Saturday, June 23, 2018

Shelter Pics!!!

Me: *Mumbles super fast* Hey guys so yeah technically it's been like a week or two since I came back from camp but I didn't exactly have any posting ideas so I just didn't post but um yeah sorry. ANYWAYS! I NEED HELP.
You Guys: With what???
Me: *Falls over and hits ground with a thud* HELPPPPPPPP MEEEEEE
You Guys: O.O HOW?
You Guys: Oh boy.

Seriously, guys. I'm in critical condition.

XDD! Anyways, HELLOOOO EVERYONE! Hope you all have been doing well! And if you haven't, well, I mayyyy have something in store that will turn your day around! 😉

A couple days ago, my sister and I, along with our mom, went to go volunteer at our town's animal shelter! And let me tell you, we took a LOT of pictures! XD!
So, since I really wanted to share those pictures somewhere, I figured a blog post with them would be perfect! And who doesn't love cute animals, right? XD


First up, meet Toast, XD! He's a sweet lil' puppy who I'm surprised is there (although I doubt he'll be for long! Who can resist a puppy?)! I actually got to go into his kennel and hold him, and AHHH, HE WAS SO ADORABLE!!! Hehe, he sure seemed to think my hair was a toy... XD! 
This is one of my favorite pictures I took that day - the way he's sticking his nose through the bars is so sweet! Hehe, he really wanted lots of attention! 
One more of little Toast, for a different view of him!
Okay, so, uh... I forget names easily, guys. So I forgot most of these dogs' names, eheheh! But whatever - I do know this girl was super sweet (actually, they all were, XD)!
This guy was a bit older, but he was still super sweet!! Seriously, I love him. XD
YAAAAYY, ONE OF MY FAVORITE DOGS THERE, XD! I believe her name was Pancake - I personally think she needs a different name, but hey, I'm not in charge of that, XD!
Anywho, although she was mostly lazing around, I could just tell she was a super sweet dog! I'M GONNA STEAL HER AND RUN GUYS. XDD
 And here's the other puppy who was there - Penny (why am I only remembering the puppies' names. XD)!! I actually got to take her out and hold her too! She was very wiggly, XD! But seriously, she was such a sweetheart - I hope she gets adopted soon!!
Credit to my sis Velvetglimmer for this pic!
 (Hey look Lost! She looks kinda like Mocha! XD!)
A YORKIEEEEE!!! I'm a huge sucker for yorkies, guys! XD!
Her name was Iliza, and although she was a bit shy, I still love herrrrrr, XD!
Taken by my sis!
When I saw these two (yes, two! There's one in the back if you look, XD!), I was so happy, because I love Malteses and Bichons, XD!
Okay, well, the one in the back is actually a Poodle mix, not a bichon... but CLOSE ENOUGH!! They look super similar anyway, XD!
Anywho, these two were adorable (I believe their names were Floof and Fluff, XD)!! The one closest to the camera in this picture, who I think is Floof, was pretty hyper (surprised she sat still for this picture!), and Fluff back there was more laid back, XD!
And now for a couple cats!! This one was named Trixie, and, once again, this is one of my favorite pictures I took there, because the way she stayed put and looked straight at the camera made it turn out really good, imo! Now if only I could remove those bars... XD!
Anywho, I loved her because she seemed very curious, but still quiet and rather shy! I probably like shy animals because I'm shy myself... XD!
Aaaand HERE'S A KITTENNN, XD! I know it's a bit blurry, but I couldn't resist this little guy's expression in this! I somehow got him meowing, XD!
He was a very cute but VERY talkative kitten, XDD!! Sadly, we weren't allowed to take him or his cage-mate out to hold them!
And lastly, a couple more kittens! I remember the black-and-white one was called Fluss or something... but I can't remember what the orange one's name was!
Anywho, these guys were cute, but MAN, did they act like siblings (although I don't think they are?), XD! They kept purposely annoying each other and getting mad, but it made me laugh, because come on, they're kittens! XD!

*Taps computer thoughtfully*
Hm... uh...
So this post didn't have much of a... er... important... point, did it?
*Shrugs* Oh well. I wanted to share some pictures, and I did! XD

Anywho, I hope you guys liked all these! Sorry for this mess of a post - I promise I'll try to get something better up soon!
Until next time, remember to party hard, be kind, and be unique, and I'll see you guys (hopefully) soon!!!
Hehe, testing out some new outros - don't mind me!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Done!!! (But Taking A Short Trip!)



Ahhh, I'm so excited! This summer's gonna be awesome, I just know it, XD! There's so many things I want to do, and I hope I get to do all of them, or at least most! Posting more and finishing Larry The Bunny (AT LASTTTTTT, I know) are two of them!

However, I won't actually be here for around a week, starting this Monday! I'll be away at church camp, and we're not allowed to use devices, so therefore I won't be able to post or see any of you guys at all until Saturday afternoon, when I get back, DX! I'll miss you guys, but I'm super excited about camp this year, and I hope I learn as much as I did last year! Plus, I'll hopefully be receiving some daily updates about what's been happening that I can read before everyone goes to bed (we can have our phones out for a short time before "Lights-Out", as they call it), hehe! ;)

I doubt I'll have time to make another post before Monday, so I suppose I should say goodbye now! Don't have too much fun without me, XDD!
Okay, nvm - have as much fun as you want, XD!