Friday, October 30, 2015

No School For Me Today...

...because of rain! Yep, this is swirlshine, and yep, i'm still here. And guess what? Well, of course, it's Friday, but NO SCHOOL! There was really bad rain when I woke up this morning, then things got worse. How? Because a TORNADO was actually SPOTTED close by us ( In my school district), and we were on a TORNADO WATCH! I don't know about you people, but I FREAK OUT if I hear that a tornado is ANYWHERE in my state! Luckily, my district is really big, and it didn't hit us, only about 2 other schools a bit farther off, then it went on to the next town. So, because of that, we got a delay. And now, since the roads are so flooded, we got a text saying school was canceled, and here we are now! So, I guess I better post about something now that I already typed all that, huh? Okay then! First up, random things I just wanna post about!

So yes, first is this I took a while back. Apparently Snowflake was having a conversation about her tacos at madjasterxyz's den.

 Type this in and see if the glitch works. Wait, no, they fixed it, never mind! Glad I got a pic of that before it was fixed!
 Glitchy-ness. Why must you overlap, nametag-picture-thingies!?
 I got 2 gifts today. They were a Fancy Top Hat and a Star Cape. Never trust AJ to give you good gifts.
 Yeah, why? There was literally 2 or 3 poeople there! Well, maybe because people are at school...?
 Why must I get the creepy pets on the screen?
And, um, yeah. It was an ad on the AJ Spirit. Now that creepy half-naked guy is gonna give me nightmares.

Next up, REAL AJ news!
So, it seems AJHQ has been helping Bat Conservation International lately! I'm glad they are actually helping some animals again, they also released a golden eagle back into the wild once! But the real surprise is THIS!

Yeah, so I guess AJ is making a BAT AVATAR! Cool! I wonder, though, will the arctic foxes come out first? Will they come at all? Maybe the fox was just to trick people when the animal is really a bat? I guess we won't know till one or the other is released.
And lastly...

Yep, PLAY WILD WILL BE COMING TO IPHONES SOON! I'm SOO happy, i've been waiting for Play Wild on phones since it was released! And it might be coming out early November! Which tomorrow is the last day of October for me! So YAAAY!!

Well, it seems I don't have any more to post about, so I guess this is swirlshine, saying Party Hard, Be AWESOME, and Jam On!


  1. Do you still want the wizard hat? Oh and it's November for me tomorrow too :D Sorry Swirlshine but I think I'm gonna have to cancel your art request (I have to write a meaningful, poetic picture book and all these end of term celebrations at school) I'm cancelling all te art requests actually.. But in the future (if you still want it) I COULD draw your cheetah from sheer will :) I still have the picture on my files.. Okay, sorry for the bad news and uhhh, bye?

  2. Oh, it's alright! I completely understand! I have had TONS of schoolwork lately too, that's why my posts are so spread out. As for the wizard hat, sure, i'll have it. :)


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