About ME!

On this page, I'll be telling you a whole lot about ME, Swirlshine! Feel free to ask me questions in the comments as well! 

My signature wolf, Flora Daisypride, and her pet, Purplewings:

Personality: Artistic, silly, random, studious, organized, shy, thoughtful

Favorite Music: Owl City songs, Christian music

Favorite Colors: Lavender, sea-foam green, sea-foam blue, bright teal, mint green, Royal Purple, Thistle

Favorite Animals: All wild cats and dogs

Favorite AJ Animals: Tigers, deer, coyotes

Favorite Pets: Dogs and cats, I love them equally!

Favorite Games: Animal Jam, Chicken Smoothie, ROBLOX, Neko Atsume, Minecraft

Favorite AJ Den Items: Nature Archways, Masterpieces, Den Portals, Mira statures of any kind, Ferret Couches, Greely items of any kind, 2013 Banner, Fox Plushie with propeller hat (Icing)

Favorite AJ Clothing Items: Peacock Feathers, Futuristic Headphones, New Year's Party Hat, Light Up Swirl Ring, Wizard Hat, Rare Nerd Glasses, Cosmo's Alpha Amulet, Sir Gilbert's Alpha Amulet, Alpha Armor

* Sorry, I've got a LOT of favorites!*

Favorite AJ Features: Buddies, Masterpieces

Favorite Blogs: Haha, gotcha! I don't HAVE specific favorite blogs! All my friends' blogs are amazing!

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, listening to music, writing, collecting, playing AJ, blogging, singing, chatting with the bloggers, enjoying nature, being with pets

Facts About Me:

- I hold my pencil in a weird way, not like most people do!
- I'm trying to get good grades, or all A's, my entire life.
- I want to open a Pet Resort when I get older.
- I like to be with friends, but I also like being alone and relaxing.
- Some of my drawings, and almost all of my stories I write, are "private", and I don't let my family see them.
- I LOVE ADAM YOUNG! He's amazing, XD!
- I. Hate. Math.
- I love collecting stuffed animals! In fact, I've got a whole shelf, stretching across a wall of my room, full of them! 
- I'm currently in 8th grade.
- I have dark brown eyes, brown hair, and glasses.
- I'm very claustrophobic, meaning I'm afraid of tight spaces.
- I mostly type with just one finger, my right pointer finger.
- I'm that kind of person who is SUPER careful. So careful, I don't even like touching my wooden fence. I also wash my hands a lot, so that's probably why I almost never get sick. :P
- I'm trying to never go to the emergency room in my entire life.
- I'm shy, IRL, around people I don't know. I feel like AJ and blogging relieves me of that. :)
- I've got a canopy bed in my room. :D
- I have 3 pets! Two dogs, Rocky and Beauty, and a cat, Georgia!
- I used to own two guinea pig sisters named Cookie and Caramel.
- I don't ever use swear words, not even IRL.
- I like MLP. Don't judge, please.

I hope this page was helpful! ;)


  1. SO MANY IN COMMON!!!!! The main (character) difference is that, it depends on the teacher if I get a bad grade (Only tests. Term grades r differend DX). For some teachers, a 17/out of 20 is 21/20, like my math teacher (I got 17/20-best of all in class!), and, unlike you, I am passioned with maths XD, I am currently being taught 9th grade maths by my dad.

    1. Ah. You're lucky. At my school, when you get a grade, you get a grade. No one really considers it to be higher than it really is, although sometimes, I consider a grade to be a lot lower than it really is. :P
      Woah! 9th grade math!?

  2. Replies
    1. Yep! Finally, another Neko lover!

    2. I love Neko Atsume! My brother caught me playing it and now he plays it too..

    3. Me too! #NekoFurLife

      Oh, that pun. XDD

      Your brother copies what you play, too? Thank goodness I'm not the only one who has a sibling like that!

    4. OMGG I loveeeee NEKO ATSUME
      Neko Atsume For the WINNNNNNNNNNNN!!! :D

    5. When you come across a RANDOM blog
      And find they love Neko Atsume and AJ
      And you immediately love the blog.

