Thursday, July 28, 2016

The BETA Days of AJ

Ugh, I still haven't uploaded those toy pics to Google Drive. I'm sorry. My mom keeps being gone every time I want to upload them.
Okay, so, it's not all HER fault. I've been using a lot lately. * Follow me if you have one! I'm WildSwirls! ;D* Hehehe. Honestly, I've mostly been making LPS stop-motion videos. Don't hate me. Yes, I like LPS. THEY'RE SO CUTE, OKAY!? Plus, I've had them since I was little, so...yeah.

Wow. That intro, wasn't it? 
Let me make a real one now.

Hey jammers! Just a reminder, there's only ONE DAY LEFT to enter the code giveaway, so if you haven't entered, please do it soon! 
Now, today, as the title says, I'm here to talk about the BETA days of Animal Jam. Ah yes, the age of the game where there were no members, no rares, and no famous jammers that took a worthless item, called it beta, and made everyone crazy over nothing. Seems nice, doesn't it?
But we're going to mostly be looking at the lands in the BETA days of AJ.

Now doesn't this look pretty? This was Crystal Sands in it's testing period. As you can see, the water looks more green than blue, giving it a natural look. AND there are no waterslides! Don't get me wrong, those waterslides are super fun, but it looks so much more like a regular beach in this picture. Back there, I think I can even see some kind of passage between the rocks that the water goes through. A waterfall, perhaps?
 Here's another picture of Crystal Sands, by the Juice Hut. In this shot, the wolf has a golden nametag, meaning that members had probably been introduced to the game. I honestly don't know when memberships were released, so it's possible that this picture might NOT have come from the BETA days. Maybe Crystal Sands still had the same look when BETA ended. I don't know.
Overflow is on the left side of the beach in this pic, and there is a moss-covered rock that has been removed. See what I mean about it being more like a real beach? You can even see some of the Juice Hut back there, although who knows if it was opened at the time.
And finally, our last picture of Crystal Sands! Doesn't look familiar, does it? That's because this cliff was removed later! But just look how beautiful it is! I really think AJHQ should add this piece of Crystal Sands back into the game! If they did, I would go there often! Look at it! There are natural plants and trees growing all around, and that view is amazing!! The rock in the left corner was actually shaped like Sir Gilbert at the time! I suppose that means that Sir Gilbert was the "creator" of Crystal Sands? More of a decorater to me, Mira was the one who CREATED the lands.
Now, this one SHOULD be familiar! It's the Lost Temple Of Zios! Only, at that time, there was a monkey statue where Zios' broken mask sits today. I think that this means AJHQ released the legend of how phantoms were created AFTER the game's testing period. The legend says that, after Mira " lost" Zios, her tears of sorrow created the first phantoms. If this had happened during the BETA period, wouldn't Zios' mask be sitting in the pit already?
There's also something else you should know about this picture. See that koala? Her fur is a color that we cannot use today! You may also notice that some of the items these jammers are wearing are in different colors than the ones we have today, like those Gazelle Horns!
 Ah, Sarepia Forest. Such a calm, peaceful place back in the day. Nowadays, jammers use Sarepia Forest to roleplay, usually as wolves, Warrior cats, dogs, or dragons. But, from the looks of this picture, there seemed to be no way to get to the bottom half of the forest!
Oh, never mind! I see it now! The ladder, of course, hadn't been constructed yet, but if you look closely, the slide is accessible by going down the stairs, close to where Peck is standing. Speaking of Peck, don't all the Alphas look so different!? Cosmo looks older, Sir Gilbert has creepy green eyes, Graham looks...odd, Liza looks chubbier ( Sorry Liza!), Greely has a ruby replacing one of his eyes, and Peck...well, she looks less...bright. Ya know? But AJHQ's art style changed over the years, and now we see the...happier...and...younger looking Alphas we have today! To me, that was a gift to our game.
But, back to the forest, Wind Rider hadn't been released, so there was no blue platform, the "floor" extends behind Graham, and there are lots of ropes for support hanging around. Makes the place look a little more messy, but hey, would you rather walk around on a messy tree-maze system, or an unsafe one?
Here's our last picture of Sarepia Forest. There was a GIANT mushroom on the forest floor, at the time! I honestly don't know why this was there, it looks unrealistic. Unless that mushroom was a trampoline, I'm not a big fan.
I really should have put this after the Temple Of Zios picture, but oh well. 
Anyways, this is the old Chamber Of Knowledge. Empty, I know. This looks like the first room, where the mini-books are now. There was no book-filled shelves as walls, no secret trap door on the ground, Gem Ball was in the first room instead of the second, and there are a few extra added decorations. I see a Golden Mira Statue, and a creepy Cosmo statue that's eyeballing me like I'm stupid. Oh yeah, and the floor design is now painted in the modern Chamber!
The BETA Jamaa Township. Honestly, the only major differences I see about this land are that gong-thingy where Jammer Central now is, a sign pointing to Jam Mart Clothing, which I guess was where the Diamond Shop is now, and a stretched blue cloth-thing by what I guess was Jam Mart Furniture? 
Honestly, WHAT was AJHQ thinking back then!? There were not, and there still isn't, any snakes in the game, and has anyone ever seen a bunny or koala sleep with it's eyes open? I'm guessing not. Seriously, it's creepy! They look dead or something...O.O
* Ignore someone's smeary attempt to cover up the panda that took this picture originally*
Our modern Pillow Room, or " Adoption Room", as a lot of jammers call it, used to be the old Medical Center. 
Looks pretty cluttered, but I like how it looks more rustic. This Medical Center had crates, bottles, and blankets. In our new Medical Center, we have an IV, bright hospital bed, and a sink. I do wonder why there's some kind of saw resting against a wall in the picture, though. Yikes. Wouldn't patients get freaked out?
Patient: Doctor, will I be okay?
Doctor: Yes, you just need a surgery.
* Doctor gathers supplies, then grabs the saw*
Doctor: Now, I'm going to give you the sleeping medicine. Then I'll perform your surgery. It won't hurt a bit.
* Doctor leans against saw*
Patient: know what?! I'm feeling a whole lot better! See? Haha, some tumor can't bring ME down!! So, um...gotta go, bye!
* Patient runs out door*
Doctor: Haha, sweet! She paid me to do nothing! This saw works miracles.

