Saturday, January 24, 2015

New PINK and RED items,along with exciting news from AJHQ!

HELLO JAMMERS! JUST remembered my deadline again, whew! Anywho, the Jam Mart Clothing items are a ROSE TIARA, and of course, the Heart Cape! Here is the Tiara, VERY good for a nature look!

And just LOOK at all the VIBRANT colors you can make it!

VERY beautiful indeed! Anywho, the new FURNITURE ITEMS are VERY valentines-ish, the Princess Chair, Heart Mat, Pink Chest, Rose Table, Pink Crystals, Heart Rose Archway, and two other random items, an AJ Sewer Cover, and a Giant Magnet!

Here are the Pink Crystals, they look like the BETA version, called just "Crystal",but as long as THAT version STAYS BETA, I'm okay with it!
Well Jammers, have any of you been able to but the NEWEST DIAMOND SHOP DEN YET!? Called the "Greely's Hideout" den, this place has lava, a Greely Lava thing where lava flows from his mouth, an emblem at the entrance, and much more! Here are some pics of the preview!

VERY AMAZING! AJHQ have REALLY outdone themselves! Also the FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL is coming soon, and some FRIENDSHIP ARMOR have already arrived in the Diamond Shop! YAY! And what's cool is, if you buy the feet piece, when you walk and wear them, they leave a trail of hearts behind you for a second! AND, check it out! GREAT JOB AJAMMERS!

VERY amazing indeed, and the zoo was the San Diego Zoo! I love that zoo, even though I am in Texas :D AND, a funny owl video!

Oh, who's this?
Hehe, hello up there!
Oh, look, another owl!
Check it out babe! XD
Look at me, I can stretch meh neck! :D
Woo HOO!

 Oh yeah!
 Um, could this be getting out of wing...?
 Oh dear.
Oh, hello! Oh, for me?
 Blue Owl: Owwww.............
Red Owl: Ughhh. :shakes head:
You gotta be kidding me.

LOL! Well, let's just say AJHQ AND me can not WAIT for owls to come! Anyway, guess there's nothing left to say except that there was a RIT, Rare Item THURSDAY, glitched Rare Pink Purse. These are pretty cool, so try to snag one if you can!
Save your Diamonds!
Have fun at the Friendship Festival (coming soon!)
and JAM ON!

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