Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Very Glitchy Post

Me: HEYOOOOOOOOOOO! Guess who it is?
You Guys: Umm... Gracie?
Me: No...
You Guys: Lostfairy?
Me: No...
You Guys: ...Kraft?
You Guys: Ohhhhh!

I was thinking of just starting this post out with a "Heyooooo!", but where's the fun in that? XD!

Anyways, guess whaaaaaat?

You Guys: SWIRL! We already had to guess once today! Do you REALLY want to go through that again?
Me: Um... fine, I'll just tell ya.

This is *gasp* AN ANIMAL JAM POST!!!!

Why? Well, this IS an Animal Jam blog, and I've lately been feeling like I need to do more AJ-related things on my AJ-related blog. So, today, I will be showing a bunch of glitches I've found throughout Jamaa! Yaaay! :P

First up, a oddly-layered wall!
This was taken in the adventure "The Phantom Fortress", I believe, so I've had it in my files for a while. I've found a lot of things in Jamaa that are layered weirdly like this, but this is the one I decided to take a picture of, I guess. Honestly, though, why'd AJHQ make it like that? Isn't there some way to connect that part to the wall behind it?

This glitch has happened to a lot of people, but, for some reason, it's not really ever been fixed. It doesn't keep you from doing things in the adventures, but it's quite annoying to have that "Join Me" bubble above all your chat messages the entire time.

Okay. Some of you may be thinking "I see absolutely nothing glitchy in this picture." Actually, it's kinda the story that goes along with the picture that's weird.
Okay, so, the thing is... that same picture, along with 4 or 5 others, were stuck in Jammer Central's gallery for MONTHS. I kid you not, it just took you through the few pictures in a random order every time you clicked the arrows. I thought it was just glitching at first, but it still did it after I refreshed AND when I came back a month later. My sister tells me they've finally fixed it now, but it was a very odd and very annoying glitch.

Pretty sure we've all seen this Tiara glitch by now, but, if you haven't, here ya go. Honestly, I find those Tiaras cooler when they're like that. Creative. :3

This glitch is probably one of the most irritating ones ever. When it happens, some of the items in your den inventory enlarge themselves, normally to where they don't fit completely in the inventory squares. Doesn't sound too bad, but I really don't like how the Splash Pad got so big and off-centered that it's not even IN the box anymore.

Cougars are known for having a lot of clothing-item glitches, and the Backpack is one of those glitchy items. When you put it on, it switched the two colors! I dunno if this glitch still works, but if you happen to have a Backpack, you can try!

Once, after I had spawned in Crystal Sands, I walked around and THIS happened. People's eyes and clothing items weren't showing up, and one person was even invisible! Kinda a creepy beach, if ya ask me. XD!

Again, not sure if this still happens, but it might. For a while there, though, Beach Umbrellas (including mine) kept randomly turning completely white. No one knew why, and, for the longest time, I though AJH had finally fixed this.
I dunno exactly when I took this picture, but if it's on the laptop I'm using, then it must have been recent, considering my old laptop with bazillions of pictures on it broke. 

AJHQ, did you forget that pigs have itty-bitty tails? Seems like you didn't design that Western Tail Scarf quite right!

I saw this in Jamaa Township one day, and... I honestly have no idea. This animal's outfit is all sorts of glitchy! However, that Beret is the most messed-up of them all. :1

I recently found out that, if you put a Pilgrim Hat on an otter and run around, the little neck-flap-thingies don't connect to your chest! Instead, they just float in front of you for a moment.
On a kinda unrelated note, I'm so happy I could actually make a decent look with that Rare Pilgrim Hat I won! Yay!

I found about 4 arctic fox glitches, you guys. In this one, that Graduation Gown doesn't quite seem to make it over the fox's chest fluff!

This, my friends, is how to get away with having two tails WITHOUT having a Double Tail! Just wear a skunk one!

Woah, wait a minute, AJHQ! Winged COLLARS do NOT go on your BACK!

And finally, a glitchy Lava Glove on an arctic fox's paw. I think it took the form of a Mummy Glove?

