Sunday, October 30, 2016


Guys!! I'm back!! I didn't drown after all!!! Told you!

You Guys: We never said you did...



Well then..................

Alright, enough of that!!!
How have you all been doing lately? It's been, what, a week, since we've talked, huh?

I just realized the "Hello" resemblance...

"'s me...I was wondering if after all'd like.........uh.........umm...........a post."

I need a Parody Of The Year Award, guys. I'm so good at songwriting.

XD just kidding, I suck at writing songs.

But who cares. :P

I guess I better start off by telling you all where I've been for the past week, huh?
Let's make a little list.

Monday- Oh yeah. Monday I was SUPPOSED to go to my guitar practice, which I hadn't been to for, like, 2 weeks, but then I got a migraine and threw up, so...yeah. And then I took a long nap and woke up at night.
Tuesday- I had show choir practice, and then I just really didn't feel like getting on the computer, I believe.
Wednesday- I went to church and came back rather late, and again, I didn't feel like posting or getting on AJ.
Thursday- I usually take some kind of nap after school, but I didn't on Thursday. I had lots of homework, including 2 tests I had to study for, and I was literally falling asleep while studying.
Friday- Turns out the 2 tests were BOTH open note tests. ):1
After I studied all Thursday.
Then I had to practice my region choir music.
Oh, for those of you who don't know, region choir is something the 7th and 8th graders in my school can audition for. We get these songs, practice them (although you have NO IDEA how long I did), then audition for a region choir, alongside kids of the same ages from other schools. We did a mock audition in my school, which I did rather well at, and then we found which part of the music we'd be singing for the REAL thing. The auditions were at a different middle school, and we went in a room and sang the parts of the music to judges. The judges are completely covered by a wall of cardboard, though, so there's no reason to be nervous by facial expressions! We did that, and I'll tell you this, though promise you won't think I'm bragging...
I GOT FIRST CHAIR!!!!!!!! That means that the judges thought I sang the pieces the best out of all the other 7th graders!!! Woo!!! Again, not trying to brag, I was surprised too!!
Saturday (Today)- I had my region choir performance, which I had to get up at SEVEN IN THE DANG MORNING FOR! And then we practiced for, like, 3 or 4 HOURS. Don't worry, though, I wasn't dying or anything. We got breaks, a lunch break, and the director was SO nice! I hope I get to see her again someday. :)
But the actual performance, I thought, went AMAZINGLY!!! You should have heard all the choirs, guys! They sounded SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!! :DD

*Stares at longest "list" ever made*
Yipes. I better move on before you all die of boredom.

Why don't I buy a rare pet phantom to show everyone?

*10 minutes later*

Got one!

Meet Whisperwhistle!! He's meant to be a kind of spirit phantom. But a good one, you know?
Wait... HE'S ROUGH!!!!!!??????
I'm disappointed. Usually I get such matching results on these certificates. *Sigh*
Hehehe, favorite food is gems...hehe, I love it!!!

But you know what I saw when making Whisperwhistle?
They changed the phantom "ears"...into ANTENNAE!?
AJHQ, you just don't get it, do you?
THEY'RE LEGS!!! Yes, they're up on the phantom a bit higher, but they're still legs, right? I dunno, that's my opinion. Antennae seems too...I dunno...alien-ish. I realize phantoms pretty much ARE alien-things, but I just don't like it.

Woah, okay, I logged on AJ today, and...
What's going on? What's with the clump of pink animals!? Kinda freaky, if you ask me.

This post is so darn random, XD!
Oh well! You all like randomness, right?
You better.

Ooo, they changed the World Map up a bit! 
You know what this may mean, right?
I swear, if we don't get Petopia Peaks soon, I'm gonna scream. XD



How about a land-naming contest, just for fun? Are you all up for it?

Alright. The challenge is to name the soon-to-be ocean land on the right! Try to think of a name that would match it well! Then, come up with a design that describes what it looks like! It can be any design or name you'd like (except like, knife-ville or things like that, XD)! I WILL be offering a prize to the winner! I'll be choosing which name and design would fit this land and make it unique. Don't be upset if you don't win, this is just for fun! :)
I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

Now, for another dose of randomness.

Remember how I said in a post that I was buddies with Apologize? Well, I got a chance to talk with her a while back!
She's a really funny, nice jammer, once you get to know her! We were chatting about bread, of all things. XD
My lemur's intent stare though.
Look at it.

Are you scarred for life now, children?


XD, okay, just kidding!