    6. Oh and Owl city....

      And HATE being in smol spaces..

  3. There was this one girl at my school that everyone hates her name is Maddy, and she lies and is so rude all the time, when she came to my school a few my friends liked a certain guy and they trusted her at the time cause that's the main reason they were friends with her anyways they told her and then the next day or something she told the guy, since then the guy hates one of my friends

    1. Wow. Ugh, I hate people like that.

    2. Just like lovekoala248... She is not some popular, loved girl but she definitely is one of the biggert liars I have ever met (IRL). She quitted AJ when I got my fox hat because she wanted to be rarer... now she barely plays at all.

    3. She quit because she wasn't as "rare" as you? Wow.

    4. And she stopped talking to me when I got better grades than her.

    I like pop music as well! I hate bugs as well. XD AND OH MY GOODNESS, I HOLD MY PENCIL KINDA WEIRDLY TOO! XD I watch Austin and Ally too! I have boxes of stuffed animals as well. XD
    And may I drop my mouth open super big at the age part? :OOOO I THOUGHT YOU WERE OLDER THAN ME!! XD Turns out, your a couple of years younger, but not by much! LOL, this is a huge surprise but I still love it how your so much like me! And your hair and eyes and glasses part... ARE YOU MY LONG LOST TWIN? XD And ugh, tunnels... XD
    May I just say, I cry a ton? My family says one thing that isn't very mean and I start crying. I try to stop, really! But it kinda just pours out... XDDD But yes! I cry at math and school. I don't PREFER math. XD
    O.O I haven't said a bad word either!!! I hate swearing. It's like, "C'mon, guys. Stop yelling bad words and say things that make people feel good." I even count "omg" swearing. So I never use it. :P
    Wow... That girl sounds.... Very annoying! Why would she lie to you? o.o MAKES NO SENSE! I hate lying. XD And seriously? ROBO MLP?! O.o XD
    :'( Sniffle! I am sorry for your kitty loss. :(

    Well, I hereby say that you, Swirlshine, are my long lost twin. XD

    1. * I just deleted the entire comment I wrote, so here I go again! ):l*

      Yay, yay, yay, yay, and yay!

      Hehe, yeah, I consider most of you bloggers close to my age. My birthday's coming up on September 12, though! :)

      OOO! YES! Purplestarclub seems to be my twin, too!

      I can relate to that. I kinda do it when someone scolds me. Most of the time, no one realizes, because I try to suck it up, but i guess I just really hate it when I do the wrong thing.
      I don't prefer math, either. I don't prefer math ever, though. XDD

      I hate how people these days walk around shouting bad words at one another to look cool. IT'S NOT COOL! D:(
      When I say OMG on blogs, I mean it as Oh My Gosh. :)

      Yeah, she was. I think she wanted me to think she was interesting, but maybe she really wasn't in her opinion. But that doesn't matter to me, as long as the person's a trustworthy friend, and she wasn't. She was in my choir class ( in my opinion, and my friend's, she doesn't sing well, so idk why) last year, and guess what? She tried to kiss up to my other best friend by playing around with her! She wanted me to be her friend again, I'm pretty sure, but she failed, because every time I saw her, I ignored her.

      Yeah...idk why I believed that. Guess I was pretty vulnerable back in 4th grade. :1

      Thanks. It's okay, though. I'll always remember him. :,)

      And I hereby say that you are MY long lost twin/triplet sibling, and that my finger now hurts from typing so much. XDDD

    2. Long lost triplets unite!
      *magic happens*

    3. Wait... OMGG LOSTFAIRY KNOWS THIS BLOG!!?? Omg lost!! You no Nafaria9's blog as well! :D

    4. Haha, yup! Lost is actually one of my best friends!

    5. Oh my gosh, THIS SURPRISED ME SO MUCH. XD

      Uhhh, I'm a month late but HELLOOOO! :D

      -Lostfairy who's too lazy to do this under my actual account, XD

    6. XDDD!
      I told you I've been forgetful. XD


    1. :D

      See, this is why I made this page. I knew that you guys would have tons of stuff in common with me! :)


