Monday, May 30, 2016

I Think WootMoo Hacked Into AJ!

Hey peoples! So, guess what? My sis was playing AJ, and she saw THESE wings on WootMoo, who is now a non-member.
Those wings look familiar? They shouldn't, because my sis checked ALL the clothing stores in Jamaa, and guess what? NOTHING! This proves that these wings are UNRELEASED!!! 
And HOW do people get unreleased items into AJ?


Unless AJHQ, for some reason, told WootMoo he could test these wings, he must have recently hacked into AJ and got them! Now, this not been confirmed, it is just an educated guess. I don't want people to start screaming " OMG WOOTMOO IS HACKING AJ EVERYONE!!".  In fact, maybe these " Fancy Butterfly Wings", which is what I'm calling them, were just in stores for a short period of time, but then got taken out for some reason, like the Lion Mane on pvris. But be warned, because if he has ever hacked before, he may have found out how to hack into the entire GAME.

I'm excited to be the FIRST ( or one of the first) people on this topic! This is big! So be careful, everyone! But, if you know anything about how WootMoo got these wings, please put it in the comments! Thanks! Oh, and if you use this info on your blog, don't forget to give me credit! ;D

Flora Cutegirl has informed me that WootMoo used a code to get these wings. I wonder if the code is available to all... or did he find some kind of secret one? 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Masterpieces and Meeting Snowyclaw!

Hi everyone! I almost made this a super-short post, but hey, I got time. Why not post about the update today?

#1 - Masterpieces! That's right, now you can make your OWN ART from the Art Studio into a portrait for your den! All you gotta do is paint something in the Art Studio, then click the " Create Den Item" button in the bottom right.
Come on, you know you want this original art!

Then it will show your picture in 4 different frames. You can choose a frame of gold, silver, wood, or just leave it with no frame. Then you can click Buy, review the rules, and it will be sent to AJHQ for moderating!

It will look like this in your inventory, but the picture will not show up until AJHQ has approved it.
You can click the magnifying glass to see your picture better. I'm still waiting for my art to be approved, but here's what I drew:
You like it? I think this might be the best art I've done in the Art Studio, idk.

Anyway, Masterpieces, as they are called, can be traded, but, sadly, are for members only. Or, according to AJHQ, they are " being TESTED by members". Yeah, sure. I suppose the Jammer Wall is STILL being tested too, after a WHOLE YEAR? Basically, saying that members are " testing" something is AJHQ's way of letting non-members down easy. I have mixed feelings about you, AJHQ...

Here's what Masterpieces look like on a trade list. You can also enlarge them on a trade list.

And finally, here is some spectacular art I have found over the past two days! Usernames ARE included.
 Love this one SO MUCH! She traded it, though. ;.; I want to say that is Aparri, and maybe Wisteriamoon? I don't care, I just like how it is drawn!
 Very nice fox, DolphinsRock!
 I'm guessing this is a Pokemon? Still a cute, derpy little thing thou, hehe!
 This is a pretty good Greely!
 That is so cute!! Well done, margee1015!
 Twigstar traded me this for my Rare Spiked Collar. I didn't accept, but I really, really love it!
 Beautiful work! Hmm, I guess someone else drew this of Soccer?
 I like how you added the Head Flower and Ribbon Scarf, samtiki!
 Not completely amazing, but the lines are straight and connected well, plus, I love the background!
 Someone drew this of "Soccer" too. I thought she drew it herself, but apparently not. Still, amazing work!
 So pretty, I like the wolf sitting by the lake, too!
 This is AWESOME! Amazing wolf art, Jan!
 THIS IS OUTSTANDING! And guess what else? Wormsoup said she got offered a long purple Rare Spiked Collar for this art! Yes, apparently great art is worth spikes now.
 Aww, this really is a kawaii kitty!
 Very, very nice! I'm not sure I like the " I'm Rare" part, but the wolf is AMAZING!
 Aww, I love the girl AND the message! Ellie said she didn't draw this, someone else did, but... I don't know, I guess they drew it on her account? Either way, that message is something I need to live by, XD!
Amazing bunny artwork, Jammerblue! I believe this was one of the first good Masterpieces I saw!

