Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Adventure and items!

Hey Jammers! Swirlshine here! There are some more new items in JMC (Jam Mart Clothing), Heart Glasses, and Heart Antennae Headbands! Nothing too new in JMF (Jam Mart Furniture) though. Anyway, Owl avatars have yet to arrive, but the good news is, we know what they will look like, due to the new Adventure, "Special Delivery"! Here are two pics of Rose, the AJHQ-controlled owl who guides you!

In the first shot, she is just hovering, while in the second pic, she seems to be either Dancing or Playing; we don't know which yet! This unidentified action that owls do seems to be made up of spreading their wings out one after the other about two times, then spinning their head BACKWARDS! Anyway, getting off topic here! In the new Friendship Festival (aka Valentines Day) based Adventure, you get batches of valentines to deliver to Jammers' mailboxes! Here are some shots of me playing it!

( This is what happens when you deliver the valentines!)
This icon in the top left corner of the screen shows how many valentines you still need to deliver before moving on to the next batch ( There are 3 batches!)
Members will get two prizes after completing a batch, while non members get one.

These are some of the prizes you can win, a Chocolate Zios Fountain, a Burrow Door, a Valentine Mailbox, a Chocolate Heart Fountain, and a Winter Wishing Well.
Well Jammers, remember...
Party Hard
Never Give Up, and...

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