Friday, November 28, 2014

Glitch and Stuff!

Hi Jammers! I'm REALLY bored, so I'm posting, yes, AGAIN! Here is a really cool glitch that happens at random times,it even happened to my sister, velvetglimmer! So, here is are few shots.
Soo, yeah, I'M ON MY OWN BUDDY LIST!? FREAKY! I even tested it: I sent a Jam A Gram to myself saying " Hi", and look!
I swear, I am on my own account! XD! So, I also wanted to list some pawsome (and some funny!) AJ blogs that I have seen.
- Animal Jam Cheats And Codes
- Pepsi The Cheetah
- Animal Jam Spirit Blog
-  The Animal Jam Expert

I love Pepsi The Cheetah, and Animal Jam Cheats And Codes was my inspiration for this blog! So, that's all for now AJammers. See you all on Saturday!
P.S. Or maybe sooner.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alpha Post!

Hello again AJ amigos! I know, I know, it's not Saturday yet, but I couldn't wait THAT long!! XD! MIRA SIGHTING SHOT LOL! Gosh, this is random... oh well.

Okay, so I wanted to do an Alpha post. And the Alpha we will talk about today is...
I know what a lot of y'all are thinking:" Oh, GREELY, he is grumpy and rude, I don't like him very much." Well Jammers, Greely is actually MY favorite Alpha! Here is a screenshot of how AJ headquarters thinks of Greely, from AJHQ's blog "The Daily Explorer".
This actually made me kind of sad, it pretty much sounds like AJHQ doesn't like him either :'( And, THE OTHER ALPHAS DON'T TRUST HIM!? ALL ALPHAS SHOULD TRUST AND CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, IN MY OPINION! Here are some pics of Greely:
He looks awesome here!
That's just creepy...
Pretty good!
Okay... though his eyes are not red...
Very cool!

And, my favorite of all!
For any of you who haven't played Greely's Inferno or The Search For Greely, here is a quick summary, some in pics!
Greely's Inferno-
EEK!That's why I didn't play this adventure! And 'cuz of this too...
...Yeah. And, when this Adventure ended, even I thought Greely was dead: He told any Jammers playing the Adventure to go while he stopped the Volcano, and he never came out. I was really sad about that, but then The Search For Greely came out, and there was hope for everyone! Greely was not dead, he was being held prisoner by the phantoms in this ugly cage!
You can imagine my reaction when I saw he was okay! :D
I love Greely because I see kindness and compassion behind his grumpy moods and frightening form (to some jammers, not me!). He actually is very brave, strong,proud,and kind. He will do anything to help Jamaa,and he even almost died to help Mira and the others. I hope this post has influenced your thoughts about Greely the Wolf Alpha, because I know every Alpha has kindness in his or her heart, and even though some may not get along (Sir Gilbert and Greely), they all secretly love each other, and will all do anything to help Jamaa thrive.
Remember to JAM ON!
- swirlshine :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Underwater tigers and invisible eagles!? What's next? Lol, sorry Jammers, these instructions might not work for y'all, but it's worth a try right? If you find someone saying 'Glitch at my Den",don't hesitate to go if you wanna try this glitch!
1st Step: Go to someone's den (a person saying "glitch at my den" works perfect!)
2nd Step: If it is the right glitch, the person will lock his/her den, and don't worry people, that is what is supposed to happen.
3rd Step: You should be transported to Bahari Bay... AS A LAND ANIMAL! If you are a TIGER, you will look like me in the pic, but if you are any other land or air animal, you will be invisible, just like Infinity in my shot. And, if you are a tiger,and you swim down,this happens!
AH! Okay, so the main tail part is GONE, except for the floating stripes, AND the body parts will flash off of you for a second!! CREEPY! Hope this glitch works and you all get a chance to try it! JAM ON!
- swirlshine <3

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Things of the Week!

Hello Animal Jammers! Here are all the new items for this week!

Jam Mart Clothing: Glove (non member, Yay :D)
Jam Mart Furniture: Fruit Basket, Vegetable Basket, Wood Burning Stove, Wood Coat Hanger, Umbrella Holder, and a Maple Leaf Rug (All for members except Umbrella Holder)

:D So, here is a shot of my Fruit Basket, I made the fruit Grapes!
XD! Okay, big news Jammers! POLAR BEARS ARE HERE! Sadly, they are for 10 Diamonds, to everyone's disappointment, but here are some facts and some pics about these new Bears that have come to Jamaa!
- They an go on land AND underwater
-They are CHUBBY! XD
-They come to you like this (their main look)
And here are the rest of the facts, screenshot from an AJ Fact Book in the Chamber of Knowledge.

Here are all the Land Polar Bear Actions!
And finally, Sit:
Special Thanks to my buddies, Magicclawz ( Action-Hop), lizzyisready (Actions- Dance, Sleep), and, not my buddy, but still helpful, PrincessPink70 (Actions- Sit, Play)! And as an extra added bonus, PET Polar Bears are available, and here's how to get one, according to The "Jamaa Journal".
So there you have it! Also Jammers, Daily Jamaaliday Gifts are soon coming back, as you can see,also, in "The Jamaa Journal". And, this looks promising...

Cool Huh? Well Jammers, that's all I can think of today, except for ONE more thing. Starting today, I will be adding the Top 5 Epic Dens of the day (Saturday)! Please remember that NO LOCKED DENS WILL BE INCLUDED and only the 5 Dens at the top of the list will be posted. And so, without further ado, the Top Five Epic Dens!!!
Den 1.kagyaunome54321
Den 2. ellebellywell
Den 3. bunnygirl1323
Den 4. greyspotted47
And Last, but not least...

Den 5. orejayeye
Well, Jammers, that's all for tonight! This is Flora and her Pet Pal, Purplewings, signing off, and remember to Play Wild and...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Comic Strip of Glitches!

Hello jammers, here is the comic I promised! Hope you like it! It is titled "The Glitch Hunt!" :D

I Hope you enjoyed my little story! Thanks to Mister Chunkybuddy's blog "Animal Jam Cheats and Codes" for the inspiration of this comic, and thanks to my AJ buddy, and real life sister, velvetglimmer! Goodbye jammers, until Saturday! :D