Thursday, July 30, 2015


OMG! You know how some people have talked about Cactus Hats on Animal Jam? Well, some people say they will never come out. But I just found a LEAKED PICTURE on the Internet of a CACTUS HAT! Check it out!!

Cool right!? I don't remember what the person said this jammer's username was though. All the same, I can't WAIT till these come out!!!

Swirlshine OUT!

(This is a joke post. Don't take it seriously. And sorry if you can't read this. You may need glasses. Or contacts. Just kidding!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pictures (that I wanna use since I take a ton but never use them)

Heya Jammers! Sorry for my inactiveness, I was on a vacation from Tuesday to Friday! But i'm back, and I wanted to share some screenshots I took. Mainly because I take like, a thousand and I never end up using them, so they just sit there taking up my space. I have some glitch ones, some cute ons, and maybe a few funny ones as well!

 Yeah, my llama is swimming in sand. Either that, or she is in that really squishy sand, which I love the feeling of for some reason.
 Ever wonder why this is here on the world map? It looks like the bridge and all that, but why is it so far over?
 I took this picture of one of Julian2's animals. As you can see, he is wearing a black worn. Well, look closer, and you will be able to see a sort of knot thing at the tip of the worn. Is this a glitch or an unreleased worn? We may never know. :P
 Ok, this is random, but if only four birds at a time can play, WHY are there FIVE eagles in the picture? Why must you break the laws of The Forgotten Desert, eaglez!?
 I have no idea why I took this. Mainly just because it is SO HARD to click that stinking 4th Birthday Cake and make it look like this.
 Check it out! A moose-like painting! Seems a bit like the one that used to be in Canyons Pathway...
 Haha, this keeps happening to me a lot! Whenever I try to go to it, it just says " This party starts in 0 minutes" I have to close and re-open the parties tab to actually go.
 This is one of those cute ones I told you about. Aww! I just LOVE pet tigers! Well, all tigers, IRL and AJ!
 Leapin' Tiger! Yeah... not as fun to say as leapin' lizards. I need a gecko...
 Yeah... NOT safe AJHQ! You make a dresser out of MATCHES!? First off, I though AJ was trying to keep kids, um, SAFE and all that. Matches and safeness DO NOT MATCH! No pun intended, lol! Second, what if the matches catch fire? I'm not even gonna explain...
 This is another cute one! It's me and my new buddy! :D
 This glitch happens at the Play As Your Pet Party. No avatars show up! It gets a bit annoying...
 CUTE! Although, I always wonder why AJHQ makes spiders have those accessories...
 Me and my sis as cute lil' otters!
Another glitch! This is the star pattern, yet it shows up the same as the moon pattern! *Sigh* I guess i'll never know what stars look like on crocs... :P
 Balloons go BEHIND hyenas, apparently...
 I put de stone in there already! Why you still askin' me to do it?! ( It got stuck and I couldn't fight the king, poo D: )
 Ferret! So stinking CUTE!!
 This is kinda sad, all these items locked up. Wait, why are most of these RARES and BETAS? What about non-members, AJHQ? Oh well. Wait, #1, is that my Arctic Hood in there duplicated a ton of times?! And second, that Fox Hat is wearing a Founders Hat. A hat wearing a hat!
 This is a non-member, yet he is wearing Spartan Armor. There are a few people like this you can look up. I actually SAW one once!
Lastly, a pic of me and my bff from one of the dens that thecourtroom's portal lead us to. Look, it's bacon, eggs, and WAFFLES! Mmm, yummy!

Well, that's all for now jammers, because sadly, I have to get off of the computer. See you all soon, and remember to party hard, be kind, and JAM ON!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Another thing (that might be) coming soon!

Hey again jammers! Today when I got on the computer, I found I had 11 comments waiting for moderation! Woo hoo! Thanks to all the jammers who commented!! Keep the comments and views coming!

Okay, so, I wanted to tell you jammers something. My friends are coming over on Friday, and they are gonna help me make an ANIMAL JAM MUSIC VIDEO! If it goes well, I JUST might make a YouTube account and post it!! :D BTW, the song is gonna be Roar by Katy Perry, and it will be the first song on my account! Don't get your hopes too high though, the YouTube thing is just if my mom approves! So, I am gonna be making a big finale scene with lots of tigers dancing by the Mira statue. If you want to be in the finale, just send me a Jam A Gram saying something like "I want to help!", or something like that. Wish me luck on the video jammers!

The Forgotten Worlds

Hello Jammers! This is not gonna be one of those update-then-normal-stuff, or a glitch post. Instead, I wanted to talk to you all about the forgotten places of Jamaa.

Tierney's Aquarium. Club Geoz. The Conservation Museum. These are all great places in the land of Jamaa. But, they lack one thing. Jammers.

