Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Happened To Geran? (Icing and Friends)

We all decided to go inside, rest, and talk about Blaze and Geran. Leaf, Ice, and Speckle came up to greet us.

Leaf: Hey guys! Where were you?
Ice: Yeah, we wanted to play with y'all but you weren't there! Is everything alright?
Me: I'll tell you guys all about it. But first, let's go upstairs and sit down, i'm pooped!
After we told them about Geran, Blaze, and our escape, they all looked pretty confused.

Speckle: You think she is evil?
Me: Well yeah! She was talking about destroying us!
Ice and Leaf: OMG!!
Speckle: I'm not sure I believe you on the whole 'evil' thing. I'm gonna do some research.

Then he walked off, so it was just us and Ice and Leaf.

Ice: That's SO freaky!
Leaf: Did you ever figure out what happened to Geran?
Me: No. To be honest, I completely forgot about him. I need a memory update or something.
Freddy: There's no such thing as a memor-
Me: I know Freddy. It was a joke.
Freddy: Oh. Hehehe, um, funny.
Me: Oooookay. Moving on, all we know is Geran was acting just like Blaze.
Leaf: Has he ever acted like that before?
Cherry: No, never. He was just quiet and shy.
Freddy: Perhaps we never noticed his bad side, but it was there all along?

Freddy had a point. Maybe we just never saw Geran angry. But that still doesn't explain why he was talking
with Blaze. 

Bandit: You know what? Maybe we should show you Geran and Blaze!
Ice: Ooo, really!?
Leaf: I'd like to see that!
Cherry: Are you nuts!? Didn't you SEE what Geran did to Freddy!?
Freddy: I wish everyone would stop talking about Geran catching me. But I agree with Cherry, it's dangerous!
Me: Then how about this? At least two of us can stay here at home, while the rest of us go show Ice and Leaf Geran and Blaze.
Cherry: And what if we get captured?
Me: We can use these walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.
Freddy: I must admit, that is a very good idea! I will stay here, since, well, you know. The tail-capture thing.
Me: So do we all agree?
Bandit: I think it's a great idea!
Flame Jr: Me too! I'll stay with Freddy if you want.
Me: Sure Flame. Cherry? 
Cherry: I suppose it might work...
Me: I'm taking that as a yes before you can change your mind! Let's go!

So Cherry, Bandit, Ice, Leaf, and I went BACK out to Blaze's hideout. AGAIN.
After inside, we all fanned out to search for Geran and Blaze. Almost instantly, Ice yelled:
Ice: Hey guys! Check out this cool igloo!
Bandit: That wasn't there before...
Leaf: I see something yellow in it.
Cherry: Shh! It's Geran!
Me: Aw man! How come everyone finds something out but me!?
Cherry: Icing, just stop thinking about you and be quiet!
Me: Could be nicer, hmpf.

As we got closer to the igloo, we realized Leaf was right. There was a yellow foot poking out from the shadows of the dome. But as we stood staring, Geran turned and looked straight at us!
Geran: Why hello little plushies. What are you doing here?

I grabbed the walkie-talkie and yelled:
Bandit, Leaf, Ice, and Cherry: ...?

I heard Freddy's voice answer back.
Freddy: What in Jamaa does that mean?
Me: Geran sees us! Duh! So obvious!
Freddy: Yea, um, of course... 

Geran took a step closer, and we all flinched as he leaned close to us.
Geran: Listen you fools. You shouldn't be here.
Cherry: Geran! What are you doing here with that black wolf? And why-
Geran: I have something to show you. Follow me.
Cherry: Follow YOU? Do you think we are THAT gullible?! Anyways, why did you capture Freddy? And why did you talk with Blaze about-
Geran: Are we gonna sit here chatting or are we gonna escape? Come on! You too, talkative nerdy detective fox.
Cherry: EXCUSE ME!? Nerdy?!
Me: Come on Cherry. Ignore his comment. Let's go.

So we all followed Geran upstairs. Cherry stayed back, muttering:
Cherry: Talkative. Hmpf! And sure, i'm smart, but not NERDY!
Me: Give it up Cherry!
Geran: Come in here! You first wolfies!

Ice and Leaf slowly stepped forward, then followed Geran into the room. Suddenly, we heard a bang, and Cherry, Bandit, and I rushed after Ice and Leaf. What we saw made me drop my walkie-talkie in horror.

Geran: Haha! You stupid wolves! You stupid plushies! You REALLY thought I was helping you escape!? Well, too late now! Your little friends are gonna be MINE and BLAZE'S minions now!
Geran had tricked us and trapped Ice and Leaf!!


  1. I was wondering where you went. Why didn't the wolves say anything? Tey would hae screamed and shouted if Geran even touched them (I think)


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