
You Guys: O.O HOW?
You Guys: Oh boy.

Seriously, guys. I'm in critical condition.

XDD! Anyways, HELLOOOO EVERYONE! Hope you all have been doing well! And if you haven't, well, I mayyyy have something in store that will turn your day around! 😉

A couple days ago, my sister and I, along with our mom, went to go volunteer at our town's animal shelter! And let me tell you, we took a LOT of pictures! XD!
So, since I really wanted to share those pictures somewhere, I figured a blog post with them would be perfect! And who doesn't love cute animals, right? XD


First up, meet Toast, XD! He's a sweet lil' puppy who I'm surprised is there (although I doubt he'll be for long! Who can resist a puppy?)! I actually got to go into his kennel and hold him, and AHHH, HE WAS SO ADORABLE!!! Hehe, he sure seemed to think my hair was a toy... XD! 
This is one of my favorite pictures I took that day - the way he's sticking his nose through the bars is so sweet! Hehe, he really wanted lots of attention! 
One more of little Toast, for a different view of him!
Okay, so, uh... I forget names easily, guys. So I forgot most of these dogs' names, eheheh! But whatever - I do know this girl was super sweet (actually, they all were, XD)!
This guy was a bit older, but he was still super sweet!! Seriously, I love him. XD
YAAAAYY, ONE OF MY FAVORITE DOGS THERE, XD! I believe her name was Pancake - I personally think she needs a different name, but hey, I'm not in charge of that, XD!
Anywho, although she was mostly lazing around, I could just tell she was a super sweet dog! I'M GONNA STEAL HER AND RUN GUYS. XDD
 And here's the other puppy who was there - Penny (why am I only remembering the puppies' names. XD)!! I actually got to take her out and hold her too! She was very wiggly, XD! But seriously, she was such a sweetheart - I hope she gets adopted soon!!
Credit to my sis Velvetglimmer for this pic!
 (Hey look Lost! She looks kinda like Mocha! XD!)
A YORKIEEEEE!!! I'm a huge sucker for yorkies, guys! XD!
Her name was Iliza, and although she was a bit shy, I still love herrrrrr, XD!
Taken by my sis!
When I saw these two (yes, two! There's one in the back if you look, XD!), I was so happy, because I love Malteses and Bichons, XD!
Okay, well, the one in the back is actually a Poodle mix, not a bichon... but CLOSE ENOUGH!! They look super similar anyway, XD!
Anywho, these two were adorable (I believe their names were Floof and Fluff, XD)!! The one closest to the camera in this picture, who I think is Floof, was pretty hyper (surprised she sat still for this picture!), and Fluff back there was more laid back, XD!
And now for a couple cats!! This one was named Trixie, and, once again, this is one of my favorite pictures I took there, because the way she stayed put and looked straight at the camera made it turn out really good, imo! Now if only I could remove those bars... XD!
Anywho, I loved her because she seemed very curious, but still quiet and rather shy! I probably like shy animals because I'm shy myself... XD!
Aaaand HERE'S A KITTENNN, XD! I know it's a bit blurry, but I couldn't resist this little guy's expression in this! I somehow got him meowing, XD!
He was a very cute but VERY talkative kitten, XDD!! Sadly, we weren't allowed to take him or his cage-mate out to hold them!
And lastly, a couple more kittens! I remember the black-and-white one was called Fluss or something... but I can't remember what the orange one's name was!
Anywho, these guys were cute, but MAN, did they act like siblings (although I don't think they are?), XD! They kept purposely annoying each other and getting mad, but it made me laugh, because come on, they're kittens! XD!

*Taps computer thoughtfully*
Hm... uh...
So this post didn't have much of a... er... important... point, did it?
*Shrugs* Oh well. I wanted to share some pictures, and I did! XD

Anywho, I hope you guys liked all these! Sorry for this mess of a post - I promise I'll try to get something better up soon!
Until next time, remember to party hard, be kind, and be unique, and I'll see you guys (hopefully) soon!!!
Hehe, testing out some new outros - don't mind me!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Done!!! (But Taking A Short Trip!)



