Saturday, February 28, 2015

Firefly's Story, Part 2, Bow glitch, and new items

Hey Jammers! This is gonna be a long post, so get comfortable! The new clothing items are Clover Earmuffs and a Leprechaun Hat, and the furniture items are a Clover Fountain (very pretty), and a Leprechaun Gnome (kinda creepy!). Well, I think it is! I mean, look at its face! STAARE INTO ITS EYEEES!


Have you Jammers been to the all new (ok, maybe not ALL new...) Lucky Party yet? If not, here are some pictures to show you around!

And, check out some of the cool unreleased items that can be spotted there!
Drooping Flowers plant thing!
 Lucky Window
 Lucky Day Wall Torch
Wall Picture

Note: Remember, these are not the items' real names, I am just guessing and making stuff up!
And, for your entertainment, here is a cool glitch you can do with just a Cupid Bow and a wolf, well, any animal actually!

The bow is floating beside me when I dance! And, GOSH MY WOLF'S BACK LOOKS NAKED WITHOUT THE BLANKET LOL!

Well Jammers, I am sure you all want to hear the rest of the story that my owl, Mythical, was telling you! So, I guess it is now time to bring out... MYTHICAL! :clapping: 

Hello again everyone, Myth here! So, where was I in my story... oh, yes, So I came up with a plan...
Late that night, while all the phantoms were asleep, I put my plan into action. I picked the lock on my cell door (the rooms in the phantom fortress were like that) with my talons, and crept silently through the hall, careful not to wake any phantoms. I then went into the phantom guard's room and flew over to his nightstand. The guard opened his eye, and I zoomed into his closet as fast as I could. Peeking out from behind the closet door, I saw him shrug and fall back asleep. I went over as quiet as I could, grabbed his keys that opened the fortress's door, and zoomed out. I went over to the palace door, unlocked it silently, and flew out, making my escape.

It was quite dark outside, but luckily, I was an owl, and I could see perfectly in little light. I flew for a LONG time, about 20 miles, I'm guessing, not ONCE looking back, before I spotted the tip of a paw-made roof in the distance. Flying faster than before, I reached the entrance of a town. I didn't see any other animals or phantoms around, so I found a nice little spot in the trees to rest and drifted asleep, thinking of what my family would think once they noticed I wasn't even close to them anymore.

After a while, I heard lots of talking, and a ear-shattering howl woke me up suddenly. I looked down to see a battle-scarred blue-grey wolf with a purple tattered blanket on his back, a huge chain collar, metal bracelets around his ankles, and some sort of laced brace on his long, bushy tail. He glared up and me and growled loud enough so I could hear, and I guessed that was a warning to come down. I fluttered down to the ground, and I was surprised to see that the wolf was even bigger up close. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN JAMAA!?", he boomed as he pinned me down. "I...I...",I stuttered. Just then, I heard footsteps, and someone called, "Greely, let go of that owl! That is no way to welcome someone!" I turned my head to see a panda with short, dark blue-grey hair with a long braid, a teal jacket with a supply belt, and lilac eyes. Greely glared at the panda, before turning back to me and saying "Excuse me for my unfriendliness.", with a bow of his head. I just stared at Greely, confused and scared, yet curious. "I am sorry if Greely here scared you, he would never mean to.", said the panda gently. "I am Liza, the panda alpha. What is your name?" "Uhh... I'm Mythical..." I said nervously. "Well Mythical, I think you need to come with us.",Liza told me. I wondered,"What was going to happen to me NOW?"

(To be [completely] continued on next post)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Firefly's Story

Hello Jammers! My brand new owl, Mythical Windystar, will be posting today, and she will tell you about her :D So, without further ado, MYTHICAL (royal trumpet sound) Lol!

Hello everyone! My name is Mythical, Mythical Windystar. I am an owl who loves to have fun, go on adventures, and learn new things with friends. However, I am not JUST an owl...