I think AJHQ fixed this glitch a day or two after I discovered it, but, for a while there, a lot of Masterpieces were being covered by these gray boxes, and it was SUPER annoying.
Do not ask why I liked this art, because I did it on accident. XD!

We've all seen floating smoothies before, but glitchy starfish aren't seen every day, right?

Must I say anything about this one at all?

When I saw this, I was SO CONFUSED. Then, another coyote spawned in that Township, wearing the same tail armor, and I knew it must be the Sunshine Outfit doing this. Honestly, though, it was pretty creepy!

I don't know about you guys, but I HATE it when parts of items get cut off like this.

Look at those glitchy Phoenix Gauntlets! The claws and fire are layered correctly, but not the rest of the front paw gloves!
Actually, this might have been intentional, but it sure looks odd to me.

Okay, I know this isn't a glitch, but I find dresses look pretty funny on falcons! Just look at those huge sleeves! XD!

I think that's all the glitches I've got! Or all that I've found, anyway. Before I go, though...
Which is the real Gracie? Heheheheh.

Okay, sorry, but I just wanted to share that picture. XD!

Alright, well, looks like you've reached the end of the post! I hope you all enjoyed! I'll try to post more throughout the week, but I have been a bit busy practicing drawing techniques for the Blogger project, so please be patient! Until next time, remember to PARTY HARD, BE A BOLD BANANA, and, of course... JAM ON!! ;D

Monday, June 26, 2017

I Will Post Tomorrow.

In the meantime, the next chapter of JM is out! Hope you guys like it! :D

My brother just told me we were roasting marshmallows, so I NEED TO GO AGGRESSIVELY ROAST ONE NOW!!! See you guys! *Salutes*

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Know 27 People?

When did that happen? :o

Okay, I probably don't know the 2 people who hate it, so 25. Still, though!

Oh yeah, and the Icing And Friends page is under renovation! Also, this isn't a real post...XD!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swirlshine Art!

Hey guys! I'm still gonna work on the blog, but first... a shoutout to Cuddly for making me this ADORABLE art of my wolf!!!

Updating The Blog!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that, this week, this blog's tabs will be edited A LOT! I've already updated the My Art and Art By Others pages, and I've deleted the Glitches tab, since I don't keep track of glitches much anymore.
I'll try to write more of that fanfiction of mine, "Until She Returns", and I'll be messing around with the rest of the tabs, too.
I hope you guys will enjoy these changes, because this blog REALLY needed an update! :D


Tuesday, June 20, 2017





*Excuse the caps-screaming and stuff. I am raging. :P*

Monday, June 19, 2017

Chapter 25 Is Now Up!

Things are about to get very complicated for Fictional Swirl! *Laughs evilly*

(How many variants of me ARE there? Old Swirl, Fictional Swirl, Present-day Swirl... Future Swirl?)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lostfairy's Sunshine Blogger Award Tag!

Me: *Comes out from behind some curtains dancing around with headphones on*
You Guys: Swirl?
You Guys: Swirl!
Me: *Jumps and takes headphones off* Huh?
You Guys: Aren't you going to post?
Me: Oh yeaaaah!

XD! Sorry guys, I'm listening to Owl City on loop right now. All this time, I literally had no idea there was a "Loop" option on YouTube when you right-click on the video until I scrolled through comments on one and someone informed me!
Okay, so they didn't inform ME directly, but... it was still helpful!

Anyways, now that that intro is over, let's do what we came here for!

Alright, so... a while back, you guys mentioned that you had some tags for me to answer. I promise you, I didn't forget! In fact, I've been thinking about finally answering them for a while now! I'll get to all of you, promise, but Lost's post about it reminded me, so today, I'll be doing her tag!

This tag's called the Sunshine Blogger Award. Basically, if someone tags you, you answer the questions they gave you, and then come up with 11 new questions of your own to ask someone else!
Hehe, the MAKING questions part may take me a while, but this post will NOT be posted until I think of 11 good ones! XD!
Anyways, I'm eager to get started, so let's go!