We also have a new den, PECK'S DEN! This has GOT to be my favorite AJ den so far! It has art supplies, a pretty crystal-y room, a place where the floor is splattered with paint ( It actually looks amazing), and even a secret tunnel leading to a dungeon-room-thingy! Oh! And is has a Peck waterfall!
So pretty! 

We also have PIGS that are travelling to Jamaa at this very moment! I really don't like the idea of pink, pet-sized pigs, but they're so cute, how could I not like them?
Daww!! I want to SQUEEZE IT SOO BADD!!!!!!
*Cough cough* Um, ignore that last part. Ehehehe...

Now, on to the last part of my post! Most of you have heard of snowyclaw, the famous blogger AND AJ YouTuber. Well, guess what? I met her yesterday! 
 Ignore that arctic wolf at the bottom begging for attention. But anyway, there she is!
 I only caught her tail in this picture, because people were coming and moving in front of her.
 Lol, snowyclaw said that she was silly, and we both agreed that silly people were the best people!
And THIS is where more people come to this land and start crowding her. And screaming for a autograph. And start "crying" because she wouldn't buddy them. I'm the one trying to say, CALMLY, that it was rude to crowd someone. 
She even showed her beta Eyeball Hat to us! 

So yeah, it was pretty cool! Although, every time I see a famous jammer being crowded, I feel bad for them. I mean, they can't even WALK AROUND JAMAA without people noticing and screaming " OMG OMG CAN I HAVE AN AUTO PLZ PLZ!!!!" Then they get covered up by those screaming people, so that they can't see themselves or see what they are saying! I'm telling you, fangirls, well, most of them, are pretty annoying. First, there are the " Autos", as I call them, which beg for autographs in caps. Then there are the     " Cryers". Yep, you guessed it. They cry because the famous person will not say something to them or buddy them, when really, the famous jammer has enough to deal with. And finally, we have the " Spacees", which scream " OMG PEOPLE GIVE HIM/HER SPACE I CANT SEE HER OMG MOVE!" 
I'm not calling any of you annoying fangirls or anything, of course! I'm just saying that I don't like how people scream to and step on famous Animal Jammers. 

If this part of the post offended you or someone you know, please tell me and I will delete it immediately! I feel like it was kinda rude...

Well, I suppose that's all for today! Gosh, this post was pretty long, huh? Oh well, the more the merrier! You know what's coming up next, right?


Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON!! ;D

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Art for Nafaria9 + A few pics

Naffy, here is your art!
I drew the outline of a snow leopard graphic, then added accessories, along with a few other improved things! I must say, the grey-ish main color was hard to master! I'll try to do more art soon!

If any of you want me to make you a piece of artwork, don't hesitate to ask me! Now that I've got Google Drive, I can post pictures of real life things! In fact, why don't I show you just a few? I'm bored anyway, hehe!
* Waits for forever and a half for pictures to send*
 My cute emoji pillow!
 Another drawing I drew of my cheetah a while back!
 I saw this little guy at Kids Fest in the shelter booth! Cute, huh? Aww, he looks like he's grinning!
 A Perler Beads creation, made by me, of my guinea pig, Cookie. I'm telling you, she really DOES look like an Oreo! Her first name is Oreo, but she's a girl so I call her Cookie!
And finally, my pretty tree! My mom painted this on one of my walls. Yes, I requested it!  ;)

That's all for now! Bye jammers! Oh, and I hope you like your picture, Naf!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Bit About Me!

Heyo! I've been thinking...
It's been quite a few years since this blog was started, yet I haven't revealed much of anything about myself. So I've been planning to make an " About Me" post, and today's the day! So, without further ado, some facts and other things about MOI! Lol!

So, of course, I can't say my real name on here, for privacy reasons, but I CAN say that my middle name is Sierra! Hehe!
I was born on September 12, and I'm a girl who loves art, music, reading, animals, friends, and fun! I am in Choir in school, and will be in Art next year too! When I say I like art, I usually mean drawing! I have TONS of drawings in folders at my house, and I'm hoping to get a drawing tablet for my birthday this year! I can't seem to draw that well with a jerky computer mouse, but if I get a drawing tablet, I'll be just like normal drawing, but on digital paper! So yeah, stay tuned for better art by me in the future! I mostly like drawing Animal Jam characters, or animals, as I'm terrible at making people!