Ahhh, I'm so excited! This summer's gonna be awesome, I just know it, XD! There's so many things I want to do, and I hope I get to do all of them, or at least most! Posting more and finishing Larry The Bunny (AT LASTTTTTT, I know) are two of them!

However, I won't actually be here for around a week, starting this Monday! I'll be away at church camp, and we're not allowed to use devices, so therefore I won't be able to post or see any of you guys at all until Saturday afternoon, when I get back, DX! I'll miss you guys, but I'm super excited about camp this year, and I hope I learn as much as I did last year! Plus, I'll hopefully be receiving some daily updates about what's been happening that I can read before everyone goes to bed (we can have our phones out for a short time before "Lights-Out", as they call it), hehe! ;)

I doubt I'll have time to make another post before Monday, so I suppose I should say goodbye now! Don't have too much fun without me, XDD!
Okay, nvm - have as much fun as you want, XD!


Monday, May 28, 2018

I'm Back?! (With a Screenshot Dump, Hehe!)



I guess you could call this an unexpected hiatus of sorts, and I apologize for it being unplanned! I've been kinda busy trying to finish up my last few days of school, but if I'm being honest here, it's mostly because I really ran out of posting ideas for a while there, and I didn't quite feel like posting. I don't know WHY, exactly - I just didn't.
But anyways, I just needed a bit of a break, and now that I've had one, I'm back and ready to post again!

I figured I'd clear out some more pictures that have been rotting in my files today, so let's go ahead and get on with that!

*Clicks through files* Let's seeeeeee...

 First, an odd glitch - I put a Lei on, and it gave my sabertooth a matching beard?! I found it kinda cool, XD! Although I dunno if it showed up after clicking off of Change Your Look, though...

 A while back, my deer was able to sit completely off any platform right here in Sarepia! Lemmie see if it still works...
*5 minutes later because I got distracted XD*
Yup!! It still does! With any animal too, XD! Gosh, I guess AJ animals can levitate now!

 Wow. That's a, uh... good comeback?? I really dunno what these two were arguing about, XD!
 I get they meant "I got scammed my long, :(", but #1. Why type out "sad face", and #2. It almost sounds like they said their long sad face was scammed, XDD!
I dunno guys, I think it looks pretty legitimate! XD

 Mira is mean to you? I thought no one in Jamaa knew where she was. But hey, maybe she secretly is rude to this person in, uh... dreams or something? XD

 I took this one just a few days ago, because I noticed that the gizmo pattern (and maybe others too) doesn't seem to disappear underground when the dire wolf's snout does! Guess they got left behind, XD!
Also, WHY is that dirt so RED-LOOKING.

 Yeah! Cmon, stop fishing!
I really dunno what was trying to be said here. XD
 What animal... OH, RIGHT, MY RED PANDA!
I put this item on my red panda when I first got it to test it out, and, uh... the flame isn't even attached? I mean, yeah, my tail isn't getting burned, but, uh... every other animal's tail IS? And plus, IT LOOKS COOLER ATTACHED! XD

Okay, yes, I get it - "new barn" = "newborn". But new barn looks hilarious, XD! Almost as if they're asking for a daughter who's a barn?
Also, do people still roleplay as a newborn anymore? They wouldn't get to do much... XD!

And lastly, taken just a few minutes ago, my glitchy Jammer Wall Masterpiece, which for some reason decided it was staying put! XD!

Anywho guys, I hope this post satisfied you all for now! I'll try my best to come up with some new posting ideas and post more before I'm off to camp for a week! Stay tuned, and remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on! (Man, I need a new outro... XD!)

Monday, April 16, 2018

I'm Back- With Some Tags!!

*Sighs* Okay, I promise guys, my period of inactivity will be over soon! 