Well everyone, sadly, I must draw this incredibly random and crazy post to a close. Remember to PARTY HARD, BE CREATIVE, and JAM ON, and don't forget about the contest! Bye!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Many More Masterpieces!!!

I'm sorry about all the recent Warriors activity Canine. D:

How Fancy People Do Introductions:

Greetings, fellow jammers! It is I, Swirlshine! How are all of you fine people doing today? It's an honor to be typing this post!

How I Do Introductions:


Oh yes. I love it. I love it so much.

Sorry about that crazy intro! You know me: I gotta embrace my randomness!! XD

As the title says, I've got more Masterpieces to show you all!!! Many more!
Well, actually, I've only got two. But you get the idea.
I may actually only have ONE. Let me see if the first one got approved.
*Crosses fingers*


*Checks on AJ*

OMG IT GOT APPROVED YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are, guys! Both are for my Owl City shrine!!


 This one has lyrics from the song Hospital Flowers on it. If you haven't heard it yet, I suggest you go check it out! It's a great song!
It shows Brightheart from Warriors because I thought this song suited her so well! One day, I'm SO making animations!
This includes Warriors.
Sorry again, Canine. I'm pretty sure you're throwing your device across the room right now.
And this one has the first lines from Fireflies! I really love this one! Do you like how I made the fireflies?

Well everyone, please comment down below what YOU think of these two art pieces! I love hearing your feedback!! Until next time, when I have time to post, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON!!! ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

OH MY FREAKIN' GOSH GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




IS BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





THANK YOU, ALIBABA PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Lost Jammer's Life-Art

*That title was a mashup of everything that will be in this post, XD*

Why hello jammers! I'm back, just as I promised! I bet you all are glad I'm FINALLY making a real post, huh? Well, so am I! Honestly, I think you all are the best, staying with me like this, and to be honest, you're better friends that my IRL ones at the moment. I suppose I'll tell you about that. After all, blogs are meant for opinions, right?

I promise I'm not, like, thinking my life is horrible or anything. It's not. But my friends have been being...different lately, and not a good different.
You see, one of them, the one who ignores me at lunch, is spending barely time with me. And now, the one I thought would be with me a lot of the time is doing the same thing! Every time certain girls, one of which I am not too fond of, since she kept calling me "innocent" just because everyone else was cussing once and I wasn't, come up, she goes to them, leaving me behind.
Now, you might be thinking, " Well then, just go back up to her again! You're her friend, aren't you?"
I'm not a very brave person at all, so that doesn't work for me.
But seriously. She came up to me today just to ask where the other girls were. And then left when I said I didn't know.
They're not doing on purpose, I'm sure of it. It still bugs me, though. Every time one, or both, of those girls come over, suddenly they're the center of attention, one of them cussing quite often, and I'm sitting off to the side. And now, since their friends do it, both of my friends cuss.
I talked to one of my friends about this "ignoring" business, but I don't think it helped. So, guess I better prepare for another little chat tomorrow! Delightful.

Well, that's my present life in a nutshell. Great, I know.

But let's move on to a happier topic, shall we? :)

I've been working on an Owl City shrine in my den! Yes, I'm for real. Shrines are awesome, you guys! You get it, Kraft, XD!
Hehe, just kidding, I know you all probably get it, too!
So far I have 3 Masterpieces. Sounds sad, but I'll get more soon! You can go to my den to see them, but I just thought that I'd show you my newest (and best, in my opinion) one! I think it's pretty awesome! :D
Do you like it? It's a galaxy-thingy, based off of an Internet pic and Owl City's song "Galaxies"! I love the way this turned out! Does this style remind you of Van Gogh too? XD

Alright, and's time for... THE LOST JAMMER STORY STORY!!!! 
Fasten your seatbelts, everyone! Let's do this! XDD

The Dark Legend-An AJ Fanfiction

Many have heard of the legendary "Lost Jammer", and many have decided that this shadowy Jamaasian was only a rumor. But how can we be sure? Has anyone ever seen the Lost Jammer? What does he really do? 
And what would happen if he WAS spotted?

Opening her laptop, Swirlshine scooted over to make room for her friend Kraft. Lost, Kara, Purple, and Flora sat close by, doing the same with their computers. They all typed in their usernames and passwords, and soon, they were logged into the virtual world of Animal Jam. 
Lostfairy brushed a strand of her brown, wavy hair aside, and stared at the four other girls. 
"So, what should we do on AJ today?"
Swirl looked up and thought for a moment. "Hmm..."
"I could do a livestream with you all in it!", Flora shouted suddenly.
"Or maybe we could make some kind of den chain with a theme?", Kraft suggested.
" Or a contest!", Kara said.
The five eyed each other for a moment, wondering.

