Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Art for Nafaria9 + A few pics

Naffy, here is your art!
I drew the outline of a snow leopard graphic, then added accessories, along with a few other improved things! I must say, the grey-ish main color was hard to master! I'll try to do more art soon!

If any of you want me to make you a piece of artwork, don't hesitate to ask me! Now that I've got Google Drive, I can post pictures of real life things! In fact, why don't I show you just a few? I'm bored anyway, hehe!
* Waits for forever and a half for pictures to send*
 My cute emoji pillow!
 Another drawing I drew of my cheetah a while back!
 I saw this little guy at Kids Fest in the shelter booth! Cute, huh? Aww, he looks like he's grinning!
 A Perler Beads creation, made by me, of my guinea pig, Cookie. I'm telling you, she really DOES look like an Oreo! Her first name is Oreo, but she's a girl so I call her Cookie!
And finally, my pretty tree! My mom painted this on one of my walls. Yes, I requested it!  ;)

That's all for now! Bye jammers! Oh, and I hope you like your picture, Naf!


  1. You're so good at drawing.
    I can't even omg...

    1. Aww, I'm not that good! But thank you!

  2. I don't like the picture... I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so so so so much! <3

  3. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! HOW DO YOU DRAW SO AMAZINGLY, SO PRECISE?! HOW DO YOU SHAD COLORS THAT GOOD?!! You are an amazing drawer, Swirl! :D My art is really bad compared to this... XD
    Also, your emoji pillow is adorable! :P That cheetah drawing is SPLENDID! Love the eyes! <3 And that dog! :o It is super cute! Your bead hamster is so cute! (I make things out of those kind of beads too!) And I agree with iLoppio, your mom DOES have some serious skill! :D

    1. XD, shade? I don't really know how to work shading yet, to be honest! But thank you so, so much! Also, could you post some art you made on your blog, Lostfairy? If you don't want to, it is perfectly fine, but I would like to see your work! I'm sure it's awesome! :)

    2. XD I have no clue how to shade but you did super duper well on your drawing! :D Hey, you're welcome! Hmmm, that's a good idea! I really haven't drawn much recently but I DO have some other stuff I could post... I think I'll post some of my drawings in my next post! Thanks for being interested! :D

    3. Awesome! Can't wait to see your art!

  4. O_O your Nafaria drawing...


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