I've been super busy with my school play, but the performances of it are this week, so after that, I'm officially done!! I'm quite excited to be going home 3 hours earlier than I have been, XD!
That will also mean that you'll be seeing more posts from me!! YAAAAY, XDD!

Anyways, I saw that a couple new tags have been made recently by Violet and Ja, and I've been wanting to do them for a while now! So let's do those now, XD!

First up, the Official AJ Blogger Tag, made by Vi!!

1. Oh, hehe, well, that should be obvious! It's STRAIGHTDU- I MEAN... SWIRLSHINE! XDD

2. I started blogging on September 26th, 2014! (I need to remember that... I always forget to celebrate 
my bloggerversary, XD!)

3. I write for this blog, The Weekly Jammer News, of course, and I'm also the Saturday author on the Animal Jam Artists Collaborative!

4. Hehe, well, yep, this is my own AJ blog, of course! I'd like an IRL blog as well, but I usually post what goes on in my life on here anyway, XD! Plus, I'm pretty cautious about what I put out there!

5. I've been blogging for about 4 years now, I believe! Goodness, I've come a long way, XD!

6. If I'm being entirely honest, I first started blogging because younger me had seen how popular the Animal Jam Spirit Blog was, and wanted some fame of her own. Over the years, though, my way of thinking changed, and now, I continue blogging simply because I love writing and meeting new people online!

7. The story behind this blog is basically what I put in #6, and I was hired as an author on the AJAC because of my passion for art!

8. I've been playing since September 2013! 

9. My favorite thing about blogging is the community! It's an amazing group of kind writers with lots of similar interests, and I found my best friends because of it!
My least favorite part would probably be how time-consuming writing a post is, XD! It takes me quite a long time!

10. Just growing up and changing my style is honestly something memorable to me! I'm glad I'm not as cringey as I used to be, XD!
And talking with the other bloggers is super fun as well!! I love being crazy and joking around with people, XD!

11. My intro? Well, I don't really have a specific one! I use the "Swirlshine Intro" a lot, though, which is the intro style with all the "You Guys:" and "Me:"'s, XDD! 
And my outro (which I've been thinking of changing, XD), is always some form of the phrase "Remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on!" It's from my early days of blogging, but it stuck with me for some reason, XD!

12. I do not! Every blogger's blog and personality is unique, and I love that! Plus, I'm just a person who really doesn't pick favorites!

13. All of my amazing friends, and just the fact that I love writing about my life and ideas with a purpose!!

14. Anything, really! I do enjoy making stories, though! (Speaking of stories, I WILL get some more Larry The Bunny chapters out soon, guys! I haven't forgotten!)

15. I'm with Lost on this one- if the blogger likes posting it, then I like reading it!!

*Reads through all of that*
Did I even use ONE period in this WHOLE post so far?! I'm not seeing any! Goodness.
Thereee we go, XD!

Anywho, thanks for making this tag, Vi, and Lost as well, for convincing me to do this tag because of your post!
Last but not least, we have Ja's Instrument Tag! I thought this was a really cool idea, so I decided I'd give it a go!

1. I do! I play guitar, and I'm currently in the "advanced" group! Can't say I'm super amazing yet, but I really love playing songs on the guitar!

2. My favorite instruments are the guitar and piano!

3. The guitar is great for upbeat, happy sounds, and pianos are beautiful for slower songs!! Since I like many genres of music, I enjoy different instruments a bit more at different times, XD!

4. Oh goodness. No hesitation on this one. 

5. Can the kazoo even be considered an instrument?! I swear, it just hurts my ears every time I hear it.  I CANNOT. STAND. KAZOOS. XDD!

6. I'd go with piano! It seems hard to finally become an advanced piano player, but I would absolutely LOVE to know how to play such a wide variety of songs on that instrument!

7. Oh goodness... do I have to choose?! I love so many piano songs, aaaah! XDD!
I seriously can't pick just one song, but I can say that I'd absolutely love to try Be Brave by Owl City on piano! Of course, I can't do the electric guitar parts, but quite a lot of the song is piano, XD! Plus, it's just overall a breathtaking song, in my opinion!