I am an Alpha.

This is my story.

Since the day I was born, I loved to adventure, even just around my tree. I lived with my Mom, Phoenix, my Dad, Flame, and my little brother, Flicker. We all loved to explore, but everyone wanted me to just stay in the tree until nighttime. I didn't want to wait until NIGHTTIME, I wanted to see what the world was like at DAYTIME! So, day, in the middle of the night, well, DAY, but to most other owls, it counted as when they slept. So, anyway, one day, I hopped out of my tree to explore. I was only going to fly around close to the tree, maybe to the top of the tree to get a good view. But then, as I was flying to top branch of my tree, a small, spider-like creature with 6 legs and one eye came out from it's hiding place in the leaves and blocked my path. No matter where I moved, it blocked me, staring creepily with its one eye. It suddenly wrapped its legs around me and wouldn't let me go. I tried to call for my parents, but the thing put one of its six legs over my beak, silencing me. The spider-thing called out "Is this the one mentioned?" Another 'thing' popped out from the tree, much bigger than the first one. Its eye was bigger too, and he had an eerie purple glow around his legs, 8 of them on THIS thing. It murmured "Yes, looks exactly like the one!" I didn't know what they meant, but before I could fight them off, two other things came and took me away, away from my home, AND my family.
Later, I learned that the "creatures" were called 'phantoms' and they taught me how to BE a phantom, actually. They kept me locked away from the outside world, in their secret lair in an underground cavern. I wanted to see the world again, but the phantoms told me there was MUCH worse stuff around here then just PHANTOMS. I didn't want to find out what the 'worse things' were, but I COULDN'T stay here forever! Then, one night, I came up with a plan...

(To be continued)

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi again Jammers! Just another last minute post! I just REALLY wanted to share some of my BEST buddies on Animal Jam, most of which buddied me when I started AJ!

Rachelcatpaws has been my buddy for longer then I can remember, and she is very fun to hang out with!

Cloudwing gets on AJ very often, and she is a great buddy who is always kind!

Magicclawz has also been my buddy for a while, and though I don't see her much anymore, I DO remember that she is a great buddy!


Velvet is my real life sister. She is cool. That's all I promised to say about her. (LOL)

Betabunny is another great friend of mine I probably buddied in early 2014 or something. Betabunny is very beta, as you can see, and a very good buddy!

Animaldancer is my buddy on AJ as well as in real life. She is silly and a PAWSOME friend!


Swirlshine101 is my other real life and AJ buddy. She is silly, fun, and one of my BEST FRIENDS I EVER HAD!

Well Jammers, just wanted to share those buddies with you all for some reason, I guess because I have been reading Wolfstar62867's blog, and she was talking about her buddies on there. I suppose her blog made me appreciate MY buddies even more! Bye Jammers!

Stuff and more Stuff

Hey Jammers! This is gonna be a short post today, just because I have no other news. Anyway, the JMF item is a Clover Bench, not very creative or colorful. Just a bench with a clover, as many other bloggers have said. Apparently, Lucky Day on AJ is coming soon, because the new JMC items are the Clover Tie and...
THE CLOVER BLANKET! I really like this item, but did they really HAVE to bring it back? I kinda liked it better when it was out of stores... oh well, nothing I can do about it. The Heart Balloon is leaving tomorrow, the Heart Cape in 2 days, Heart Antennae Headband in 3 days, and Heart Glasses in four. Poo, I liked the cape and balloon. Anyway, Pet Ponies have arrived in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds, and many people have noticed that they seem to be inspired my My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, on Discovery Family. I LOVE MLP, so this is great news for me, and PLEASE don't make fun of me for liking that show! This is gonna be MY pet pony:

TWILIGHT!!! Lol! Also, Snow Leopards are gonna be endangered in 2 weeks, so hurry and buy one!!!

