Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poems and Pets

Aloha everyone! So sorry I didn't post yesterday, I unexpectedly had a friend over for a sleepover! But I'm here now! Today I'm gonna talk about the update, but FIIRST.... I want you all to preview a few poems I write. They are for 2fangwolf's poetry contest, and I wanted to know which one, or which ones, you guys want me to enter! The rules say to stay positive, which is sort of a challenge for me, just because I write poems easier when they have an element of anger or fear. Just gives it that spice, ya know? But enough talk, let's get to the poems! Let me know in the comments which ones are the best! The ones that get the most votes gets entered in 2fangwolf's contest!

The Chamber Of Knowledge

Scrolls, books, and bottles
Statues and artifacts in dimly lit halls
A single, silent seal found this
And marveled at it all.


She spreads her great wings
A loving spark in her eyes
And holds us all close


What wonders lie beyond Jamaa
That have not yet been seen?
Ranging rivers, giant jungles
They would be quite a scene!

But all of us are so scared to go
Adventure on our own
That I wonder when we will find out
If these lands could be a home.


Proud and independent
Some may think he's cruel
But the truth is
He is the most loyal of them all.

Creation Of Jamaa

Once, in a far-off land
A heron had a dream
A spirit called to her
And a bright, big land could be seen.

The spirit said to find this place
And make a land of harmony
It graced her with the name "Mira"
Then off she flew, across the sea.

After many months of travel
She found what she had seen
She created a new village
On the fields of green.

Though tough problems made her weary 
And the phantoms tried to strike
Mira never gave it up
Until her world was just right

She flew around the world
Who did she invite? All!
Now we all love our new home
The great land of Jamaa.


Next up, the update! We have 200 MORE BUDDY SLOTS (WOO!!), a Spring Cottage Den, the return of Graham's Workshop ( Awesomeness!), new ROCKER clothing, and the Cruise Ship Party's and hyenas' return. Woo, that was a mouthful, huh? But the best part is...NOW OUR PETS HAVE ACTIONS! I will not post ALL the actions of ALL the pets because #1. I don't have all the pets, #2. That would take WAY TOO LONG, and #3. Who wants to read that? So I'm gonna do ONE example! This is my derpy pet tiger, Fuzzyturtle, and my derpy fox!

Aren't we a beautiful pair? Yes, yes we are. XD
But anyway, here's the pet tiger actions! ( Note: The pet's actions do not depend on the animal.)



( Ow. He's climbing my mustache.)



Cute, no? The pet tigers also have a new default pose!
Seems a little strange to me. Don't get my wrong, I LOVE poses like that, but for a default pose? I don't think a tiger, digital or not, would stand in one place like that. Unless it's been sneaking around somewhere as a spy or whatever and was slinking towards something, and then someone found it and shone a flashlight on it, and the tiger froze in the beam of light like they do in movies! Even though freezing does nothing to hide them or protect them. YAY!

Wow, that was...a lot of typing. You have no idea how long this post took to make! But I suppose I'll be wrapping it up now! Remember to...



  1. Your poems are fantastic (especially the ''Jamaa'' one)! I sent a poem too, it's not very good,though, but I like entering competitions!

    ~ps. lol your tiger is adorable XD

    1. Thank you so much, about both the pet and the poems! And I bet yours is great too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! He's my BDPP: Best Derpy Pet Pal!

  3. Hey, I like your poems! :D I especially like the one called Wonders and the one called Creation of Jamaa! The Chamber of Knowledge was also good! :D They were all wonderful! ;)
    XD WOO, MORE BUDDIES!! :D I like your Fuzzyturtle tiger. :P XD The name for it is quite interesting! XP But the default pose IS odd! o.O BTW, I like your BDPP! XD

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I actually enjoyed writing Creation of Jamaa and Wonders the most! And yes, he's a derpy tiger with a derpy name! XD

    2. Hey, you're welcome! XD Derpy tiger, XD BTW, your post name, Poems and Pets, makes me think its supposed to be an "Austin & Ally" name for an episode! XD

    3. Huh, I never noticed that! The title DOES sound like an Austin and Ally title! I just like alliteration, XD

  4. Your poems are soooooooo much better than some i write u r so good at writing lol i use to write poems about sparkles and ponies and all that stuff but obviouslyiddle school does not and will not take someting like that... And I love your BDPP

  5. Love them all!
    Did you know I started writing for another blog with Harmony

    1. Awesome! Saw the post on saving the blog, I'm glad you stepped up to help! :)

  6. Hey swirlshine its velvetglimmer. I love your BDPP he is the cutest pet ever! I also love your poems and I really love the one about the creations of jamaa. Maybe you should put some music on your blog and change your picture when you reply to someones post. I love it the way it is but you could still change it alittle. :)

    1. Hi velvet! Sadly, I can't do either of those ideas you suggested. I do not know how to add music to a blog, though I may ask another blogger and do it someday! And, also, it is impossible to change my blogger profile picture when I reply to anything. The only way I could do that is if I went into my setti9ngs and changed it, replied, then changed it back, and I don't really wanna do that, lol! But the music is a good idea, sis, for someday! :)

    2. Ignore that 9 in the middle of the word settings, XD


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