Friday, October 30, 2015

No School For Me Today...

...because of rain! Yep, this is swirlshine, and yep, i'm still here. And guess what? Well, of course, it's Friday, but NO SCHOOL! There was really bad rain when I woke up this morning, then things got worse. How? Because a TORNADO was actually SPOTTED close by us ( In my school district), and we were on a TORNADO WATCH! I don't know about you people, but I FREAK OUT if I hear that a tornado is ANYWHERE in my state! Luckily, my district is really big, and it didn't hit us, only about 2 other schools a bit farther off, then it went on to the next town. So, because of that, we got a delay. And now, since the roads are so flooded, we got a text saying school was canceled, and here we are now! So, I guess I better post about something now that I already typed all that, huh? Okay then! First up, random things I just wanna post about!

So yes, first is this I took a while back. Apparently Snowflake was having a conversation about her tacos at madjasterxyz's den.

 Type this in and see if the glitch works. Wait, no, they fixed it, never mind! Glad I got a pic of that before it was fixed!
 Glitchy-ness. Why must you overlap, nametag-picture-thingies!?
 I got 2 gifts today. They were a Fancy Top Hat and a Star Cape. Never trust AJ to give you good gifts.
 Yeah, why? There was literally 2 or 3 poeople there! Well, maybe because people are at school...?
 Why must I get the creepy pets on the screen?
And, um, yeah. It was an ad on the AJ Spirit. Now that creepy half-naked guy is gonna give me nightmares.

Next up, REAL AJ news!
So, it seems AJHQ has been helping Bat Conservation International lately! I'm glad they are actually helping some animals again, they also released a golden eagle back into the wild once! But the real surprise is THIS!

Yeah, so I guess AJ is making a BAT AVATAR! Cool! I wonder, though, will the arctic foxes come out first? Will they come at all? Maybe the fox was just to trick people when the animal is really a bat? I guess we won't know till one or the other is released.
And lastly...

Yep, PLAY WILD WILL BE COMING TO IPHONES SOON! I'm SOO happy, i've been waiting for Play Wild on phones since it was released! And it might be coming out early November! Which tomorrow is the last day of October for me! So YAAAY!!

Well, it seems I don't have any more to post about, so I guess this is swirlshine, saying Party Hard, Be AWESOME, and Jam On!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ok, NOW I will post!

Hey again Jammers! So, i'm back today to tell you about the new update! Well, let's see what's first on the list!

 Yep, we knew this. Night of the Phantoms, yay!
 Steampunk items! I can't wait for that rocket looking thing to come out! I wanna use it as an inator ( From Phineas and Ferb, lol)!
 Yay! So the items are coming back! And 2 BILLION Candies!? GREAT job Jamaasian Pets! Note to phantoms: Take spelling lessons. Not to mention grammar.
Yep, heard about this? Spoiler alert: It's an arctic fox!
Yep, now you can get polar bears with gift cards! They will have the name Polar Bear. Those snow items are not my favorite, and I have a polar bear, so I won't be going for this, but it still looks cool! No pun intended!

Well, that's all for now. See you Jammers! Party hard, be kind, and JAM ON!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hi and Famous People?

Hi people! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I have TONS of homework, late night stuff, so I couldn't post all through the week. Now i'm at one of my grandmas' houses. I will post the new update stuff tomorrow. Sorry for being so brief today, but I haven't been on AJ in a while an I wanted to catch up! Bye for now!
P.S. I forgot. Are these people famous? It seems unlikely I saw them both in the SAME 10 MINUTES.

I really have no idea. People were acting like they were famous. More people were saying that for the first one, Pecnrac, though. If you know anything, leave it in the comments!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hey Harmonypurr! I finished your request! Check on the Art page to see it! It took a while but I hope you like it! :)


Hiya peeps! I was gonna work on The Wolf's Escape today (I added a bit last night), but I have to stick to my promise and draw a picture for Harmonypurr, though i'm sure you all understand! See you peeps later! Peace!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mew Mew Pikachu Inspired me to make a poem... here it is! Spoiler, its a poem about poems!