And there you have it! My answers to two awesome tags!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I'm looking forward to making more in the near future!! So, until then, remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on, and I'll see you all soonnnnn!! Byeeee! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2018

A Bit Of Explaining...

Me: *Warily walks in* H-Hey guys. *does a small wave*
You Guys: Swirl?
Me: Um, yeah?

OKAY OKAY, YOU CAN STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I know what you're going to say! (Although most of you know already, eheheh...)

*Calms down*
Ahem, sorry.

If you don't know what I'm going on about, my bad! I'll slow down and start from the beginning!

So, on Saturday, some of you may have checked my blog and noticed something different. Or a few somethings. Such as an all-black profile picture, a cleared Blogger profile, a blank post, and my Blogger username changed to "S.D."

I promise you guys, I wasn't being hacked or anything! That was just an, uh, April Fools Day prank.
Surprise, ehehehe...

Actually, I ended up telling most everyone who I noticed was freaked out by this whole thing, because ack, I just can't let people worry about me when the whole thing's a prank and I'm fine. That's not fair, and it's almost lying, in a way. Idk, but I'm sorry. Most of you know why all that was changed already, but my apologies again! Didn't mean to absolutely scare you or anything!

*Holds hands up* I'm done, though. Cross "Do a prank" off my list. I am NOT a prank person! Oh, I can DO the prank, alright, but keeping the secret and not feeling completely guilty is another problem, eheheh...

So I hope this cleared stuff up, and hopefully, none of you are super annoyed at me or anything! I hope you all had a happy Easter, and hopefully, I'll have some time to post this week after school! Until then, remember to party hard, be kind, not hate me because of this and jam on! See you all soon! ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

An Ancient Theory?

Hello hello everyone!! Hope you guys are having an awesome week so far!
I gotta say, I LOVE spring break, XD! Feels like summer, kinda! But uh, without the super-hot temperatures. XD
But honestly, I love taking a break from school, since it's gotten pretty stressful lately, and sadly, that's not going to change anytime soon. State testing is coming up, and so's the school play and solo and ensemble (for choir), so, uh, that'll be fun, eheheh.
Well, okay, the play will be fun, but staying after school for so long to practice ISN'T. XD

Aaaaanyways, now that that odd intro is out of the way, why don't we just dive right into the topic of this post?

*Zones out for a second because of music playing in the background*

So, I'm sure we've all seen this by now! Apparently, a stone carving that resembles an animal has appeared in the Temple Of The Ancients. Now, let me just say, when Sarah first showed me this a couple days ago, I saw that carving completely differently. Like, this is what I saw.

Don't judge, it was made in Paint in less than 5 minutes. XD

Yep. To be fair, though, it showed up blurry for me, so the triangle-in-a-square thing looked more like an eye at the time.
Sarah can tell you herself that I kept screaming it looked like a ancient capybara with a dinosaur leg, XDD!

Anyways, looking at the ACTUAL statue (and taking a second look at the picture), I realized I had no idea what it was.
IT'S A...


XD, nah, I'm just joking! Mostly. Honestly, come on, it looks a LOT like a guinea pig with fangs, a dinosaur foot, and a bird tail feather... thing. XDD

If you expected a theory on what I think this animal is... sorry to disappoint you, but I have absolutely no idea. It's a saber-toothed dinea pig (dinosaur/guinea pig, XD). That's all I've got. XDD

However, while flying around the Temple Of The Ancients as my falcon, I did realize something!

There are two egg-looking things at the tops of two of the... tower things!
Honestly, I have no idea if these are a new addition, or if I've just overlooked them all this time, but they're certainly mysterious! 
Maybe some new statue-things will be found because of those two eggs? Or maybe the eggs are fossils themselves!

Or maybe they're just decorative egg-looking tower points. I'm not sure. But the striped one seems to have the overlapping issue (like the one at the Summer Carnival, with the clothes items booth) already, and that COULD mean it'll be altered in the near future! 