"Hey!", yelled Swirl all of a sudden, startling Kraft so much that she fell off her chair at the table. 
"Great fadoodling fuzzles, you're loud!"
"Sorry", Swirl apologized sheepishly. "Anyways, why don't we look around for some more unnoticed secrets in Jamaa?"
Swirl, Kraft, Lost, Purple, and Kara all nodded, and immediately started to click on their World Map. "First one to find 5 no one's found before gets a prize!"
" You're on!" Swirl grinned at Kara, then clicked "The Lost Temple of Zios" on her map. 
This is the most mysterious land in Jamaa! I bet I'll find plenty of secrets here!
Noticing her screen had loaded, Swirl fixed her glasses and grinned. She began to drag her mouse around, leading her wolf across the land. 

"I've got Crystal Sands!", commented Kara.
"Jamaa Township is mine!", yelled Purple.
"I'm in the Temple of Zios!", replied Swirl, adding her voice to all of her friends'.
"Then I'm doing..." Lost suddenly froze, her mouth open.

"Lost? What is it?", Swirl asked.
Kraft strained to see Lost's screen. The others got up and stood behind her, too. 
Lost's brown eyes were wide as she stared. Swirl's gaze searched the virtual canyon land, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.
"I don't see anything...", she stated, confused.
"What is it? A cool glitch? An awesome secret?" Flora bounced excitedly.

Lostfairy pointed her finger at a black wolf, with no visible eyes, standing next to her brown-and-white deer.

"A Lost Jammer imposter? That's what you were freaked out about? That guy's not the real deal, Lost." AJKraft sighed and started back to her seat.
"No, wait!", Lost yelped, grabbing Kraft's arm. "Look at the fur!"
Purple gasped. "Woah..."
Swirl looked closer, and all of a sudden, she saw it. The wolf's fur was dark black, pitch black, darker than any black or gray color on AJ. 
"See?" Lost clicked onto her deer's profile picture in the bottom left of the screen and changed her fur color to the darkest black on the palette. "This is as dark as I can go. This wolf's fur is even darker!"

Kara's eyes narrowed. "Maybe he or she just stepped in the mud in Appondale or something."
Swirl shook her head. "The mud's brown."
The suspicious jammers watched, but the mysterious wolf didn't move, not even an inch.
The crowd of animals in the center of the land started to fan out. Reaching past Lost, Flora clicked on the wolf's nametag, just a split second before a pig stepped in front of it.


Swirl turned around, and her eyes widened.

The player card was GRAY. The normally-colorful background behind the animal was dark, and so were the Jam-A-Gram, Jammer Wall, den, and buddy buttons. In the center of the tag, in front of the shadowy grass-and-dirt backdrop, stood the dark black wolf, with no eyes, no pattern, and no items on them at all.

"Look!", said Kraft, pointing at where, normally, the player's username was shown. Instead of letters and numbers, a loading symbol sat over the long oval, with arrows circling around and around. They all waited for about 10 seconds. Then 30 seconds. A minute. Nothing happened. No username could be seen.

"What if...that's...the Lost Jammer?", Purple stammered, looking slightly nervous.
" I doubt it.", replied Kraft.
" What's there to doubt?!", exclaimed Kara.

"Hold on, guys. Let me tell Sarah, Ja, and Canine.", Swirlshine decided. "Maybe they'll know." She hoped with all of her heart that her voice wasn't shaking. 
Swirl clicked on "Canine" in her phone's contacts, and after 2 rings, someone picked up.
"Who's this? Swirl?", a voice asked on the other end.
"Yes, it's me! Listen, before you ask any questions, I need you to get over to my house, and fast! Before they leave!"
"Who's they?", Canine questioned.
"Just come!", Swirl yelped into the phone.
Canine groaned, "Fine", and hung up.

Swirl tried to call Sarah, but there was no answer, so she texted her instead. A minute later, Sarah replied. "But it's late! How will I convince my parents to take me to your house?!"
"Just try.", Swirlshine typed. "Please. Tell Ja, too."
After about 20 seconds, Sarah sent back, "Okay. I'll try."