And scene. Hope you enjoyed that. XD
This was what the Claw used to look like when you played it. This is really freaking me out. They look just like what the players' animals looked like! So...they put real, live animals in a CLAW MACHINE, and let other animals of the same species pay to grab them with a metal claw? O.O
Finally, we have the BETA " Change Your Looks" template. As you can see, there are colors included in the color palette that can't be used today. The animal picture also looks more cartoonish. Like something I would draw. Dark outline, no shading. The animal's nametag, at the top, also was different, as well as the eye picture on the Eye tab. The items in Jumping's inventory are also drawn cartoonishly.

Now, this one ISN'T from the BETA days, but I thought I would include it.
One Thursday, AJHQ decided to change the style of the Jamaa World Map. In fact, I was there when it happened. I didn't exactly like it, and many others didn't either. So many jammers sent AJHQ complaints that, a day or two later, they changed it back to the old map that we know and love. I actually don't think this map looks too bad, but it would be a pretty big change to get used to. Plus, I just don't think it matches AJHQ's art style anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I feel like I've been typing for a hour! I need to log onto AJ now, but while I'm gone, just remember to PARTY HARD, BE CURIOUS, and JAM ON!!


  1. :OOO I've loved LPS since I were 2 yearz old!! Me and my sister have a big basket and a small box full of LPS's. We even name our small ones, and then we make films with them and stuff!

    o,o the Alphas at the beta stage... Chubby Lisa looked more KAWAII!!!! and so did the rabbitish Peck (without much makeup and that creepi smile XD).

    Um, sleeping with your eyes open? Um, yeah, AJHQ... Yes...

    XD ''The Players Claw''!

    1. This is why you're my friend. :)

      True. I really only liked Peck with the BETA days look. Liza does look cute when she's chubby, though. XD
      I'm just mad that they replaced Greely's eye with a ruby. It makes him look weird. ):l

      So dang creepy...


  2. The way lands have changed is actually kinda spooky when you think about it. (points at unfinished fan fiction book lying sadly in my notes).

    In my opinion, the newer map looked ok, but it just didn't have the Jamaasian feel of AJ.

    The medical centre is probably where Cosmo used to live...

    Help me XD

    Also am I the only one who feels Club Geoz needs a makeover? At the moment it looks like somewhere from the 70s XD


    1. Lol. True.

      Yeah, I thought so too.

      Hmm, perhaps! Why did he have a saw, though?

      XD, maybe that's the point. But yes, Club Geoz is due for a makeover. It may also attract more jammers to it! The poor, forgotten club. :(

  3. I actually real like the beta day art style!
    Claw: I guess we all know what Liza does to bad jammers... xD

    1. Yeah. I like how it looked more...traditional and everything. Biggest pet peeves, though: Greely's JEWEL EYE and Sir Gilbert's creepy green stare that burns into your soul. O.O

      XDDD, yup. My friend and I actually call Liza "Mulan" now. Doesn't she look like a panda version of Mulan? XD

  4. Also, hehe, I hope you don't mind what I wrote on AJCC XDDD I randomly saw your comment on the DE XD

    1. I don't mind at all! I love being featured on other blogs! ;D


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