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Replaced- An AJ Fanfiction

When you first joined Animal Jam, you were probably greeted by the kind panda Alpha by the name of Liza. But now, Liza no longer greets new jammers. Instead, Peck the rabbit leads animals to their new home. Of course, everyone loves Peck, but how did Liza feel about being replaced?

A female albino bunny could be seen hopping down the dirt path. She looked a little nervous, with no one to guide her. Liza, the panda Alpha, stepped out from the dense undergrowth. As the bunny stopped in a clearing, by a beautiful heron statue, she glanced up at the lilac eyes of the panda looming over her, and squeaked in fear, covering her eyes with her paws.
Liza put her large paw on the bunny's back. " Do not be afraid. I am here to guide you to your new home."
The bunny uncovered her crimson eyes, looking a little less fearful. " R...really?"
" Yes.", Liza replied. " Little one, welcome to Jamaa."
The new jammer got up, looking around the clearing. Liza noticed that her eyes immediately fell on the heron statue.
" That statue is of Mira, the Sky Mother of Jamaa. She created this land, along with Zios, the Sky Father."
The bunny looked intimidated. " Do not worry, Mira is very kind. She will be so glad that you came to our land."
Finally looking relaxed, the rabbit allowed Liza to guide her down a dirt path, and into the wonderful land of Jamaa.

After greeting jammers the whole day, all Liza wanted to do was relax in her hut. It was tiring, running back and forth to welcome bunnies, wolves, seals, monkeys, tigers, pandas, and penguins of all kinds. Not that she didn't enjoy her job. Liza loved making the new animals feel welcome, and the new jammers seemed to like it too. Reaching her hut, she pushed through the bamboo surrounding her home, and stopped. There, on her porch, was a large tiger, wearing a red cape and metal leg cuffs. 
" Sir Gilbert! What are you doing here? Is something wrong?"
The bearded tiger looked up at her and shook his head. " No, no, everything's fine. I just came to tell you that we Alphas are having a meeting."
" Oh." Liza sighed inwardly. Guess I'll have to relax later.
" Okay, then, I suppose we should go." , the panda said. Sir Gilbert nodded in agreement, and the panda and tiger padded off to the Alpha Cabin.

" You certainly took your time.", a voice growled as they walked in. Liza turned to see Greely, the wolf Alpha, standing close to the door.
" Greely, you know that I had to wait for her to return to her house.", Sir Gilbert replied, a hint of annoyance in his voice.
" We wanted to start ages ago! You couldn't just go find her?! This meeting is about her, after all, so she should be here on time!"
The tiger Alpha snarled at Greely, who arched his back in return. Liza sighed. The two had never gotten along. Stepping between the two feuding Alphas, she pushed them both away from each other. " Stop it! You are Alphas, you should know better than to fight at a meeting!"
" Wouldn't have been a fight if Sir Gilbert came on time...", Greely muttered angrily to himself. Sir Gilbert shot a quick glare at the wolf, then dipped his head to Liza. Both animals then padded off to take their seats, but Liza stayed behind for a moment. The meeting is about me? What about me? Did I do something wrong?
" Liza!", Cosmo the koala shouted. " Come take your seat, we're starting!"
The panda settled down on a comfy purple mat, then turned to look at the other five Alphas. 
" So, apparently, Peck has had a dream sent by Mira.", growled Sir Gilbert. All eyes turned to the pinkish-furred bunny, and she nodded. " Peck, please share." The tiger sat back on his pillow, waiting for the rabbit Alpha to start talking.
Peck began nervously. " I... I had a dream that I was in a little clearing, with a bridge that led to...Jamaa, I think. There was no one there...for a moment. But then a panda appeared, a panda that looked like a...a new jammer."
A new jammer?, Liza thought. Why did they go to Peck? Don't I do the job of welcoming new animals?
Peck continued more clearly. " I didn't see Liza around, and, well, the panda looked nervous, so I decided that I would show them to Jamaa. I showed them everything, and then the weirdest thing happened."
" These glowing golden pawprints appeared, and they looked like they were leading to Jamaa. I followed them, and the panda followed me over the bridge. Suddenly there were tons of random animals, all cheering me and the panda on, and they were all glowing. The panda looked so happy, though, so I told him to go through a tunnel into Jamaa. When he left, all the glowing animals disappeared in blue smoke, and the blue smoke... it turned into the shape of a heron, like Mira, before bursting into sparkles."
" Well, the heron shape is a clear sign: this dream truly has been sent by Mira herself.", Sir Gilbert uttered in his deep voice.
" But... why was Peck there to greet the panda, and not Liza?" Graham, the monkey Alpha, asked.
" The reason is obvious.", Greely growled.
" It is?", Graham questioned.
" Yes, of course!" The wolf Alpha rolled his eyes.
" What...what do you think it means, Greely?", Liza stuttered. 
The wolf paused for a moment, then said " Mira has spoken quite clearly. She wants Peck to greet the new animals from now on."