So, what do you guys think? Have you seen these egg-things before, or do they seem new to you? Do you think they could end up being ACTUAL eggs? And do you have any ideas on what the new animal may be? (*Cough cough* Saber-toothed dinea pig) Go ahead and tell me what you think in the comments!
As always, everyone, remember to party hard, be kind, and jam on! I'll see you all soonnnnn!! ;D

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I'm Finally Here! Have Some Screenshots!

Me: *Walks in* Hi guys!
You Guys: *Whispering to each other* Oh look, there she is. Don't say anything.
Me: Um... I can hear you.
You Guys: *Just glares*
Me: What? What did I do?!
You Guys: So you finally decided to come back and post? After 2 weeks, when you're supposed to post EVERY week?
Me: Oh... eheheh... yeah, that.
You Guys: *Taps foot impatiently* Get to explaining.
Me: Welllll... *takes deep breath*
Me: *Lets it out* Oh, right.

Hehe! Anyways, hi guys!
I know, I know, I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I apologize, really I do. But there's been a lot going on in my life right now- we finally had our choir competition last week, and we'd been practicing a lot before it. I also have practice for the school play, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 5 to 7 PM. That leaves me pretty tired afterwards, and with the homework I've had, I haven't really felt up to posting at all. I even stayed up till 4 to finish a project for Spanish last week. Yes, 4 AM. In the morning. It wasn't good, you guys- goodness, I was so tired the whole day!
Plus, I've also just been kinda out of ideas.

But hey, even though I still am, there's always one thing to do in the face of writer's block!
So that's what I'll be doing today!

First... I found a Masterpiece by a New Jammer! Which is quite odd... Masterpieces get approved in about a day, right? So unless New Jammer nametags last for more than one day (I can't remember- the last time I was a New Jammer was years ago, XD), then this Masterpiece must've gotten approved in less than a day... somehow. Or the nametag just glitched and kept showing New Jammer after their username was approved.
Also... wait, they have enough diamonds ALREADY? Man!

 So... can you change the size of pet fireflies? Because if not, something went wrong here. O.O

Please, do NOT ever use this dangerous mailbox.

 Should've shown this one a loong time ago, but, when Bitter Sweets was out this year, I played as my bat, and, after doing an action (I think), when I tried to fly around, I was missing one wing!

So... is someone's NAME salad? Is it a nickname? Do they mean something else? Or is it just something random?
I guess we'll never know. XD

I guess they mean the mud? XDD, but, uh, why does it smell like gas?!

 *Stifles a laugh* There you have it, I guess. Smelly car cars.

Snorlax is, uh, blue.
XDD- to be honest, I mostly just found it funny that they were saying "Plzzz pick me"!


This happened to me around the Night Of The Phantoms too- my lemur didn't have a face! Freaky! Seems like something people would put in those AJ "creepypastas". 

 I found this one not too long ago- it's since been fixed, though! But for a while, the scrolls in the Forgotten Archive also appeared farther up! I found it a pretty cool glitch, hehe!

 Oh man, I love this one. I can so imagine someone saying this in an odd conversation, for some reason.
Random person: *Complains about something*
Other random person: I don't care. Call Mr. Paul.
Speaking of complaining...

Okay, I know this isn't AJ, but I still wanted to show this! (The YouTube username and picture were edited out just because. Privacy, I guess. I really dunno why I did it, tbh, but I wanted to. XD)
Yeesh, what a kind person. *nods*
*Blinks* How did that get 64 likes?

And finallyyy, one last picture from NOTP! Seems one leaf isn't the same color as the rest, XD!

Whew! I did it, guys- I posted! XD!
I hope you all enjoyed that! Hopefully I'll get some more ideas for posts throughout the week! I'll definitely try to think of something!
Until my next post, remember to party hard, be amazing, and jam on, everyoneeee!! I'll try to be back next week instead of in two, XD!