Friday, October 9, 2015


So, how you all liking the new Night of the Phantoms background? I took the picture myself, of course! :) Anyway, i'm kinda tired ( not to mention lazy), so I was wondering... Do you all want me to do a Bitter Sweets Tutorial? I mean, it's been out for a while now, I bet all of you have played it, like, 1,000 times already. It takes up a lot of time for me, time where i'd rather be trading and partying and having fun with my buddies ( and random people) on Animal Jam. If ya want me to, I still can make a short tutorial, but if not i'll maybe do something like finish my first story on the Stories page instead. So, what do y'all choose?


  1. I'd rather a story, I don't REALLY need a tutorial (even tho I haven't played it this year yet) And don't wanna stress yourself. Also, I wanna know what happens to Raina (I'm hoping for an explosion) ):j

  2. Haha, okay then, I will probably do the rest of Raina's story! :)


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