Monday, March 14, 2016

I kinda need cheering up... I'm posting today. Hello everyone! I'm back again, 2 days later!

So, I ordered The Apprentice's Quest on Amazon, so it should be here tomorrow, the exact day it is released! Woo! I'm also fairly excited to see the "Bonus Poster"! What do you think it will be? A book and events poster, like the one that came with " The Ultimate Guide" (I think), or something else? I'm personally hoping it'll be one worthy enough to hang on my wall! ( Yes, I hang tons of posters on a wall in my room, don't judge, lol!)

If you read the title to this post, I'm not exactly in the best mood. Why? The reason is other people.
Yes, you heard me right. All of the things I'm sad about have almost nothing to do with me. But I'll tell you all out there anyway. Just keep these things to yourself, if you can, I don't want the people who had these things happen to to be mad that their problems went public! So please, keep quiet! ,:)

1. I read on a certain blog's comments (the blog kept secret for privacy reasons) that someone had to put their cat down because of a mysterious illness it had. It's not my business, I know, but I can imagine how that must feel. So I'm feeling super sad for them right now. I also know how that feels. The reason is in the next paragraph.

2. Here's the reason: My best friends' cat died too. No, not today, actually, it happened last year, but I think about him (him being the cat) all the time. He was funny and cute and my friends and I loved him. I also think about how my friend must feel... ,:(

3. Here's the big reason I'm upset.
So, my good AJ friend ( username kept secret for privacy, like the blogs I'm talking about) has a school at her den. It's a high school RP (roleplay), and we had a lot of fun last time we played. But today, I noticed a post on another AJ blog (privacy). The blogger was having fun and being a little crazy, which I gotta admit, can be fun at public den-events sometimes, but the pictures are kinda making my friend look bad, and I'm a little scared for her. I know, it's not that big of a deal, but when I saw the first pictures, I was shocked.
( Buddy, who I cannot say the name of, if you don't want this known, tell me somehow, and I will take this post off of my blog!)

4. If I say this problem, SOMEONE in my family will freak out, so I'll just say this.

So yeah, there you go. Again, PLEASE PLEASE keep the things IN YOUR HEAD, not on your blog, or anyone else's, or in your friends' heads. I don't want people to be mad! And also, don't judge me, or ANYONE in these stories, please! I like animals A LOT, okay? Hehe! ,:P
Bye for now :1


  1. Sure thing, your notsosecret secret is safe with me!

    1. Hehe, thanks! Yeah, not really very "secret" since I put it on here, but it's not like every person on earth reads this blog, barely any do. Yeah, I need to advertise more. :P

  2. Dead cat? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love cats and ur secret will be safe

  3. Thanks u guys! I'm glad no one said it was terribly stupid to post this on here, whew, lol!

  4. Btw I saw the tree poem on the de lol


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