    3. XD

      I've been told by teachers that I should change the way I write since, I dunno, maybe first or second grade? They even gave me those little grippy-gel-pencil things, but they didn't help. Now, every time I start a new school year, I see how long it takes for my teachers to find out that I write differently. XDD

  6. YOUR'E A LOT LIKE ME! I love lps, disney channel, art, cats, neko atsume, aj minecraft,etc.

  7. We have a lot in common! O.o the literal only different thing is the favourite/least favourite famous jammers. Since he fixed up his rare obsession, Julian2 is actually one of my favourites, along with Wisteriamoon. I'm kind of neutral towards Bepper... Maybe its because her videos don't have the same feel they used to before she started uploading daily. Now, like most daily AJtubers, it feels like she's running out of ideas D: Which is a shame, since she's really nice...

    And now, because you shared a bunch of secrets, here are some about me (that I don't mind sharing)
    #1. When I was 10, I went through a stage of being obsessed with Zoo Tycoon. Like seriously I even wrote a ZT2 Fanfiction called the life of Joey the Sea Otter. It was rather cringy x.x
    #2. I have an EXTREME phobia of moths, and a high phobia of butterflies. If I see a moth, I scream.
    #3. I find electrocuting moths with a tennis racquet satisfying. Please do not ask.
    #4. I have over 3 sketchbooks filled with stuff for AJ Adventures, 1 filled with Minecraft StoryMode stuff and about 14 others that are a mixture of the 2. I draw alot... The sheer amount of books scares me XD
    #5. I daydream far too often. Its normally me thinking up AJA.
    #6. I have about 700 soft toys. Wish I were exaggerating, but I counted...
    #7. I don't buy LPs any more, but I still play with them. Even though I lost my favourites. MUST FIND THEM...
    #8. When I have nothing better to draw I draw character deaths from my fan fiction. I probably need help...
    #9. I have too many stories in progress. Currently, it's the first, 4th and last AJA books, 3 Minecraft StoryMode fanfics, and Jamaasian high. Also a story in which my main OC becomes a moth and all my other OCS try to squish her... I don't even know... Help me... XD
    And then there's always another book I'm writing called Thriller, about a theme park... Yeah imma sign off now XD

    1. Yeah, Julian2 isn't so bad. He seems to make decent videos, and I did hear that he cleaned up his act, which is good. Wisteriamoon is also a good YouTuber! Her videos make me laugh pretty hard, XD!
      Ah, I get what you mean. Now that I think about it, it does seem like she's running out of ideas. But I guess I shouldn't blame her for that, I mean, everyone runs out of ideas one time or another, right?

      #1. Zoo Tycoon, eh? Haven't heard of that one!
      #2. XD
      Funny story: Once, I was at my zoo's butterfly exhibit, and I was, oh, I dunno, maybe 8? 10? Something like that.
      But anyways, this blue butterfly landed by me, and I stared at it. At its face.
      Then, I realized that its eyeballs looked terribly creepy, so I drew back, and now I don't stare at butterflies or moths anymore. XD
      #3. XDDD
      #4. Cool!
      #5. I daydream quite a lot, too!
      #6. WOAH! That's awesome! :O
      #7. I'm about to buy LPS on eBay soon, XD! I have a shelf full of 'em! I ever have a great dane one!
      #8. I'm not here to judge, you do you! :)

      I'll finish this comment tomorrow because I have to get off now! D:

    2. Oh yeah, my moth/butterfly phobia started when I was in the glass house at a garden place. A BUTTERFLY LANDED ON MY SHOULDER AND DROPPED DEAD. IT WAS GROSS AND BROWN AND IT'S WINGS WERE ALL TORN. IT WAS HORRIBLE. WHY AM I SCREAMING...

      Also, on the AJtube subject, it is true that there are only so many ideas everyone can do. That's why I enjoy people like Wisteria's videos, because they're always original. Like, what seems to happen now is one person makes a video, then Aparri/Omptiment/Bepper all make the video too. At least the MAJORITY of Bepper's videos aren't copies *points at Aparri*.


    3. #9. I've got tons of fanfictions in progress, too. Not as much as you, but at least 3.