These places have been around for a long time, yet they were never popular. When you go into the Flag Shop, or the Chamber of Knowledge, do you ever see anyone there? If so, it is probably only one, or at the most, two or three random jammers. Some full lands are even pretty much forgotten, like the Temple of Zios and Kimbara Outback, even though its the most recent land added to the game. No one cares to look around these lands and have a party or a Clan or anything. They just all go to the Township to trade and talk about rares and betas. Not that i'm accusing anyone of doing that though. 

AJHQ obviously tries to draw people to these lands. Spot On in Kimbara. Appondale Theater in the Conservation Museum. Yet it seems all of these ideas to make these places popular have failed. Each of these places have something interesting about them though. The Chamber of Knowledge has its history and artifacts, the Museum, the cool exhibits and animal facts, and Club Geoz, well, it's the only dance floor that's always available in Jamaa! Yet still, no one seems to care about what these rooms have to offer.

If these places are no use to us, what will happen to them? AJHQ may turn them into something different, or worse, delete the whole building from the game! It makes me sad to step into those places and see no people there. The Aquarium gets me the most. Tierney made this sweet welcoming video (you can watch it if you click on the portrait of her by the door), and with the state it is in now, who does she have to welcome? 

We must do something. We must make sure that these rooms and lands will not just sit here and collect dust. Kimbara, Kani Cove, Appondale, the Juice Hut, the Art Studio, they all have something to give, but no one to give it to. I think we can fix that. If just a few jammers pitch in to help save these places, maybe advertise them in the Township, then it could make a huge difference. Me and my sis,velvetglimmer, have already been going and asking jammers to save the forgotten places of Jamaa. A few people actually joined in for a while. Now, I'll admit, some people may say it's a lost cause, I had someone saying that to me. But doing that could improve Jamaa. Ignore the haters, because trust me, this is the right thing to do.

So please jammers, please help save the forgotten places of Jamaa! AJHQ makes all these amazing lands and rooms, and half of them go unused. If more jammers help, it just might make a difference. So please, host a party, invite your buddies to come hang, or just advertise these places in the Township. Remember, every jammer makes a difference, and every difference counts.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Epic Update!

Hey Jammers! Yeah, I know, it's not Friday yet, but I just couldn't WAIT to share this news! Have any of you heard about the unreleased JAMMER WALL that all the bloggers were talking about a week or two ago? Well, the rumors were true, the Jammer Wall has come to Jamaa!

Pretty cool huh? Just like in the unreleased picture! :) Anyway, lemmie show you the features.

This is how the Jammer Wall looks at the top of the screen. Oh, and the gems are up there again, yay! Most people hated how you had to click to just glimpse at your gems and diamonds. Although, they are still available in the Change Your Look menu too. 
Oops, getting off topic here!

So, at the top of your wall, there is a lock icon. If you click it, this pops up, a menu for who can post on your wall. I chose Everyone, so please feel free to comment on it! :)

If you click the green paint splat button at the bottom of your chat box, this pops up. If you click on a color it changes to color of your chat box.

Click the zebra-striped button to choose a cool background for your chat box! All the backgrounds are shown above!

The emoticon button. :D

And the three line button is, as always, the Bubble Chat.

If you click the icon on the top left of your wall, you can change the background of your Jammer Wall! Cool right?

AJHQ claims that the Jammer Wall is being tested by members, and non-members will have it available soon. However, non-members ARE allowed to comment on other people's walls.

Alrighty, next up, PETS! As you know, AJHQ wanted us to vote for the next pet, the choices being Armadillo, Elephant, or, the one I suggested, Peacocks. And guess what? PEACOCKS WON!! 
So pretty!! And they certainly stand out from all the other pets in Jamaa!
And they even do two actions when you click them!

They walk with their tail feathers down, BTW.

Next up, the new den theme!
This was the one I voted for. Sad that it came last, but hey, it's here now! Here are all the items so far!

The Sifting Screen, if you click it, can uncover dino bones, jewels, and gold!

The corner wall has three different variants.

And so does the normal Ancient Phantom Wall.

Lastly, PET FERRETS! Spring Bunnies have left, sadly, but these cute new pets are replacing them! 
You can get one AND some items with it if you buy a membership gift card, like Spring Bunnies. These items are MUCH cuter though! Look at that, a little tunnel play thing, a lamp with stone ferrets climbing up it, and an ADORABLE ferret couch!! If I get a Pet Ferret, I'm NOT recycling those items!!

Oh wait, that wasn't the last thing. THIS is!
Yeah, sadly, hyenas are gonna be traveling soon :( I guess this won't make them any more popular. Or wait, maaybe... Nah, they have never been popular. I sometimes use mine though. 

Lastly, how about a little glitch?
Apparently this happens when you put a Phantom Mask on a seal. Eek. FACELESS SEAL!!

Well Jammers, that's about all I got to say for now, but remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, AND JAM ON!