Anyway (I keep saying anyway!), my Polar Bear, Victory, was at the Bounce House party, and she learned an important lesson...
Lol, yeah... She bounced on the bounce house turret thingy, slipped, hung from the edge with NO WALLS, and fell down on the ground. She was BARELY injured... okay, VERY injured! But, Victory is ALL BETTER now, so Woo! Oops, getting off topic...

Have any of you visited AJHQ's blog, The Daily Explorer, and commented??? Well, it seemed to me like AJHQ never wrote back. But, I guess it was apparently because it was complements and other stuff that didn't matter to AJ, because someone asked what Adobe Flash Player was, and AJHQ replied, saying this:
Woah! You FINALLY reply AJHQ, FINALLY! Well Jammers, I have nothing left to say, but you all know what I CAN say...



Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hi again Jammers: it's only been a day since I posted, but I wanted to share some glitches with you!

Off-screen glitch
To do this glitch, you have to usually go to the world Aldan. This glitch ONLY works if The Temple of Zios is full, or at least, that's the only way I know it works! Next, you have to try to enter the temple, walk to the edge of the screen, and after the icon saying "This room is full" pops up, don't click "OK", click the ENTER BAR on your keyboard. Then, if you ran far enough, it will cut some of your body off the screen!
LOl, looks my owl doesn't like me screaming in her ear! :D

Invisible Items
In this glitch, there is no way to make it happen! Instead, it is all a matter of chance. If this glitch occurs, you will see a blank trade space, like shown above, but with an item name under it! VERY weird!

Eagle and Rare Collars 
 This glitch happens with ALL Rare Spiked Collars, on ALL eagles! If you put one on, it shows the spikes on it very tall and strange-looking. Remember, this ONLY is shown with eagles, NOT OWLS OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL!

Wall glitch
 This glitch is another that I know NO WAY of making it happen. Some dens just do this, you know? See how the wallpaper is in the yard?

More Items glitch
Again, NO WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Sometimes, it just shows that you have ANOTHER row of items, even if you reached to top of your inventory, like in my screenshot

Rare Royal Cape with Seals glitch
In THIS glitch, it is KIINDA similar to the eagle-and-collar glitch. As you can see, the Rare Royal Cape has pale blue,pale pink, and white on it. There is NO Clover Blanket these colors. Until... this glitch came.

Well Jammers, that's all for now... JAM ON!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lands, Rumors, and Items!

Hey Jammers! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I was using a different computer! The latest RIM is a Rare Heart Cape! Pretty cool, although I agree with Cloudclaws, author of "Animal Jam River": AJHQ should be a bit more creative, not just re-color the items. Getting off topic here! Anyway, in JMC, Heart Earmuffs, Cupid Wings, the Curly Wing and the Hat and Curly Wig have returned! Lol, to be honest, I think that the Hat and Curly Wig would be a GREAT George Washington costume! I even used it on time as exactly that! The JMF items are the returned Heart Table, Heart Welcome Mat, Heart Tree, and, here is a surprise, THE CHERRY TREE! I thought this item was BETA! REALLY COOL, but I think AJHQ should REALLY quit re-releasing Beta items. Now I also have to take the Heart Tree out of my Beta-themed den l:1
NVM, it was never in the den at all! Oopsie... heheheh... :b

Well Jammers, not much else are in the stores of Jamaa, no new Jamaa Journal either. But I DO want to show you Jammers something. Have any of you gotten into the world "Aldan"? As you can see, it seems to ALWAYS be full, making it the most popular world.

It's kinda annoying, in my opinion. But, after it pops up the "Room is Full" icon after clicking Aldan, if you click the Temple of Zios, you CAN usually go there! Now, if you go, however, there is usually a BIG crowd of Jammers, 10 or more, wearing Headdresses, Spike Collars, Top Hats, and other Beta or unreleased clothing items, trading with each other and advertising things at their den or another den.
Please note that the top picture is separate and was NOT taken on the same day as the bottom picture.
Lol, random warning!