Hmm, my personality... I suppose I would describe myself as random, loyal, silly, moody ( sometimes), perfectionist, uncertain ( when it comes to school), quiet, well-behaved, and friendly. Yeah, a weird mix, huh?
I suppose I'll explain the negative ones. School stresses me out, a LOT. I'm trying to get all A's all my life       ( hehe), so if I get a grade under an 80, I don't like it and I retake the thing. Plus I hate math, AND homework, but who doesn't hate homework, right?

I also like writing! I'm writing and illustrating an AJ comic, " Until She Returns", right now. I also have a few unfinished stories I made, as well! And of course, I love BLOGGING! Blogging is now counted as one of my hobbies!

Animals and friends are basically the two things I NEED to stay happy. Food, shelter, water, yeah yeah, that too, but I need friends, furry and otherwise, XD! I have quite a few friends at school, though there are two that are super close to me. I also have two dogs, Rocky and Beauty, two guinea pigs, Cookie and Caramel, and a calico cat, Georgia!

Now, some fun/weird facts about me!

- I hold pencils different than everyone else.
- I have dark brown eyes and brown hair, which apparently looks red in the sun.
- I normally don't sit with my legs dangling, hehe! So I sit differently.
- My favorite songs are Photograph, 7 Years, Youth, and Fight Song.
- My favorite wild animals are cheetahs and wolves.
- My favorite pets are dogs AND cats, they are equal in my world!
- I live in a two-story house with 2 siblings, a brother and a sister, both younger than me.
- My favorite movies are The Jungle Book and Hotel For Dogs

I hope you learned a little more about me today! Maybe one day, I'll do a face reveal! But until then, just remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, and I'll see you all in a few days!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hi! How about a little randomness to enjoy for a day or two, hmm?

 An edit I made on piZap. It's a Cat Tail! What do you think, would this be a good future AJ item?
 So true. XD! Okay, I don't spill food that often...
 That glitch that happens where you change your den, but the items in your last den stay put. It makes the den look so disorganized...
 Okay, I know they meant HASHTAG so beta, but still, it's kinda funny. Plus, wow, brag much person...
 XD I love this!
 Coolness...I guess???
 I think I should be deleting this one, as I just realized what it meant...
 Sorry, but WHAT in Jamaa is a " phadora"? Someone needs to learn to spell. They could just look at how it's spelled on their Looks...
 Those are the SAME THING!!
 Pie! I'm totally a blue Spellbook. Here's a selfie of moi!
And you didn't believe me!!
 Um, want a supreme? Okay, I guess...
Here. I wonder if I'll ever regret giving that away...
Nah, I don't like tomatoes, lettuce, any of that. I'm not too fond of Taco Bell burritos, either.
 I planned on being rude. But then I read it because I was bored, lol!
 Okay, I know " Aparri Beards" are the brown ones, the one color Aparri wears, but HONESTLY! It is NOT CALLED AN " APARRI BEARD"!!    ):1
 Aw, poor you. Hope someone gifts you a napkin!
 This might have been from the soda person, idk, but I DO know that they probably shouldn't use bleach while they are still wearing the clothes...
 At the Flower Glitch-Mart   * Sarcasm*
 Yes, poor old you indeed.
 XD! I found the Jam-A-Gram glitch, thanks to a few blogs like the AJ Whip! All you gotta do is look at a J.A.G. like this one that someone sent you, then click the blue words, and bingo! You can type a header-thingy for the Jam-A-Gram! Although, sadly, you can't send it that way...
Ew. Online love is disgusting, in my opinion. And do I put this nicely... foolish.
( Enlarged on purpose)
These comics are so funny! They feature Grumpy Cat and her brother Pokey, the artwork is cool, and Grumpy Cat is sarcastically funny throughout the book! Made me laugh, XD!

Enough randomness for now, I suppose. Hmm, I feel like I'm LOSING viewers, not gaining them...probably because that's the case. Can y'all do me a favor? Can you maybe talk about my blog on yours, if you have one, or advertise it somehow? I need to get it, you know, OUT THERE. Hopefully my new YOUTUBE ACCOUNT will change the sparse amount of viewers to a huge amount! Though I'll get more spam and hate comments... Oh well, I won't post them! Anyways, that's all for today! Remember to...