Monday, May 30, 2016

I Think WootMoo Hacked Into AJ!

Hey peoples! So, guess what? My sis was playing AJ, and she saw THESE wings on WootMoo, who is now a non-member.
Those wings look familiar? They shouldn't, because my sis checked ALL the clothing stores in Jamaa, and guess what? NOTHING! This proves that these wings are UNRELEASED!!! 
And HOW do people get unreleased items into AJ?


Unless AJHQ, for some reason, told WootMoo he could test these wings, he must have recently hacked into AJ and got them! Now, this not been confirmed, it is just an educated guess. I don't want people to start screaming " OMG WOOTMOO IS HACKING AJ EVERYONE!!".  In fact, maybe these " Fancy Butterfly Wings", which is what I'm calling them, were just in stores for a short period of time, but then got taken out for some reason, like the Lion Mane on pvris. But be warned, because if he has ever hacked before, he may have found out how to hack into the entire GAME.

I'm excited to be the FIRST ( or one of the first) people on this topic! This is big! So be careful, everyone! But, if you know anything about how WootMoo got these wings, please put it in the comments! Thanks! Oh, and if you use this info on your blog, don't forget to give me credit! ;D

Flora Cutegirl has informed me that WootMoo used a code to get these wings. I wonder if the code is available to all... or did he find some kind of secret one? 


  1. This could be like the Lion Mane case (WootMoo bought it while it was on stores, for about 3 minutes).Or he hacked AJHQ, to be honest, I don't think anyone else has them.

  2. Replies
    1. A code? Is this code available to everyone? Do you know it, because I would LOVE to own a pair of those wings!

    2. He bought the AJ figurines.The package included a couple of item codes. m ther items were a rare bunny plushie and a weird police hat. But these codes are different to everyone, so there's no chance to know one :(

    3. Ohh! So you get in-game items with the AJ toys? That's amazing! Okay, watch in amazement as I blow 100 dollars in one week. Yay! XD


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