Liza gasped in horror. " But... I do that job!"
Greely shook his his head. " Not anymore. Mira has chosen Peck instead, and we can't do anything to change that."
" But... if I greet the animals, what will Liza do?", Peck squeaked.
The other Alphas looked around at each other and nodded. " You will still greet animals, Liza, but only in Adventures.", Sir Gilbert said seriously.
" Only Adventures?! Sir Gilbert, you know that barely any jammers play Adventures anymore!"
" Then I suggest you get jammers to notice them. You'll have plenty of time.", Greely growled.
Sir Gilbert stared into Liza's eyes, his gaze slightly sorrowful. " I'm sorry, Liza, but Greely is right. We can't mess with Mira's decisions."
The panda Alpha stared at the other Alphas helplessly. " Cosmo, you can't let them do this, right?"
Cosmo hesitated for a moment, but then dipped his head sadly. " I have to. I'm so sorry Liza, but Mira knows best, and I trust her."
Liza whipped her head around to glance at Graham and Peck. " Graham? Peck?"
Graham shook his head in defeat, and Peck stared at her paws. Liza whirled around, trying to find some Alpha who was on her side, but there was no one. Little Peck hopped nervously up to her. " L...Liza? Are you sure? I don't want to take your place! I don't even know how to greet animals, and..."
Liza looked down at the bunny, and though her eyes brimmed with tears, she smiled. " You'll do great, Peck. I know it. In fact, you'll probably be better...than I was." 

Turning away from the other Alphas, she walked slowly out the door, feeling lost and alone.
How could you do this, Mira? I thought you trusted me, believed in me... 
Now I feel as if my life has been stolen away.

I hope you all enjoyed this story! I really let my ideas go on this one! Oh, lostfairy and 2fangwolf! I have your art! I drew these in real life! Sorry they aren't colored, but I made these pretty quick and I didn't feel like it, hehe! I'm so LAZYYYY...
 Here's lostfairy's!
And here is 2fang's! I know you all didn't ask for art, but I couldn't help myself! I hope you like them!

Until next time, fellow jammers! Remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, AND JAM ON!!!


  1. Cool story and cool drawings! Wow, I truly had forgot that Liza greeted jammers at first, but Peck replaced her! And your drawings are pawsome! Speaking of drawings, I completely forgot doing yours XD, but I will start making it, because exams are over tomorrow (for me) and I will have plenty of time! Anyways, I'm thinking of making an AJMV (idk which song yet) and I will need jammers' help, jag me if you can help or find anyone that would like to participate! (More information on AJ Art Corner).

    1. Thank you, Flora, for the compliments!

      Also, thanks for making me a drawing! Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I always enjoy fan art, so thanks again!
      And hmm, an AJMV? I like those! I just might help you on that if you need it! :)

  2. Oh goodness! That story was soooo amazing! You got a talent, girl! XD I love it. ^-^ I feel so sorry for Liza... D: (xD) Great fanfiction!
    I don't like my art.

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did an AMAZING job! Thank you so much for doing it!!! ^.^

  3. This is amazing, swirlshine! Although I love Animal Jam YouTube videos, and I make them myself, it's so cool to see fanfics/stories/poems/etc. I just think AJ blogs in general are so underrated. Anyway, keep it up- and I LOVE the drawing!

    1. Thank you Fang! And yes, I agree, AJ blogs ARE underrated!

  4. I've never actually thought about this myself, it's awesome to see stories lurking from peculiar things jammers overlook... That sounded a tad dark XD



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