"Are they coming?", asked Flora, her green eyes anxious. 
"Hopefully yes.", said Swirl.
A knock sounded at the door, and Swirl rushed to answer it. Canine came in on her crutches.
"What the heck is so important?", she grumbled. "Do you know how hard it is to walk on these things!?"
Swirl lead her to the others, still gathered around Lost's laptop.
" wanted to show me...a laptop. Are you-"
 Canine's voice was cut off as she saw the screen.
"We think it may be...the Lost Jammer.", Swirl whispered.

Canineclaw stared for a moment, then snickered. 
"The Lost Jammer, huh? And how do you know this?"
Hearing another knock, Swirl ran over, unlocking it to find Sarah and Ja. 
"Come on, you guys! Look at this!", she exclaimed.
As they walked back to the table, a gasp emitted from Lost.
"What's up?", Sarah asked worriedly.
"I...I just got a message on AJ...saying I was suspended! I wasn't even doing anything!!! I was just standing there!"
Swirl checked, and sure enough, the red box floated in the middle of Lostfairy's black screen.
"WHAT!?", Kraft screamed. " I just got suspended too!!"
"What's going on...?", gulped Ja, sounding nervous.
Swirl checked on her screen. Gasping, she saw the "SUSPENDED" message on hers as well!
"Guys... I think this may be the real Lost Jammer.", she whispered.
Canine still looked unconvinced. All of a sudden, on Swirlshine's computer's screen, which she had on the AJ homepage, letters started to show up in the "username" box.
"Swirl, you're suspended, remember?", Sarah reminded her.
"That'", she stammered slowly.

The username box was now blank, and something was now typing in a password. Swirlshine slammed her computer lid shut, and opened it again, but as she did, the "Login" button was clicked.
"Okay, even I have to admit, this is getting pretty creepy.", commented Canine, backing away a step. 
The others looked at their computers. All around them, passwords were being typed on their own. 

Finally, all the accounts loaded. The gang stared at the profile pictures in the bottom left. 
They all showed dark black wolves, and no username below.

"Log out, you guys!!", Kara said loudly.

They all tried, but when they clicked the button, nothing happened. Watching their screens in horror, they saw their nonmember, black wolves change into other animals, all dark black, wearing dark black versions of clothing items.

"Hey! That looks like my deer!", said Lostfairy.
"Oh my gosh, mine looks like my wizard wolf!!", Swirl added.
It's him! It's really him! The Lost Jammer is taking over our accounts!!

As the group watched helplessly, letters typed themselves into the chat boxes, and one simple message appeared on every account, all at once.

You're mine.

Then the screens went black. The jammers read the message that had popped up.

"This account has been permanently banned from Animal Jam, and cannot log in."

They all stared at one another, at a loss for words. Swirl squinted at a black line of text at the bottom of the red "BANNED" box. Grabbing a magnifying glass she conveniently had in her room, she read it silently.

I told you so.

So, how was that for a Lost Jammer story? :D
I really hope you liked this post, and my story! Please tell me what you think of it in the comments! In the meantime, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, everyone!!!



I haven't posted in FOREVER, it seems! It's just that I've got plenty of homework to keep me busy, and I do it late since I stay up late, so...yeah. Doesn't leave much time to post, sadly.

Plus, I honestly have got NO IDEA what to post about! The new update? You all know I don't normally like doing update posts! The Lost Jammer story you were promised? I haven't even started typing it yet, but I'm basically making it up as I go along. What about the new magenta items that were recently discovered? You all have most likely heard about all that already!

So that pretty much leaves me 0 quick options. I don't have much time left on the computer tonight, so I'm afraid this isn't a full post.

Don't worry, though! Since my mom and sister are going someplace tomorrow, that leaves me time to get on AJ and the blog! I'll post my Lost Jammer story then! Sound good? :)

Again, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused all of you by not posting. I'll try my best to make it up, and maybe change my day's schedule around a bit to fit in a post or two! I'm just glad you all are still sticking with me. You're amazing. :)

See you tomorrow, bloggers and commenters of Jamaa!!! *Dips Wizard Hat in farewell* ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Header?

I've been trying to make a new header for this blog, you guys, but one turned out too big so I gotta redo it. Stay tuned, one day you may get on this page to find a renovated picture! :)

As for the process of Jamaasian Middle, I'm on chapter two, and I actually like it so far! It's very different for me, since I usually don't write about humans and all that, but we all have to try something new sometimes, right? :)

Anyways, stay tuned for more news on...well...lots of things!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Story Progress!

Hello hello hello Frogsloths!

Sorry, I've been reading Karalee's Frogsloth story. XD

Anyways, if you read Kara and Gracie's blog, the Animal Jam Friendship Community, then you most likely know that there is a story contest being hosted!