Poems are words
Poems are writing
Poems are cheesy half of the time
Poems talk about magical stuff
Poems talk about weird life stuff
Poems are...

And scene! So yeah. Poems. I nailed it, don't you think?

Friday, October 9, 2015


So, how you all liking the new Night of the Phantoms background? I took the picture myself, of course! :) Anyway, i'm kinda tired ( not to mention lazy), so I was wondering... Do you all want me to do a Bitter Sweets Tutorial? I mean, it's been out for a while now, I bet all of you have played it, like, 1,000 times already. It takes up a lot of time for me, time where i'd rather be trading and partying and having fun with my buddies ( and random people) on Animal Jam. If ya want me to, I still can make a short tutorial, but if not i'll maybe do something like finish my first story on the Stories page instead. So, what do y'all choose?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Update

Okay, NOW for a REAL post! Yes, this is swirlshine posting today, just in case anyone's wondering. Oh wait, probably not, you pretty much all know me. Plus i'm the only one who posts on here so far...yeah. AANYWAY! Let's get back on topic! This week, we have the Night of the Phantoms update, so let's go!

So, Bitter Sweets has returned! Yay! This just might be my favorite adventure! Stay tuned: Later in the week I will probably post a Bitter Sweets Tutorial!

 The Haunted Manor Den came- stop right there people! This ISN'T the normal Haunted Manor den you all are used to! This is the EPIC Haunted Manor! And it has a few more things added in this year! Let's check it out!
 Icon in the Diamond Shop (NOO!)
 ( I'm gonna right on the bottom's of pictures now peeps.)
 This is where you spawn, I believe.
 If you go lower, there is some green goo you can step in, Now you can be an evil minty-green poisoned ghost! Ooooo!
 They also added a cliff...

 ...where you can look out at the full moon! What a great idea! I could do without the creepy trees, but alright, alright. It IS a Haunted Manor den, after all!
 Under the cliff is the cool little graveyard in the distance. Graveyards=creepy evil spirits wanting revenge or normal spirits just floating around doing nothing but accidentally freaking out innocent mourners. So yeah. Basically, graveyards have ghosts.
 The inside seems pretty much the same
 Although this balcony is a nice touch!
 Another graveyard. I'm not explaining what graveyards equal ALL over again.
 Same here
 What's this? A door? This looks new!
 Cool! It's like a basement! Those eyes... O.O
And a little river! How cool!

Great job AJHQ! I can actually walk in this den without taking a day to memorize where all the rooms are! Woo!! Kay, moving on.
 Yep, the SPOOKY PARTY IS BACK! I have no idea why I put that in caps. I guess cuz I can. I will post pictures of the party later in the week, probably, no Spooky Party for me till about a hour :( But pet bats are back too! Again, pictures of their party-hiding spot later.
 A new game icon?! As Mew Mew Pikachu once said: " Goodbye Sol Arcade. May you RIP." Don't worry Sol Arcade, I will visit you! ,:) In other news, the Theater Set has come out in the Sarepia Theater! Pictures later, again, because i'm too lazy to open all those pictures. Oh wait, never mind! Here.
I think they have some new stuff too, I took this picture yesterday, so yeah. Check if you wanna see the new stuff.
 Lastly, Wolf Awareness Week! Sweet! I love wolves! They like, meh best buds! No seriously, they let me eat with 'em and live with 'em and everything. JK! Or AM I!!??

Oh yes, and today is... DA DA DA DAA! WORLD ANIMAL DAY! Yay! GOO ANIMALS! Yeah. Sweg. :P What am I doing.

So that's all for now! As always, remember to...







( I haven't done that in a while! It's fun.)

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Sorry, not a real post today! Just wanted to inform ya i'm not falling off a cliff or anything, so yeah! Byez for now!