Sunday, April 26, 2015

Butterflies, Bracelets, and a BIG PARTY!

Hey hey Jammers! Sorry about not posting yesterday, I just didn't feel like it. Heheheh... Okay, well, getting down to business, the Jam Mart Clothing items are a Pearl Bracelet and a Butterfly Hair Bow! Both AMAZING items! Meanwhile, in Jam Mart Furniture, the Four Square Court, Tetherball, and Bean Bag Toss have returned! Be sure to pick up these fun items while they last!

Okay, you know how I didn't post yesterday? Well, it was ALSO because I was at a party. VIOLET86271's PARTY AT HER DEN! ( In case you do not know, Violet86271 is the author of the AJ blog, the Animal Jam Legendary Palooza.) I was SOO happy to have made it there, and I was SOO glad I did! First, we played " Find Belle the Rhino", and when I won a round, Violet gave me a Rare Pink Purse!!!

 Then, we ate some delicious cake! ( Hehe, I actually ate a WHOLE Second Birthday Cake... oopsies!)

After that, I decided to make a speech, since the party was to celebrate Animal Jam Legendary Palooza's FIRST ANNIVERSARY! It was my first speech EVER, and I tried my best! Thankfully, everyone thought it was great! :)

( BTW, I am Magical Magicmoon, the lilac fox wearing a guitar!)

Violet said she loved my speech :) I'm so glad!

Then, we PARTIED!!!

( And talked about random stuff lol!)

I even met Nafaria9 and QTAngel at the event!!!

Yaay! It was super fun, and thanks, Violet, for throwing the party! I am sure EVERYONE had fun!!!

Well Jammers, I can't think of anything else to say, only that I like alliterations (as you can see from the title), and remember to...




  1. Can I be your buddy? You seem like an awesome Jammer! :)

  2. Sure! I would LOVE that! What's your AJ username, I will buddy you as soon as I can :D

  3. Oh never mind, I found your user by looking on your blog! ( which I love!) It's nafaria9, right?


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