1. What movie character is most like you? Why?

Okay, you know what? I was gonna think of another movie character that's like me, but I technically already have one. So I'm gonna be honest and just say it.
Now, I know I've already said, in some post somewhere on here, that I like this series (and yes, there are movies, too), so you guys probably already know I like it and all that, but it's not exactly... um... how do I say this... APPRECIATED by most people my age. I normally don't tell people about this, so I'm a bit nervous here.
*Blinks* Okay, I'm just gonna get on with it. I trust you guys. :D

The movie character that's most like me would be Twilight, from MLP. (Like I said, most people my age and above would make fun of me for watching that show.) Why? Well, she's studious and works hard, but can get stressed easily, like me in school, XD! She also loves to read and write, and, basically, a lot of things her character has said have come out of my mouth before (or similar things, anyway) too!

2. What is your favorite smell in the world?

Oooh, this is a creative question! Hmmmm...

I guess I'm gonna go with the smell of food in general, XD! Of course, there are some foods I don't like, so if I have to be specific, I'd go with the smell of tacos.
*Mouth waters* Mmmmmmm...tacos...
Welp, now I'm hungry. XDD!

3. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

I'd have to somehow change into a cat-form to do this, but I'd really want to meet Leafpool or Spottedleaf, from Warriors (yes, I'm obsessed)! Leafpool is super kind, and she's a medicine cat, so I'd want to ask her what that's like and all that. If I met Spottedleaf, I'd ask her about some of the choices she's made before, and how she felt about them.
I would go into more detail, but a lot of you haven't read Warriors yet, hehe.

4. What is the best thing that has happened to you and why?

Well, meeting YOU GUYS, of course!

You Guys: Swirl, don't make this a sappy post!
Me: Well, it's true!

XD! Honestly, though, I have NO IDEA where I'd be in life right now if it weren't for the Bloggers I've met. ,:)

5. What's your favorite daydream that you go to all the time?

I tend to daydream about animations and PMVs a lot. That's why I want to learn how to animate! I have so many ideas already! Anyways, I always imagine an animation, of some sort, that I want to make about all of us bloggers, or about JM!

You Guys: Swiiiiiirl...
Me; I know, I know! That was the last time!


6. If you could have ANY animal in the world as a pet, which animal would it be?

A lil' cheetah cub! They're so cuteeeeeee!

7. What are your 3 favorite words?

Papaya is definitely one of them, because it's just fun to say! As for the other two, I'd have to say... literally, because I say that A LOT, and mist, because it makes me feel refreshed just saying it! 3 very different words with 3 very different reasons! :P

8. What is your dream job?

I really want to open a pet daycare sort of place. I call it a pet resort, but basically, it's a fun place for pets to stay while their owners are away! I'm already planning it out in my head: the design, the name, even where I'll build it! (Hehe, you can see how excited I am for this!)
I just want to spend lots of time with LOTS of dogs and cats! XD!

9. What's your idea of the perfect day? Why?

Ah, the perfect day...

I'd go away from my house (and my noisy siblings) to a nice, quiet field of some sort. Then, I'd probably just relax under a tree alone with my headphones and music on, drawing or reading.
I'll probably never get a chance to do that in my life, or, at least, not alone, but still, it sounds so peaceful! *Sighs dreamily*

10. What sounds best to you: a book, movie, or video game?

Video game, of course! And that video game would be ANIMAL JAM! :D
Plus, if I'm on my computer playing AJ, I can write my JM book, or look up and watch a movie on YouTube or wherever! It's a three-for-one deal! XDD!

(I know that those things aren't technically video games, but still. XD!)

11. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found everything you love gone?

Oh gosh, I don't want to think too hard about that! *Whispers* What if I jinx ittttttt...?

Let's just say that I would be VERY depressed for... um... probably the rest of my life. Eheheheh...

Alright! Now it's time for MY questions! Lost, you did a great job with these, so I'm gonna have to think pretty hard!

