Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weird Stuff Going On (Icing The Fox)

Hello everyone, Icing speaking! So, I told you all about my friends last time, right? This time-well, i'll just let you read it!

So, today me, Bandit, Flame Jr. and Cherry were talking in the front lawn when we heard a noise.
We looked around until finally we spotted some yellow ears poking out from behind a bush.

Me: Uh, guys, do ya'll see that?
Cherry: You mean those giant ears peeking out from a bush right by us? Yeah I see it.
Bandit: Who is that anyway?

We went a little closer, but then the thing hopped out of the bush and away. 
Turns out it was Geran. Geran is a kangaroo that we see around sometimes. All I really know about him is-#1.He's a kangaroo
#2. He's yellow
and #3. He likes smoothies (I saw him with a smoothie once.)
So yeah, he is not very well-known. Something seems weird though. He's quiet, but he usually isn't so...sneaky. 

Flame Jr: Why was, um, what's-his-name-again, sneaking around by OUR house?
Bandit: His name is Geran, I believe. 
Me: Yeah, it does seem pretty weird. What would Geran want with us?
Bandit: Hey, why don't we just follow him to see what he's doing? 
Cherry: I don't know...What if he spots us? It will look like WE'RE the ones doing the creeping.
Me: True, but he was acting pretty suspicious...
Flame Jr: I think we should go for it!
Bandit: Yeah!
Cherry: Alright, alright, but let's at least get Freddy to come along with us.
Me: Yeah, he is pretty handy. I'll go get him.

So yeah, I went back in the house to get Freddy. I told him what happened, and he agreed to come with us to follow Geran.
We followed his footprints all the way to this really huge mansion sort of thing.
Freddy: Well, the trail stops here. I guess he went inside.
Flame Jr: Then let's go in too! We can't lose him this fast!
Cherry: Um, dude, the sign says 'Closed'. We can't trespass like that.
Bandit: Why not? I bet they just made that sign say Closed so they wouldn't be bothered.
Freddy: Then therefore we shouldn't go in.
Me: Aw, c'mon guys! We'll just be quiet so no one sees or hears us.
Flame Jr: Uh, guys, what's up with this really creepy tree?
Me: Yikes, it's eyeless! The worst kind!
Cherry: It's not THAT creepy!
Me: Then stare at its pupil-less eyes for a long time and you will see what we mean.
Cherry: Noo thanks.
Bandit: If we're gonna find Geran, let's pick up the pace! At this rate we'll go in at sundown!
Me: Bandit's right, c'mon everyone!

So we all went into the mansion together. 
Cherry: Really? This place isn't what you would call, um, CREEPY!
Freddy: A place like this is a great hideout, actually.
Flame Jr: How does a bright-colored room with flower carpet make a good hideout?
Freddy: It throws intruders off track. 
Me: Oh, I get it! People who come in think no one is being creepy or whatever in there, but they're just hiding!
Freddy: Exactly!
Bandit: You guys talk too much. Let's find Geran!
Me: Alright! How about we split up? That way, it will be quicker to find him.
Flame Jr: Sounds like a plan!

We all looked everywhere for Geran. I looked in the kitchen (I didn't sneak a few bites of food...), Freddy and Bandit looked in the main room, and Cherry and Flame Jr. looked upstairs.
Suddenly Cherry came running down the stairs, Flame Jr. right behind her.
Rose: Icing!
Me: What-?
Rose: Shh! 
Me: Why?
Cherry: There's something I need to show you. Get Bandit and Freddy and meet me on the stairs.
Bandit: What's going on?
Cherry: While I was checking upstairs, I heard a nose.
Me: Hahaha, a nose!!
Cherry: Arg I meant noise! Be quiet!
Me: Alright, alright...
Cherry: So, as I was saying, I heard a noise. I looked out on this little balcony thing and...I saw him.
Bandit: Saw who? Geran?
Cherry: Come see for yourself.
Cherry took us to the balcony and showed us what she was talking about. There was Geran, sitting in a grass chair, talking to a black wolf across from him
Bandit: Haha, I knew we would find Geran!
Me: Yeah, but I didn't know we would find someone ELSE.
Flame Jr: Who is that wolf anyway?
Cherry: I don't know...

We watched and listened for a few minutes to their conversation.
Black Wolf: So, how did it go?
Geran: Well, it was going good until they spotted my ears. I always forget to hide those...
Black Wolf: What!? Why did you let them see you!?
Geran: Relax, I ran over here before they could catch up to me.
Me: Are they talking about US?
Cherry: Shh, don't let them hear you!
Black Wolf: Ah, good, good. And what did you find out?
Geran: Not much yet. Mainly just that they like talking and sitting in the grass. But i'm sure to find out more tomorrow!
Black Wolf: You better, because I know something already.
Geran: What's that?
Black Wolf: Those fools must be destroyed.

~Icing The Fox


  1. OH NO!

  2. Just so something a bit unrelated..
    When you play Play Wild, I can trade you a wizard hat like the one you have in AJ. (If I still have it) It will be for anything that you want to trade me at all. :L

  3. Okay! Once I get Play Wild though, it hasn't come out in the U.S.yet. You think you could keep it for me till I get the chance to make an account?

    1. I still have it, yes I'll keep it, no one except you will probably even know I have it. The only problems are tha (a) We live in different timezones and (b) there aren't that many cheap items in stores, but you do get free stuff.

    2. Oh, I forgot about the time zones. I'll try to figure something out! I just hope it comes out before my birthday, i'm getting a phone on my birthday :)


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