Friday, April 21, 2017

Chapter 17 Is Up!

Hello peeps! Just like I promised, Chapter 17 of JM is now up, before the week is over! Hope you enjoy this chapter!!! :D

Monday, April 17, 2017

Computer News! (Please Read!)

Me: Uh... would you believe me if I said I forgot to post?
You Guys: Not anymore.
Me: Oh. Um...
You Guys: JUST TELL US!!!
Me: Okay, okay, FIIINNEEE!!!!

Hehe, there's a Swirl original for ya there. :)

Anyways, how are all of you doing?

Okay, okay, I know, I'm cutting SUPER close to the "post-every-week" deadline, and I apologize! But I decided to play on Roblox with my sis and bro yesterday, so I kinda didn't get around to posting.
Also, I have 2 bits of news to share with you today. I'm sorry, this isn't a true, fun post. I ran out of time, and again, I apologize, and I feel horrible.

First off, I'd like to inform you all that I'm moving Jamaasian Middle to Sundays now. I just don't seem to want to write on Saturdays, and I sometimes don't even have time to.
Don't worry, though, if, one weekend, I can't do it on Sunday, I'll try on Saturday!
However, there's not going to be a JM this Sunday. I apologize for that, but I'll tell you why I'm not posting the next chapter in this next piece of news.

Okay, so, my computer has been being HORRIBLE lately. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.
It's been freezing up and lagging so much that I keep having to restart the computer. And sometimes even that doesn't really fix the problem.
I literally have to restart my computer at least 2 or 3 times a day. At LEAST.
My dad also seems to think that's it's MY fault the computer is acting up, when the truth is, I take better care of my computer than he does. I haven't done anything to this computer at all. I've never dropped it, broken it, hit it hard, nothing.
So I have no idea why it's doing this, and it's annoying me so much. I literally think I have some curse or something.
I'm not kidding! All electronics seem to hate me! My Chromebook broke on me, my old phone lagged and glitched so badly that I had to get a new one, and now, this PC laptop is holding some grudge against me or something! I. AM. MAD.
I'm telling you all this because...well... this issue may interfere with my posts.

Now, hopefully, my computer will snap out of its glitchiness long enough for me to post every week. But, since I took so long trying to get on ANY computer today (I had to rush around the house to find a computer I could use.), I've run out of time to write ANYTHING, much less a whole book chapter.
I don't know when JM will be posted this week, considering I have my play on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I assure you, I WILL find time to do it. I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging for a whole week!


I'm pretty busy this week, not to mention worried about all the test reviews that we're going to start very soon, but I'll find time, don't worry. I'll do my homework earlier, get on and post BEFORE doing my homework...I dunno yet.
But, I assure you, I WILL make a post AND put up the next JM chapter sometime soon this week!

Yikes, I gotta go now! My mom's telling me to get off. Again, I apologize for all of this, and I hope you aren't mad!
See you all soon! ,:)


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Art By Swirl #3

Hey, what's up everyone!? Man, I'm sure glad I got to get on today! My mom was making us do a bunch of chores for some reason, but she left to go to the store and let me be on the computer. Thank goodness.
Oh yes, that reminds me. I'm going to try to get on earlier tomorrow so I can post JM. I doubt I'll have enough time before my gets back tonight anyway. Hope it doesn't cause too much trouble for you all!
Now that I think about it, maybe I should just move JM to Sundays. Hmm... we'll see.

Anyways, I've been wanting to do another art post for a few weeks now! I'm pretty sure this is te 3rd one so far? Something that that.

Eheheheheh... wait... I gotta upload all the pictures to Google Drive first. Lemmie just... brb...

*7 minutes later*

Okay, I think I- aand now something spilled.

*2 more minutes later*

Okay, NOW I'm ready! Featuring... ART BY MEEEEEE!!!!

 Here's a picture of Tallstar that I "copied". Yes, yes, I gave credit to the original artist, Finchwing, down there. But actually, I'm really proud of this. Here's the original picture, if you were curious. It's the cat in the top-left.

I drew this one at school. I have no idea why (I guess because that Lindsey Stirling song 'Shatter Me' triggered it... somehow), but I felt like drawing a drowning cat or something.
*Sees all you guys staring*
I dunno, okay? It's just fun to draw.
Anyway, this was my first attempt at drawing a sinking cat. I wasn't really happy with the body, so I redrew it:
Here's my redrawn one, which I'm much happier with!
Does anyone see the connection here?
If you don't, then I'll tell you. XD!

It's kinda that scene in Jamaasian Middle!
I draw my life in cats, okay? I can't draw humansss!!!! :P

I drew this one quite a while back- years ago, actually. I still like it, though. I have another old Fman picture, too, but it's pretty... uh... weird. I'm gonna redraw it for fun, hehe.
I dunno why I drew Fman. I just felt like drawing something creepy, I guess, and Fman was the best I had at the moment, since I'm basically scared of every other creepy thing on this planet (and off of it). Eheheh.... :P

My art seems to have *gasp* MEANING behind it!!!
Okay okay, that was sarcasm (It was OBVIOUS, Swirl).
Anyways, this one, drawn about a year ago, kinda shows how I'd feel without you guys. :)

Here's Ravenpaw and Barley off on a walk together. :D

I made this one a while back, too, but I just forgot to show it. It's my character in Jamaasian High! 
Yes, I tried to draw using an anime-ish style, and no, I don't watch anime. :P

Here's a Tranquill Pokemon that was drawn not too long ago. I think I was getting annoyed with that tail and those talons, hehe.