I was stumped for quite a while on what to write, until Lostfairy gave me a BRILLIANT idea! I won't give you all the details yet, as I will post the finished product on here, but I WILL at least tell you the title!

Before I do, remember this, people-who-are-very-new-to-my-blog-that-I-don't-know-yet...


There. C:

Heard of Jamaasian High? Well, my story takes place before that! It's called "Jamaasian Middle- The New Beginning"!!!
Like the name? I came up with some of it a while back, and the rest of it today! :P

It's based off of AJKraft's Jamaasian High, not Lost's. I'm sorry Lost. I swear it's not personal. It's just that, with the way I'm writing it, it wouldn't fit with your version. Again, sorry. ,:1

I'll also be creating a LOST JAMMER story, as requested in a comment, soon, so stay tuned through this week and the next for stories and more info!

See you later jammers! ;D
Yeppers, I used Purple's art as a siggy today! :)

Monday, October 10, 2016




Saturday, October 8, 2016

Finally, A Post!

Hello, everyone! It's been so long! How have you all been? :D

So, today I wanted to show you all a few pictures of what I got/made over the week! Are you ready? It's pretty cool, in my opinion!

Do you see it, or rather, them? 


Club Geoz is HUGE, so I had to rearrange the ENTIRE shelf. But it was worth it! Look! It looks like a little village! :D

Club Geoz came with this beautiful arctic wolf, which I named Infinity. Yes, I name my toys. Don't judge. XD
And guess what? If you click that blue button on the DJ-board-thingy in front of the lynx in the background, it plays the Club Geoz music, the spotlights flash, and the disco ball spins! How cool is that!?

Now, onto the Crystal Palace den!
This beautiful playset came with a Pink Sofa, which is purple (why are they all called Pink Sofas if you can change the color?), Furry Rug, Crystal Mira Statue, and of course, the adorable arctic fox I like to call Flora! 
I also bought the adorable Vonotter toy, which I added Swimming onto. Swimming Vonotter! 
He's also got a cute pink hamster with him. c:

Oh yeah! And if you look closely in the pictures featuring Club Geoz, you'll see my new bunny, Little!

Lots of AJ toys in just a week or two, huh?

But wait! There's more, because I got some great AJ items from these little guys! Here's a list, matching the items to the toys!

Vonotter Toy- Epic Pizza Hat
On the head

Bunny Toy- Mystical Faerie Wings
On the back

Crystal Palace Den- Crystal Mira Statue, Epic Crystal Ball

Club Geoz Set- Neon Dance Floor, Club Geoz (Music)

Cool huh? All these items are in my den-well, except for the clothing items, which are on my giraffe- so feel free to visit it and take a closer look at them!
I never meant to brag saying all this, just so we're clear.

Now, there's one last thing I'd like to show. 

Lostfairy, when we had our chat today, I was so glad to know I had a friend who understood me when I said that. You're one of the best friends I've ever had, and I made this for you to show it!

I colored it so that's how you know I care. XD
I really hope you love it! Thanks for being so outstandingly kind and amazing! I don't know what I'd do without you. :,)

Know that I don't JUST think Lost is awesome. ALL of you are! This message was meant for you as well as Lost! Thanks, everyone, for always being there for me, and for being EPIC friends!!!

That's all for today, commenters (xD)!! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE YOU, and JAM ON, and I just might see you tomorrow in a new post!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Guys, I really am so, SO SORRY!
I haven't posted in such a long time, and I apologize. I've been quite stressed lately, with all the CA testing in my school. I had 4 tests on Tuesday! In a row!
Yeah, that's how bad it was.

But again, I apologize. I should be trying to fit a post in, but I've just been so busy, and once I'm not, I'm tired because I stay up super late. I will try my very best to post more often, and I'm pretty sure, no, I PROMISE I'll post over the weekend. This week has just been horrible for me, and I've had to study so much.

I hope you all understand. To be honest, I missed posting, and I missed all of you. Going back to school has made me online friends might be better friends to me than my friends IRL. I wish you guys went to my school, so then I'd actually be able to sit by someone at lunch and not be a shy dork. I try to sit by my friend, but she always ignores me when her other friends are around, though not on purpose. So then I feel stupid, because my other friend doesn't have my lunch, and I don't really have any other super close friends there. I survive, though. :1

Like I said, I promise to post over the weekend! I truly hope you all understand!


Saturday, October 1, 2016