      Recent Comment:

      Oh my gosh... :O
      I'd be scared of that, too.

      Yeah, Wisteria's are pretty original!
      Yeah Aparri! ):l


      1.oh boy Kraft trust me that Joey the Sea Otter story was far from your most cringy fanfic
      2. This hasn't changed
      3. Hasn't changed lol
      4. OH NO
      5. same but now it's my series COG that I daydream about.

      I actually abandoned AJA in January of this year because I got bored of it and it made me cringe.

      6.hahahaha now it's more like 800
      I'm pretty sure I told you this. They're all on my shelf now
      8. Haha I don't draw many death scenes now. I mostly draw my favourite mcsm character or my OCs
      9.ok so
      All of these stories I listed are ALL ABANDONED.


      Hold on



      Right now my only stories in progress are book 1 of COG and a fanfic that's a crossover with MCSM and Guardians of the Galaxy.

      Rip Jamaasian high 2016

      please remember it

      If anyone reading this wants to see the ORIGINAL JH go to


      You're welcome my friends.

      Haha and now time for 10 Kraft facts-2017 edition

      1.I'm a nerd
      2. I still love mcsm
      3. I'm not obsessed with the hunger games anymore but still like it
      4. I like marvel movies and I'm very hyped for Infinity War. Starlord, Rocket, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch are my faves
      5. Sleeping At Last is best music
      6. My favourite music genres are Country, Alternative and Steampunk
      7. My favourite youtuber is Chadtronic. His videos are so funny that I can watch any one of them and laugh no matter how miserable I am
      8. I create stupid catchphrases like
      Jeezitz Cheezits
      9. I'm weird

      Right now lets wait until I'm 16 and see how much changes lol


  8. Ooh! I also forgot to mention that I have never said a bad word in my entire life, and I am not planning to anyways. I am very strict about that, and I consider some words as swear-words while they are not o3o

    1. Same here!
      I'm a Christian, so when I'm at church, I don't even say the h-word. I consider it bad, no matter how it's used.

    2. I don't use the h-word -that is why I only say ''What On Earth??''-, the d-word (the one that has 4 letters), the other d-word (the opposite of God) and all the words that have to do with that d-word.

  9. Ooo, I never get sick/ill either! And with never, I mean NEVER! The only thing that happened to me and can be considered as an illness is...
    A few months ago, my sister got really sick, and I were so afraid of getting the virus that I hid in my room for -almost- 3 days , without eating and not drinking much water. And then I couldn't walk because I were too weak, and didn't eat for 3 more days. Yeah, I probably am arrostophobic or whatever that is spelled. Also, I WISH to get in an emergency room, because the 1 of my dream jobs is to become a neurosurgeon (the other one is scientist:P).
    And, don't be so afraid of school! Imma tell you 2 little stories that happened to me and my BFF...
    -Me: I've been known as ''The Geography Brain'' since 3rd grade, and that's why because I knew almost every single capital of almost every single country! So, this year, we had a super strict Geography teacher. And then we had an exam. I got 55/100 ON GEOGRAPHY!! Well, I didn't get that upset, because my teacher didn't know about my ''Geography Brain'' identity :P At the next exam, I got 85/100, and in the final exams, I got 95/100! (or 97/100, I am not really sure because I didn't see the original exam.) There is no need on giving up for a mistake.

    My BFF (DO NOT SHARE THIS STORY!!): My BFF is a Maths genius (like me XD). She always got 95/100's and 100/100's on Maths. But, at the final exams, their teacher asked another teacher to make questions for it... she didn't know what the student had studied for, and she (such a genius teacher omg I admire her XDD) wrote down some 9th-grade mathematical problems and operations!! Obviously, no-one got more than 50/100 (If I were there I would get at least 80/100 because I've been taught by my dad -and IXL- some 9th grade mathematical stuff XD) :P. My BFF got 35/100...

  10. I feel like adding more sekrits here because I always have facts about myself to throw around and I trust this community enough to do it.

    1. My life goal is to ride in a limo past all the people who hate me and throw mouldy tacos (or something else idc) at them and scream "IM GOING TO VIDCON!"