And here's a Fennekin and a Wigglytuff to add to the Pokemon-ness!

I think I had tried to recreate the wolf's eye Masterpiece I have on AJ. Looks a lot fuzzier, though, and that's a good thing! Man, how I wish I could improve the fur on that Masterpiece.

This takes place in Greely's Inferno, when Greely admits that he has failed to stop the eruption. Poor guy. It couldn't have been easy for him to pretty much give up like that.

And finally, this one, which I just finished yesterday, is something only a true Warriors fan would understand.
It's Mapleshade dreaming of her kits and her 3 victims. Dang, Frecklewish looks FURIOUS over there.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this art! Yes, I know, I draw a LOT of cats, but that's just what I love to do. Like I said, I even draw things that happen to me IRL with cats instead of humans. I would show you another good example of that, but sorry guys! That one's a private picture, hehe!

But yeah! Anyways, stay tuned for JM, which will hopefully be posted early tomorrow!!! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON!!! :D

I would be calling everyone Swirlies now, just for fun, but... uhh... yeah, I need a better name.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Post I Promised!

Hello hello!!! How are you all doing lately?! Man, school got busy for a while there, and I apologize that I couldn't post for, like, an entire week. Don't worry, nothing was wrong except for homework!

The good thing is, though, that once our huge state tests are done with (they're in... May, I believe?), I'll have much more time to post, since I doubt the teachers will give us much homework anymore at that point.

Anyways, let's move onto the Animal Jam-related topics now! I'll kinda be jumping around all over the place, so, uh, bear with me here!

I'm guessing yes.
IT'S SO BIG!!! SO FLIPPING BIG!!! I normally don't find the dens all that intimidating, but WOAH! This one was so confusing in the preview that, when I bought it, I drew a map of the entire den in one of my notebooks.
Yeah, uh, that just made it even more confusing. There are scribbles everywhere on that paper.
I think I've mostly figured it out now, though. Man, why does Liza own such a large den? Maybe she's rich.
Seriously, though. She IS an Alpha.

So, I realized something about a week ago when I was talking to Kara.
Apparently (and yes, I had already heard about this before), all Masterpieces made before February can't be loaded anymore. So that means they're basically gone forever.
That includes my favorite Masterpiece that I was working on on my old laptop!!!
I wasn't even close to finished, and it had already taken me, like, 3 HOURS (not all in one day, though)!!!
Except "very mad" is an understatement.
If you wanna know, I was making a Masterpiece with all of you guys and me (in Animal Jam animal form, of course) in it! Now that I think about it, I don't think I could've fit ALL of you... but I think I was planning on making some of you squished in between each other and popping over each others' heads and all that.
Welp, there goes that piece of art. Maybe I'll remake it on paper, because there's a 99% chance that me remaking the entire Masterpiece would turn out worse than the original one.
Soo...yeah. Thanks, AJHQ. Kudos to you. ):l

I was planning on showing some art I've made, but I kinda have to get off soon, since I'm going on a field trip with my choir to Sea World tomorrow.
So I guess it'll have to wait a bit longer, sadly.

Before I have to leave (ARG!), how about some glitch pictures?

This one happens in the new Liza den. There are these ripples that flash, then disappear, and they never stop. And they're on a rock. I guess it's a very liquidy rock, huh? XD!

Anyone noticed this glitch in their den inventory, where tons of items become red? That happens with my Potion Set, as well as my den portals. My portals switch through all the color choices until they get to red. It's kinda creepy. I dunno if it's fixed by now or not, though.

Again, another den inventory glitch. I think it still happens frequently, at least, for me it does.
What puzzles me is... uh... why is only ONE teacup offcentered?
 I bought this gecko, complete with rainbow dragonfly wings and a rainbow bandana. But when I placed the gecko in my den...
...the rainbow bandana showed up as a red one with yellow polka-dots. Or stars. Or... whatever those are.

Okay, this one isn't really a glitch, but I found it odd that I should walk right into 2 wolves wearing the same mask as me. They're probably the same account or buddies or something, but idk. Just a weird coincidence. :P

I suppose I'll have to end this post here, everyone. Remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and Jam On, and I'll see you soon!

P.S. Ha! It's not over just yet! April Fools!

P.P.S. April Fools AGAIN! I'm not having a real giveaway, XD!
I'm pretty sure I got a lot of you with that. Admit it, I did. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

I wanted to do something different, other than the 'ole "I'm quitting" AJ blogger joke. Not saying there's anything wrong with that one at all! I just wanted to trick everyone for sure in a different way that no one's tried yet!

(Did I get you this year, iLoppio? XD!)