Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Funny GIFs and a message

Hey again Jammers! Swirlshine back once again, with some more ANIMAL GIFS, WOO! Let's see them!

Lol, so funny!

Well Jammers, I have something to tell you about. A few days ago, I tried out as an author on the Animal Jam Community. I did a sample post like these posts I do on here. A mean Anonymous Jammer said I was unprofessional and I typed in caps too much like AJHQ. Here is what he/she said.

This Jammer was VERY mean, but luckily, LOTS of other Jammers on the AJC had my back!
( Can you guess which Anonymous is the mean one of this next picture?)
So, this is my message to you all: Don't let the cyber bullies bring you down. If someone bullies you, just ignore them. If you feel like saying something super mean back, DON'T COMMENT IT. It will only make things worse, cause a HUGE rant, and all of that. And remember, you can always count on a friend to have your back and stand up for you!

That concludes my post for today, AJammers! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, LOVE ANIMALS, AND PLAY WILD! See you later!

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