    2. I have a really unhealthy obsession with Minecraft story mode and don't know why

    3. I have a really unhealthy obsession with a 2008 game called the dog island and don't know why

    4. Me and my friends have a running joke called the boiled fish.

    5. My animal jam username is ironing, because my name is not Megan, I am not a furry and I'm not really known for being fun. Also, 37 is unnecessary because there isn't even a jammer called Meganfurry. Meganfurry actually sounds pretty good lol

    6. I hate it when people swear for no reason. They think it make them mature, but it makes you immature

    7. My favourite shops are the entertainer, hmv, GAME and pullingers.

    8. That was a lie. My favourite shop is hallmark but in the UK they don't sell webkinz, only cards.

    9. My favourite candy is taffy and you cant but it in the UK :(

    10. My favourite drink is A&W root beer but in the UK the only place I can get it is a garden centre where its £1 per can :'(

    Anyway, there's a second bucketload of facts about me :P


  11. Facts not many people know about me:
    1. I feel awkward when I play with my LPS infront of my family sometimes
    2. When I go over to my dads house I have a complete different personality.
    3. I have a phobia about the color red.
    4. I drink about 8 or 9 water bottles a day :P
    5. I'm left handed.

  12. Coooooooooool :D
    I have too many facts about myself o.o
    But I love MLP too, I wear glasses too, I'm the same age, but I listen to rather odd music XD It's lik EDM and stuff, millions of beats more than the likes of "Happy" or "Royals"
    10 facts about me? :D

    10. I DESPISE Top 40 music, country music, and most stuck-up pop music in general. It doesn't have enough depth, and I feel like the only reason it exists is to make money, and the only reason it's on radio stations is for money. All my friends listen to it :P I prefer Broadway musicals, classical, movie soundracks, EDM, small music artists looking to make good beats and music mixes, and steampunk. Also Lindsey Stirling :D
    9. I am the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded. My main fandoms include Harry Potter, PJO, Divergent, Warrior Cats, AJ (aren't we all?), Hamilton, Fablehaven, Undertale, Heathers, etc.
    8. i like maths :o but not that much
    7. this is my lucky number
    6. I start so many projects, crafts, writing, art, digital, etc., but I hardly ever finish them.
    5. I am an INTP/INFP on MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), it's basically a classy personality test :D
    4. I am the "weird" kid at school. Not necessarily shy, but sort of weird and very awkward...
    3. I write poetry :D Not at all emo, 100% Emo Free, but it can get dark
    2. I often just start to sing randomly, like at any time whatsoever. I also fidget A LOT in weird ways o.o
    1. I play violin, and I'm a level 2/3 drawer ;D


  13. You share your secrets, I share mine. (You probably already know some of these)
    1. I am VERY nonsocial and the OPPOSITE of fun at home or when I'm ANYWHERE with my parents.
    2. I have stitches behind my right ear.
    3. Every night, before I go to bed, I end up playing in my bed. Like, fandom playing. Like, I pretend to be someone who is in a coma because blah blah blah. Yep.
    4. I change my desktop background every season.
    5. I'm actually very emotional. I mean, like, mood swings emotional. I have rage issues, and I say the most emo things when I'm mad. For example, one time this one girl made me mad, and I said to her, (Gracie and anyone who dislikes gore, stop reading now) "You're gonna stop talking right now if you wanna continue living."
    6. I rarely dream, and when I do, they're extremely strange (But Rachel's are stranger!)
    7. I have a curfew on weekends. 10:30 on weekdays, 11:30 on weekends.
    8. I play Trumpet in band :D
    9. I rarely play with my LPS anymore. Cri cri cri :'-(
    10. I PLAY WIZARD101!(User is galaxypaw538739, name is either Emily Thundertamer, Rachel Suntheif, or Calamity Deathsong)!


    PS: Think I went overboard with the signature today?

    1. Why didn't that work o3o? Apparently I DID go overboard with the signature.


  14. I have the absolute SAME problem with my schoolwork. Everyone is always telling me that it's not a big deal but to me it is. I like to think of it as people like that are hardworking and dedicated and overall it helps them get good grades!


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