Friday, September 30, 2016






I always thought that AJHQ didn't really believe in nice phantoms, but then I read this...
I literally went "AWWWWWWWWW" when reading that first paragraph. THANK you, AJHQ!! THANK. YOU.

So, let's check out these little guys!
 Wow. Dark.
 I honestly think the traditional narrowed eye looks the best, but it kinda says "I'm evil", so...yeah.
Ears? EARS?
*Rants for an hour straight about phantom ears xD*

So, I decided to make 2 phantoms, both from my fanfiction, " Until She Returns"! Wanna see?
This is "Goodphantom". His real name is Thorny.
His personality is a perfect match!
And here's "Trickyphantom", who's real name is Stormspear.
I won't give away any more of the story. ):P

Did you notice that, when you go to the colored circle on "Extra" when buying a phantom, it actually makes the phantom give off a faint light, which is the same color of its eye?

Here's Stormspear, without the light...
 And here's cute little Thorny, WITH the light behind him...
You see it now?
Let's see the Pet Stop items, shall we?
We want ALIVE, cute phantoms, not DEAD, cute phantoms! Gosh AJHQ! As soon as you start to like 'em, you allow them to wear a phantom-eating Chomper Plant on their head!
Oooo! That's pretty swag, if I do say so myself!
Well, er, that's all the pictures I have of that, so...why don't we move on to the actions?
 Dance- AWWWWW!!!!!
 Sleep- AWWWW!!!!
 Sit- AWWW!!!
 Hop- AWW!!!
Play- AWWWW!!!!

Okay, I'm sorry, but these little guys are just too cute to be true! SO...STINKIN'...CUTE!! OHMIGOSHOHMIGOSHOHMI-
*Slaps self*


Thank you for listening to Julian2, AJHQ.
YAY!'re kidding...
*Slaps self again*

This is EPIC! I GOTTA check this out!
Here are some new names I found! I saw lots more, but I picked ones I thought may be popular soon, or ones I may use one day!
 Oh yus!

 Oh my...I'm scared now. Don't ask why.
 OH YEAH!! It refers slightly to MLP, AND it's just plain AWESOME!

 Wow. XD

Thank you. THANK you!
I'm scared again...
 Woah, unique!
 I saw this suffix and pretty much fangirled for Julian2, because I knew he'd love it. XD
 Genuis. You're welcome.

This is the random name I got when clicking on an animal. All 3 names are new!

Okay, so, overall, this update was...AMAZING! As Julian stated, it's the smaller additions that improve AJ the most! What did you all think of it?

I just realized something AWESOMe, guys.
I clicked on the World Map today, and saw...
The den icon is gone, letting us see the entire landscape of Petopia Peaks!!
Could this mean...?
Prepare yourselves. A new land may be coming soon!
*Screams happily in closet*

One more thing, I swear, and then I'll be out of your hair. XD
 In the comments below, please answer these questions. If you do, you'll be featured in a fanfiction of mine!

1. Do you believe in the lost jammer?
2. What's your personality? (stubborn, optimistic, etc.)
3. If your friend actually said they saw the real lost jammer, would you believe them?
4. What's your appearance? (This is just so I can describe you in the story.)

Weird questions, I know, but trust me, this'll be a perfect AJ Halloween fanfic!

Welp, sadly, I must be going. Remember to PARTY HARD, BE HONEST, and JAM ON, and I'll most likely see you tomorrow! 

P.S. Am I the only one who wants this VERY badly?

Monday, September 26, 2016

20 Things You Never Noticed In Jamaa- Part 2

Here's Part 2!! Enjoy, peeps! :P

In the Sol Arcade, many parts of the Astronomy Shop's display are flawed. In this picture, if you look closely, you'll see that the Saturn Table's rings are gone, and that the stars on the Hanging Star Lamp have been removed, yet, the front one is visible. It looks to be cropped to fit the shape of the lamp's pole.

In the second room in the Chamber Of Knowledge, if you use a flying animal, you will find that the pictures on the wall have been cut, but incorrectly, to fit the pillar in front of them. 

In the Chamber Of Knowledge's entrance room, there is a stack of magazines atop a pile of books. They appear to have a yellow border around them. Could these be Nat Geo Kids magazines?

If you look at Coral Canyons on the World Map, it shows a rock formation that does not truly exist in the land. All of the other lands in Jamaa show real shops or landmarks on the map. It was, most likely, intended to be a sort of mini-thumbnail, but if that were true, where's the rock bridge? 

Canyons Pathway actually IS visible on the World Map, but cannot be accessed using it.

If you become an eagle, falcon, or owl, and fly up to the top of the Sol Arcade, you can see that there are wooden beams going across the room. But, the paint-splatter design of the wallpaper went onto those beams, too.

In the Astronomy Shop display, the Fancy Telescope's base is missing, as well as the tiny lens on the right.

If you mouse over the door while inside the Pillow Room, the outside world appears completely blue.

This ring can be found dangling on the bottom of the buoy at the top of Bahari Bay.

 There's a huge hole in the side of Bahari Bargains.

This rock's shading goes over the seaweed, which is supposed to be in front of it.

If you look closely in Kani Cove, you'll see that the sunken ship on the left and the shop-ship on the right both have half of their "bodies" missing. The boat on the left may be the other part of the boat on the right.

Another sunken ship can be seen in the background of Kani Cove. Why are there so many crashed ships in this part of the ocean? Could Kani Cove maybe resemble the Bermuda Triangle?

The seahorse statue is seen in the right window of Bahari Bargains, when in reality, it is left of the underwater shop.

There is a tiny island, covered by trees, in the Adventure Base Camp, under the pathway to The Search For Greely.

There are a few random shells buried in sand atop a ROCK formation in the Ocean Adventure Base Camp.

The clownfish on the left is bigger than the angel fish on the right. Most real clownfish are much smaller.

The blue anemone barely overlaps this adventure portal.

These "sparkles" can been seen through the Ocean Adventure Base Camp. Are these parts of sea plants, or for decoration?

The sign, pointing toward Turning The Tide, is much more blurry than the rest of the Ocean Base Camp.

I hope you all enjoyed this series, and that you learned a thing or two about Jamaa!! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE CURIOUS, and JAM ON, jammers!!