Monday, April 25, 2016


No, it's not ME who's quitting! Did that title scare you guys? No worries, I'm staying! Unfortunately, though, many others HAVE quit AJ in the past two years. I dunno why I want to post this, I guess it just feels better when you write ( or type) your feelings down and get them out, right? Anyway, here's a story for each blogger that quit that I know of.

Mister Chunkybuddy
 Mister Chunkybuddy was my inspiration. The one who made me start this blog. But he recently quit, and his blog, Animal Jam Cheats and Codes, was given new authors. I wanted to make a link, but I can't. Why? BECAUSE OF THIS:

Yeah. Only CERTAIN PEOPLE can read it now. It doesn't even show up when I type " Mister Chunkybuddy" on Google Search! I'm honestly mad at those authors. I would have loved to re-read MCB's AJ Legends and posts, but I can't now. What's the point of KEEPING THE BLOG UP if NO ONE CAN READ IT!?       >:c

Probably my favorite blogger ever! She always had posts that made me laugh. She left because, well, her interest in AJ died, and because of how people cared too much about RARES. She said she might return in maybe 6 months. Yeah, it's been almost a year now. Guess she forgot about AJ and her blog, but I miss her a lot.    :C

Meloetta385, or Mel, as many call her, didn't exactly "quit." She has just been being hacked recently. and CONSTANTLY. She says that the hacker seems to know when she changes her password, or gts on another account of hers. So she has decided to "quit" until the hacker stops and she can get her account back. She doesn't go by the username Meloetta385 anymore, but she still plays on another AJ. I hope that hacker stops soon, she's a great, funny blogger.    :P

Grace quit a few days ago. She posted on the Animal Jam Community Blog. She said too much was going on in her life, and that she doesn't have time to post anymore. She was a great blogger as well, and I met her once too!    :)

Ferretlove was a great buddy, and also posted on the AJC Blog. We used to roleplay almost every day together. I dunno why she quit, let me look it up...
Hm. I guess she felt that people didn't appreciate her or her work. People DID yell at her and bully her on that blog. I feel bad for her.    ;(

Also I found this on her quitting post.
Sometimes I just hate people. That was rude to me AND Ferretlove! I wonder if it's the same person who bullied me on there when I was gonna apply as an author...

And there's another blogger, who I just became buddies with, who might quit soon, I dunno yet. He says he may quit because things in life, and because, yep, the RARES PROBLEM.

Do you see what I mean? 5 bloggers! In the last 2 years! It may not sound like much, but I hate that so many people are leaving. And a lot of this is caused by famous jammers, who stir up rumors about items so that they suddenly become "Rare", everyone wants one, and the AJ Economy gets even more chaotic! I'm not saying ALL famous AJ YouTubers are like this, though a lot are. But yeah. 
Anyway, I'm sorry if this post bored you to death, but you can read it or not, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to write this somewhere, and if I write in a diary, my hand hurts because I write and fast while holding my pencil weirdly, lol! Until the next post, Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, (DON'T QUIT [jk]) and JAM ON!

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  1. Hehe ur mad at me XD
    But, ikr, I know I still can access AJCC but what's the point on posting there if no-one can read your posts??
    p.s If you want to read MCB's legends I can comment any of them down.

    1. Ohhh! I had no idea you were an author Flora, my bad! Now that I think about it, I DID see your siggy on some posts. :P Sorry if that was offending or anything, I guess I'm mad at the OTHER authors ( there are others, right?), lol!
      But thanks, I will tell you if I want some legends from that blog. ;)

      Woah, that's a LOT of viewers! :O

    2. Lol XD I don't know if there are any other authors. In fact, before leaving for that summer camp, I read your comments on MCB's ''August Post'' and I were about to ask him if he could hire you or had already hired you because you're an amazing blogger. I actually made my blogger profile on July 2015 and I was afraid that I would delete the posts by mistake XD (I once deleted a pirate sword and now I am afraid I will do everything wrong XD)

    3. Lol! Well, you didn't delete anything, I don't think, so you're good so far!

  2. D:
    There's one on my blog now that wont leave me ALONEE.
    So I turned on moderation.

    1. Cyberbullies these days are:
      1. Annoying
      2. Determined ( to annoy people out of their minds)
      3. Bad at English. You should see the bullies on the AJC. >:1

      But that stinks. D: I wish the bullies would just leave us bloggers alone!

    2. Hm, never knew it was THAt bad! :o

    3. Lol, I'm currently chasing after an ajc (animal jam cyberbully)
      I would like to tell you their username, but I'm even keeping MY USERNAME private (not in aj, within another website) so she can't bully me too (yep, I'm not the person that is getting bullied, I'm ''The Spy'' XD).
      Cyberbullying (and, in their case, impersonating) is probably the worst danger online, if you ask me.

  3. You can be the person who inspires other people to write!


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