Saturday, May 23, 2015

AJ GIFs (again), Binoculars, and Skullys

Heya Jammers, it's Swirlshine, here once again with ANIMAL JAM GIFS! These are random, BTW, but one is funny at least!

 This one was called GIF FAIL for some reason... IDK why, OR what that circle is showing us. Oh well, at least we have a funny random bunny in the background being a dog!
 Wait... WHAT IS THAT?! That... THING! On the cliff ledge!!! Something tells me I don't wanna know...
Lol, nice parody Duke! I LOVE that song! FLUFFLE PUFF POWER!!!

And now, for the REAL post! Sadly, AJHQ FORGOT they had an Update Day on Thursday, apparently. BUT, we now have the Safari Hat AND the Binoculars in JMC! And get this! CLOUDCLAWS, the author of Animal Jam River, sent AJHQ a request FOR BINOCULARS!!! That went around YOUR NECK! And LOOK! Oh darn, hold up, gotta get more gems. Even though I have THIS MUCH!
Mwahahahaha! Actually, I just don't like having to take away THOUSANDS. Wait, I have more gems now, BUT STILL!
*Plays Overflow*
Okay, now I have 83,529. Wait, I hate numbers that end in 9. Time to earn 1 gem on Long Shot!
*Plays Long Shot*
Wait... this isn't working out. I shot it DOWN, yet it made me go as far as the place with the snow!
Oh well. I got more gems, at least. I need to get more gems, because I am saving up to get 100,000, then maybe 1,000,000! Well, it only lets you go to 999,999, but OH WELL! ME GONNA BE RICH!!

Finally, I bought them! They look AMAZING!!! This is my explorer outfit, NO ONES COPEH IT! Lol! Maybe I will replace the Cowboy Hat with the Safari Hat. Later. Anyway, let's move on!

So, have any of you Jammers heard of SKULLYS? Well, here is their story. Skullys (Yes, I DID spell it right, according to AJHQ) were an item, the first tail item, in the Beta Days. They looked like a skull ring, only for your tail, and they were SUPER cheap, only 10 gems!

Later, they were all removed from the game, because apparently, they looked inappropriate on pandas.

( I guess I can see why.)

But, VERY VERY RARELY, people hack into AJ, and somehow, one of these hackers brought themselves a Skully!

And no, this picture IS NOT from the Beta Days. See? Crystal Palace Den in the background. Nowadays, nobody has Skullys anymore, yet they are still an amazing item with an amazing history.

Well, since you have heard everything new going on (wait, Skullys are not new, but oh well. You get what I mean.), I guess all I gotta say NOW is




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  1. i love the puppy and kitty things THEY SO CUTE!!! nice blog by the way


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