Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Pages

Hey Jammers! This is not a full post, I just wanted to mention I added two new pages yesterday! Go to the Glitched Items page if you wanna see some extraordinary (and by that I just mean not ordinary, not, like, amazing) items, the newly added Stores page if you want to read some of my AJ related stories, and the Funny Pictures page if you need a good laugh!

That's all for now! Yeah it was short, I know! But I will do a new Icing And Friends in a day or two, because I was busy on Tuesday. It was my first day of school! :) Until then, remember to Party Hard, Be AWESOME (XD), and Jam On!

Monday, August 24, 2015

More Leaked Images!!?

Hey jammers! Just found some more leaked pictures of unreleased items on the web! Check it out!

 OMG! A Rainbow Headdress!?
And this looks cool! A Feather Headband with a PEACOCK FEATHER! I love peacocks!! :D

Gonna search for some more! BTW, these were NOT EDITED! I found them on a blog called The AJ Awesomeness And Randomness! Best blog ever!!

(Another joke post. Never take these seriously. Oh, and for your entertainment [even though I already entertained you enough], here is a Bamboo Bunk Bed!)
 (100% not edited. You can tell!)

(Lastly, there is no blog called The AJ Awesomeness and Randomness. Don't even, I know you wanted to look it up) :P

Bye for now jammers!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Graham's Workshop Tutorial

Heyo Jammers! As I promised yesterday, I will be giving you all a tutorial of the new adventure today! I even got an animal all ready for this!
That is a yell of excitement by the way.

So let's get on with the show!

First, you pick a tool from the workshop. Hammers are used to mine gemstones and stone, Pitchforks are used for wheat, Pans are for gold and silver, Baskets are for bamboo, and Wheelbarrows are used to collect wood.

Once you have a tool, you are off! Let's start with gemstones and stone!
Go in a cave to find rocks with this icon over it. Click it, and this will appear.
Click anywhere to clear away the rock and reveal what you found!

The gemstomes are the blue crystal and the grey rock is stone.
Once you mine it, it will float into your little bag.
Oh yeah! This is where the caves are. You gotta find three people to hop with you on the platforms to open the door.
There is also a phantom place in the caves, with, yes, real live phantoms that can make you lose your lives.
But on the bright side, you get free gems! Just follow behind the circling phantom and you won't be seen.

 Next up, panning!
 Click this icon to pan for silver, and sometimes gold!
Move your mouse back and forth in the direction of the arrows to clear the sand away and reveal silver! There is also a rare chance you could get a piece of gold too!
This is the screen that pops up after you finish your task. It shows how much of each material you got.

Now for bamboo!
 The bamboo fields will look like this until you get three people to hop with you on the paw-print things.
 Once you activate the thingy, the bamboo plants will be watered and you can collect your bamboo!
 Click and drag the paw-mouse-thing to the bamboo stalks to chop them down

Now wood collecting!
To collect wood, use a wheelbarrow.

Click and drag the wood towards the wheelbarrow, then release to drop the wood. Make sure to collect all the pieces!
Lastly, collecting straw!

You gotta hop on the platform things by the dirt patches. Once activated, random sprinklers will water the plants and you can use your pitchfork to collect straw! Move your mouse over the grass to collect the straw.
Once you collect enough of each material, you can spend them on these cool items!

Cool, although...a STONE RUG. Is there even such thing? Rugs are supposed to be SOFT, AJHQ! And GOLDEN PILLOWS? Isn't gold, you know, hard? Just saying. : /

Well, that seems to be all Jammers! Oh wait! Here are the pics of the Back To School Party!
 Left Classroom
 More Left Classroom :3
 Outside of Right Classroom
 Right Classroom ( Art Class)
Outside place

Okay, NOW that is all! See you jammers, and remember to Party Hard, Be Kind, and JAM ON!