1. If you could write one book that was guaranteed to be a success, what would you write about?
2. If you had the chance to invent something to help the earth, what would you make?
3. What's your favorite element out of these: Water, Fire, Wind, or Earth?
4. What's the funniest thing you did or said when you were little?
5. What animal are you most afraid of?
6. What would you do first if someone hacked you on Animal and deleted everything? (By everything, I mean all items, JAGs, AND buddies.)
7. What's your all-time favorite band and why?
8. What are you known for doing?
9. If you could be any animal or mythical creature, what would you choose to be and why?
10. What is the most random thing you can think of?
11. If you had to change your username on AJ, what would you change it to?

Okay okay, I admit, Google had to help me out a bit on this! Still though, I hope you have fun answering these questions! Truthfully, anyone can answer these questions, but I'll tag a few specific people! I know I'm supposed to tag 11 people, but... do I even KNOW 11 people? XDD!

Anyways, I tag:
And finally, Ja!

Whew! Now THAT took a while! If you read all the stuff above, congrats on making it this far! XD!
Remember, I'm planning on answering all the other tags I've been asked to do, so don't think I've forgotten about you! I'm also thinking about making another post where I showcase my old horrible art, XDD!
Anyway, until my next post, please remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, everyone!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Creation Of A New Blogger Meme!

*Walks out with party hat on*
Me: HEY GUYS! Guess what?
You Guys: What?
Me: Today is the birthday of-
You Guys: Wait, WHAT? It's not your birthday! Yours is in September!
Me: No! Not mine! It's-
You Guys: It's not any of ours, either.
Me: No! It's the birthday of... A NEW BLOGGER MEME!
*Puts party hats on everyone's heads*
Me: Wait...
You Guys: What?
You Guys: Well then, it's the after-birthday-party!
Me: Oh yeaaaahhh! Yay!

Hello everyone!
Okay, I had to! Even if this IS a small post, I just HAD to do a Swirlshine Intro! XD!

Anyways, what I said is actually true! It IS (kinda) the birthday of a new Blogger Meme! (It actually was made yesterday, too.)

And yes, I AM making this post to explain to you guys what it is, because... well... it's a Blogger Meme! 😋

Alrighty! So, yesterday, I met up with Gracie on AJ. We decided to play The Hive to test something out. Once we finished, we sat around in the adventure for a little while longer, in that place where you fight the Phantom King. 
We talked and messed around a bit, and that's when we decided that the lava all around the Phantom-King-island was not lava, but GATORADE!
That's right! It is orange Gatorade, you guys! (XDD!)
And that place is an island, so it is officially Gatorade Island, you guys. Forever and always. XD!

So, using this picture...

... I made a Masterpiece of ze beautiful Gatorade Island!

I actually worked really hard on this art. Man, why do I always focus on making meme-art so beautiful, but when I want to make something else, I end up giving up 2 seconds after I click on the painting easel?
*Sigh* Just how my brain works, I guess! :P

Anyways, the point of this was literally just to introduce the fabuloussss island of Gatorade as a meme in the Blogger community! I know, not a huge deal, but I just felt like making a post about it anyway.
(Plus, I also told Lost that I'd make this post in a comment... XD!)

Mkay guys, I better get going! See you later this week! ;)


Monday, June 12, 2017

A Very Picture-y Post

Hello guys! Whew! I was planning on just saying I'd post tomorrow, but hey, why not show a few pictures today, right? I've been meaning to post them, anyway!
*Swirl totally wastes no time on an intro and just jumps directly into the post*

First off, here are 2 odd things that I found one day while I was playing AJ at school.

If you guys have seen Julian2's video about real-life art being imported as Masterpieces, then good! You don't need it explained!
If you haven't, I'll tell ya anyway.
Basically, Julian2 made a video a few weeks ago, saying that some Masterpieces were being approved that are either inappropriate... or not Masterpieces at all. Apparently, some people have found a way to take real, pencil-drawn art, and make it into digital Animal Jam art. It's a hack, of course, though. If you look closely on the one picture he shows in the video, it actually does seem to have eraser marks and fold lines on it.

Anyways, I saw this one, and I literally have no idea if it's ACTUALLY digital or not.
*Squints closely*
Hmmm... well... some it it looks digital... and some of it doesn't.