It's really kinda cool, except be prepared for any rude or disapproving Jammers: most of these Jammers have many rares and Betas, and may not like anything you have to offer for an item. Just ignore any rude Jammers, or just walk away.

I was kinda bored one day, so I decided to take some pictures of popular items on trade lists in Jamaa!
Elf Tail Armor (Beta, White) Seen all colors
Worn Blanket (Black) Seen all colors
Rare Spiked Collar (short and long) Seen all colors
Mask (Red and White, Beta) Seen all colors
Founder's Hat
Friendship Top Hat (Rare) Seen all Rare Friendship items

 There is lots more too, but I am too LAZY! LOL!
I am sure almost ALL you Jammers have heard the rumors about breaking the ice and bridge at Coral Canyons and Mt. Shiveer? Well Jammers, don't let other ppl discourage you, because check out this passage IN FINE PRINT written by AJHQ! Lol!

Isn't that cool! If you don't see it, lemmie explain it. Some Jammers say that the bridge and ice will NEVER break and NEVER has. Well, AJHQ is hinting that it IS possible to break those things! Some Jammers even say they HAVE broken it, but be careful, some are just lying! 
Anywho, I gtg Jammers, so remember toooooo...

P.S. Lol, always wanted to do that!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Animal, Den Items, and more!

What's up Jammers? Have you all heard the pawsome news? OWLS ARE FINALLY HERE!!! These new arrivals are, yes, TEN DIAMONDS (I bet many Jammers were disappointed...), but they are SUPER cool!

 They can even join The Forgotten Desert now! I do not have an owl yet, on account of I only have 5 Diamonds ( D:), but I DID get a few owls to show me the actions! Thank you mumu159, mommy858, and 1mmjj2 for letting me feature you! Here are the owl actions!

Avatar Picture: (BTW, I don't know the username of this owl, but it doesn't matter for this picture!)

Lol, their dancing is pretty good, although it looks surprisingly like how the EAGLES dance...
I like the Avatar picture, they look okay when they are first bought too (shown in avatar pic.).
I think it looks pretty cute how they sleep, but why on the ground? Maybe because eagles already took the cloud idea? 
They hop okay, though I must admit, I'm not usually THAT impressed with the Hop action (except Arctic Wolves, so graceful!) 
And their playing is HILARIOUS! I love how they do what is shown in "Out On A Limb", even the swirly eyes! Lol! 

So Jammers, how many of you voted in the Den Theme contest? Apparently, the chosen theme is...
Pizza Parlor!
I personally didn't really care for this theme, since the Ice Cream Parlor came out already, and it just didn't seem as creative as Deep Space, with all the metal gadgets, or the Art one, with all the paint splats on the wall... I voted for Art, but I guess I am disappointed with the Pizza Parlor because I like art and I kinda like space too. But actually, this Pizza theme isn't so bad! Here are all the new Pizza Parlor items so far!

And this is what happens if you click on them (Pizza boxes not included, it gives you a piece of pizza that floats by you):

I like the Huge Pizza Table! Lol, there's enough for everybody! And, the leaked photo of the Pizza Parlor Statue thing was TRUE! Though, it said it cost 5 gems, but on AJ, it says 650, darn... And, those Pizza Boxes don't look the est, with the grease and all... Anyway, February 10 is apparently Safer Internet Day, and I hope they will come out with some Safe Internet items! And, another episode of Wild Explorers is now on AJHQ's blog, The Daily Explorer, and the character is...
CAMI!!! Yes, the Cami the Cami Frog was named after! Be sure to check it out! And finally, the last bit of news! Jammers have delivered over sixty-five MILLION valentines in Special Delivery! WOO HOO! Well Jammers, I think the RIM was the Rare Heart Antenna Headband, and now, I guess there's nothing left to do but to say...
P.S. The new JMC items are a Chef's Hat, Heart Balloon, Heart Scarf, and the Right and Left Friendship Necklaces!