Monday, July 25, 2016


Hello hello! I'm back, today, like I promised! Before I get to the things mentioned in the title, let me just tell you a little something. Now, I promise, I'm not trying to brag, but I'[m just so excited! Okay, ready?


I ordered a Sparkle Tiger, Twinkle Panda, Magic Horse, Lucky Lynx, and a Princess Castle Den set! I love them SO MUCH!

I would include the pictures of these toys in this post, but they haven't been sent to Google Drive yet. Only my mom can do that, and she's watching one those shows upstairs with my dad that us kids aren't allowed to watch, I guess. I don't wanna bother her. So I guess I'll just post the pictures tomorrow! That sound good?
Whether it sounds good or not to you, I'm moving on. XD  I'm sorry

Let's talk about this " Famous Jammer Palooza" first.
Today, my sister informed me that people were screaming, in the Sol Arcade, about Wisteriamoon. That means she's there, or she just WAS there. But then she left. My sister checked her YouTube, and, yup, she was live-streaming.
So my sister and I went on an " epic quest" to find Wisteriamoon and get pictures for my blog! Onward!! XD
Finally, FINALLY, after about 10 minutes of listening, chasing, and spam-clicking, I found her in Canyons Pathway.
YES! First mission, complete! I also saw the jammer who owned the den Wisteriamoon was hiding out in.
I don't think that matters, but meh. 

Oh yeah, guess what!? My sis and I...ARE BUDDIES WITH Apologize! You know, but with a line like this / through the second o? My sister saw him online in Jamaa Township, we went to his den, admired his AWESOME art gallery, and then we buddied him! He seems pretty nice so far! :) 
I guess he's even buddies with Wisteriamoon! That's how I got to her, by following Apologize.

That look though...

Then, guess what? APARRI GETS ON. 
I didn't see him or anything, but he got on, I guess.

But wait, there's more! To top it all off, my sister tells me that JULIAN2 is now online! I went to his den, and waited for him to appear so I could take pictures for this blog. 

Yes, it's the real Julian2. I clicked his nametag. 

I honestly chase famous people around Jamaa because I want to take screenshots. I kid you not. 
Or do I? I honestly don't know if that's my stupid excuse to find them, or what. Hehe.

Finally, I left Julian2's den, found an old buddy that I re-buddied again, and relaxed on my awesome new Chaise Lounge.

Mkay, so...that story's over. What next? Ah yes, the...GIVEAWAY!

I've never done a giveaway before, so I hope my first is successful! 
But the prize is the best part! Are you ready? The prize... is... * drumroll*


I promise you, I have a real, live, never-before used code from the Small House Den playset! My brother, being the 5-year-old-copycat, had to get Animal Jam toys like me and my sister. But he doesn't play Animal Jam, so he can't use the code. My sister and I can't use it either, otherwise it would be unfair.
So THAT is why I'm giving you guys a chance to win it!

This giveaway involves NO GIFTING, NO TRADING, not even a nice compliment! Although that would be nice...hehe...
All you have to do is comment your username, and a number between 1 and 10! * Don't pick the same number someone else has said!* After everyone has entered, I'll find the winner the old-fashioned way: writing the numbers on papers, putting them all together, and pulling one out randomly! The number I pick will be the number of the lucky winner, and I will find a way to get that code to you without putting it out so everyone can see it! 

So, remember, comment a number between 1 and ten, and your username! 
This giveaway shouldn't be as fun for me as it should be for you, but I'm so excited to see who wins! Good luck to all who enter! :D

By the way, I promise, with ALL OF MY HEART, that this is not some kind of scam. Although, since I'm not asking for anything but a number and your username, I don't know why it WOULD be considered a scam by anyone. But yeah, don't worry, I'll give a real, working code to ya!

Alrighty, I suppose that's it for today! I was going to add some pictures from the BETA days in here, but I think that deserves its own post! So, until tomorrow, remember to PARTY HARD, BE KIND, and JAM ON, and I wish you good luck in the giveaway!
*Oh, I almost forgot! A mighty big thanks to HARMONYPURR9/CANINECLAW AJ, for making me the amazing profile picture I am using right now! You are an epic artist, Harmony!*


  1. Aww thanks. Also I have talked to SmileySmiles, Sina and PCstraub before. And here is the last thing. My number is 9 because I'm Harmonypurrt9 XS -QUEEN HAR HAR THE NINTH

  2. Congrats that you got the toys! You're so lucky to see the famous jammers! I only have an auto from Julian2 and seen a few famous jammers who weren't that big of a deal.
    Might as well enter the giveaway. :3
    Username: Purplestarclub
    Number: 2
    Oh, btw. I love HarmonyPurr9's art skills! She also drew me and I loved it!

    1. You got an autograph from him? Cool! :D

      You have been entered, thank you!

      I know, right!? I love her art!

    2. My art is not that good. I try though.

  3. Username: pokemonygal
    Number: 6

  4. I didn't know you had a brother!

  5. :O a giveaway!!!
    Number: My ''lucky'' number, 8 (jk I don't have a lucky number I just like the number 8 XD)
    🍀 XD

  6. Wow!!! That is so cool! XD I can't believe all those people were on...(Dang, it would be awesome to meet them and see if they are stuck up! :P)
    :OOO A REAL WORKING CODE???? OMGOODNESS! Wow! That is like, the best prize ever! XD I am entering!!
    Username: Duh, me. XD
    Number: Uhhh... 4


    1. XD, right!?
      Awesome, you have been entered, Lostfairy!

  7. cookycupcake... and hmm good ol' #6

    1. Cooky, since pokemonygal also used the number 6, do you want to enter with the number 7, or 66?

      ( I am asking you because I do not know how to get ahold of pokemonygal.)

  8. Okay, so...

    We have 2 people who chose 8 and two who chose 6.

    Cosmic and Flora Cutegirl both did 8, and Cookycupcake and pokemonygal both did 6.

    You can come up with a new number, or I'll just make an 8, 88, 6, and 66, if you all want!

  9. Hi! I'm entering the giveaway.
    User: Koolestkat
    Number: 1

  10. Hm, may as well give it a go! I'll go with number 5 :P
    And my username (which is gross) is meganfurryfun37

    Good luck everyone :)


  11. Replies
    1. I don't think so! What's your username also?

  12. Wait! You know it's against the AJ rules to give codes? If you give someone a code, they can contact AJHQ and something about hacking.

  13. I think something like they can use the code info to email Animal Jam HQ and get your account added to their parent dashboard. Then they can ruin your account then by changing password and etc

    1. You make a good point, Anonymous. However, I think they mostly mean membership codes, and I'm giving this code away on a blog, not on AJ. I will research this topic, and if it really does give other access to my account, I will instead give the winner the already-opened code gifts.

    2. Thank you for telling me this, though. I appreciate it. :)

  14. I am latee O.o I know its tooooooooooo late but umm. I just came on ur blog I own one too I really like it
    Username: Nafaria8\Cuddly6342
    Status: Non member
    Number:7 this is my lucky number and i love it toooo

    I know its tttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late and people will make fuse so its okay I will enter another contest no issue <_> ^_^

    1. You're not too late! There's still a whole day left to enter! Since you entered in less than 2 days, you will be part of the giveaway, Cuddly! :)

      Also, thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! :D


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