Also, I spawned in... er... Adirondack? Is that even a real world? I've never seen it on the world list (although it's not like I looked super hard). Hmm...

Next up, here's my fluffy little arctic wolf stuffed animal, which my grandma gave me a few weeks ago!

Because of that, I call it Fozz (my little joke-word, which means fuzz, basically)! XD!

Okay, now, how about some art? I've been dying to post these pictures for a while now! Sorry this post is randomly skipping around, but I have a lot of pictures. XD!

*Sigh* I wish my computer (and Google Drive) would remember that I ROTATED these pictures before I saved them.

Anyway, this is one of my arctic wolves. I really wanted a Sombrero on AJ, and when I finally got one, my sis and I decided to make matching looks with them. We're the SOMBRERO BROS! XD!

Also, in case you were wondering, that red line is from the time I was working on this, and my friend accidentally drew on it with a red marker.
It really annoys me, being the only colorful (and non-belonging) thing in the picture, but I'll have to live with it.

You'll get this one, Kraft! It's you as your cat (the cat I named after you) in Bread Kittens*! I also put a lil' AJ pet chicken with some poofy hair on your back, XD!
The bread on the cat I named Kraft looks different now but I'm not changing this, so yeah. XD!

*Bread Kittens- An app that's kind of like Pokemon. It involves battling and "breading" (catching) different breeds of cats. It's actually really fun!

And here's one more Bread Kittens piece, of my Cheetoh, Speckle! If I look too closely, I get really annoyed at the way the front legs and chest coordinate, so I won't look too closely, because I like the rest of it. XD!

Yes, it is wearing a waffle on its head. You can do that on Bread Kittens, trust me.

Obviously, you can see that one of these wolves is Greely. The other wolf is from a Greely-related fanfiction I'm writing. I'll probably post it on this blog one day.
Despite the fact that I overdid the "flecks" on Fleck's fur, I'm very proud of this picture. :D

 This is a picture I drew in class... last year, I think? Sometime in 6th grade. I'm pretty sure I just gave up on it because I didn't really like it. It was supposed to be a creepy Fman, but I think, after seeing that... er... odd smile I drew, that I just gave up before even drawing his fur design.
I don't like this picture, AT ALL, but I liked the idea. So, I decided to redraw this piece of art. And...
...here is the result! I'm quite happy with this one!
Seriously, though. I looked up a Jam-A-Gram picture to see the font JAG messages are in, and I copied it. For only 5 words, it took up a lot of time!

Oh! I almost forgot this!

Kraft will get this for sure. Everyone else... NO SPOILERS FOR CHUUU! ):D

Last on the list... the pictures I took on my trip!
These are all pictures of the nature we passed as we were driving home. I couldn't get any at the actual camp, because:
#1. That would involve showing people's faces, and I don't have permission to do that...
And #2. I wasn't even allowed to have my phone 98% of the time.

Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy these pictures, though! :)

 I took all of those pictures ↑ up there while I was in the car. That's why most of them have the road and all that... XD!
The camp was in the hill country, so we had a lot of cool hills and valleys to look at (and obsessively take pictures of... eheheh...) along the way. Man, I wish I could climb to the top of one of those hills and just look out over the land. Now THAT'D be cool!

Hm. Well, I had, like, two more... but I guess they didn't download. Oh well, they weren't super important or anything!
These pictures were taken at a park my church group always stops at on the way home. We always get burgers before we drive the last 45 minutes, hehe! There are a LOT of ducks and geese there, so naturally, I had to take pictures. XD! Plus, the nature is really pretty, especially in the first picture (in my opinion)!

Looks like that's all the pictures I have! Thank you for letting me FINALLY post those pictures sitting in Google Drive, XD!
*Drops macaroni I'm eating while posting this off of fork*

*1 minute later*
Okay, fixed that. Sorry.

Anyways, despite its randomness, I do hope you all enjoyed this post! I'll be posting a lot this week (hopefully), so stay tuned! Until next time, this is Swirl, signing off! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON! 😉

*Angrily clicks on mousepad, wishing the signature picture would load*

*5 minutes later*