Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Carnival, Spooky Party, and More!

Hello again Jammers! Wow, it seems it has been a LONG time since I have posted! But I posted yesterday... oh well, no matter! These days, in Jam Mart Clothing, we have the Safari Boots AND some Rope Sandals for our paws, and the Green Lawn Chair has returned to Jam Mart Furniture! And now for the UPDAATE! YAY!

So, as you probably all know, the SUMMER CARNIVAL has returned to Jamaa, YAAY!
Let's check it out! 
 Okay, pretty much the same here!
And here...
But WAIT! 
A NEW PLACE! What a nice little campfire hangout, perfect if you wanna chat with a few buddies!
And... A BOUNCY HOUSE! Seems like a copy of the Bounce House Party, but STILL! IT"S A BOUNCY HOUSE AT A CARNIVAL PPL! JUST what this place needed! 
Woo hoo, so bouncy!
And a slide to complete it! What a GREAT addition to this carnival!

Alright, let's see what is in the shops here!

So pretty much the same as last year, except we now have the Cotton Candy Hat, Carnival Lights, and Giant Jester Hat! That hat seems to look...inflatable. Maybe that was the point. Who knows, and who really cares? Okaay, moving on, who wants to know a COOL secret of how AJHQ makes things clickable? 
Stare at this booth REALLY hard!

Just looks like a normal booth right? LOOK AGAIN! So, it's obvious that there are purposely 2 Star and Lightning Necklaces, right? Well, try looking at the Hat With Dreadlocks!
Do you see it? A DUPLICATE BEHIND IT! (Thanks to Meloetta385's for helping me find this!) This shows that AJHQ basically just makes the thing, then copies and pastes and makes only the front one clickable! Weird huh? 

Well, enough about the Summer Carnival already! Let's check out the rest of the update!
A new theater? COOL! Let's go investigate it!
Here is the entrance, with some weird African ( I think?) symbols.
And this is what it looks like when you move your mouse over the door.

This theater, now called " Appondale Theater" shows only Animal Jam shorts! Isn't that EPIC!? Those shorts are my FAVORITES! I especially like Lion Flat and Out On A Limb! Okay, let's keep moving on!

So, otters are traveling, BUT, as always, a new animal is coming to take their place! Do you wonder WHERE this "Secret Image" may be? In CANYONS PATHWAY!
Yes, it is true, the leaked photos of 1231 were TRUE! LLAMAS ARE COMING TO JAMAA PEOPLE! And, check it out! Under the llama picture is a little cave-like thing. Will this one day be a passage to a NEW LAND!? Who knows?

Okay, moving on, I have a glitch to share with you all! So, when I got on AJ today, my sister said the Spooky Party was going on! IN MAY! ( I already knew this glitch was happening because of the blog Animal Jam Flash!) I went there, and EVERYTHING was the same as last year's party!
 The skull patch of dirt you click to get a ghost buddy...
The ghost peeking out from behind a grave... 
 ( Just a pic to show you these ARE NOT from last year's party!)
 The smoke that turns you into a spirit...
Even the place where you could click and buy a pet bat was the same! Very weird indeed! Wonder why AJHQ hasn't seen this glitch yet...

Lastly, on the Daily Explorer, there is a DEN ITEM DIAMOND CHALLENGE going on, so be sure to enter! I made and entered an item of my own, but I decided I won't share it on this blog, mainly because I don't want anyone coping and getting credit for MY idea! Not that I am saying anyone would do such a thing, but better safe then sorry!

Alright, well Jammers, I guess there is nothing left to say but-WAIT! I almost forgot! I will now post GIFs on ONLY Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays now, so don't freak out if I am not very active on Mondays and all the other days I didn't list!

Okay, NOW I can say it!
Well Jammers, I guess there's nothing left to say but...


See you on Tuesday Jammers!

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