Friday, August 19, 2016

How I Got Hacked In AJ- An IRL Story

Alrighty. Let's not do all this random-intro nonsense this time. I'm just gonna get right into it! Here we go!

I was in 4th grade I believe, when it happened. 
There was a girl at my school, who I suppose I'll call A in this story, who played AJ like me. One day, at lunch, she asked me for my password. I honestly don't remember why she wanted it. Maybe for no reason at all. I dunno.
I refused to give it away, but she kept asking, begging, pleading, and promising that she would NEVER give it to anyone or use it. Finally, peer pressure got the better of me. I wrote down my password for her, and told her to keep it in a place that no one would find it. 
A day or two later, I logged onto AJ. I played around Jamaa for a while, trading and what-not. Finally, I decided to go to my den. When I did, I realized that my prized Epic Wolf Plushie was not in the place it should have been. In fact, NOTHING was in that spot!
I checked my Inventory, guessing that it was just a glitch, and my den hadn't fully loaded yet. But, after checking and re-checking, I still didn't see my Epic Wolf Plushie. Panicking, I tried everything I could, but the wolf never appeared. I checked my Clothing, and my recently-earned Rare Heart Locket was gone as well! 
I could already tell I'd been hacked. And I could already guess who had done it.
I texted my best friend, telling her that A had hacked me. She messaged me back, saying "A says she didn't do it." 
I was skeptical, but my best friend said that A swore she didn't do it. I e-mailed AJHQ that night, telling them what I lost and begging them to please give the 2 items back. Honestly, all I wanted was the Epic Wolf. It was my favorite item back then. I also changed my pretty-easy password to a longer one. 
When I saw A at school again, she told me that it might have been her older sister who had taken the password and hacked me. Thing is, though, she said her sister didn't PLAY AJ! I asked about that, and A said that her sister just might have done it for fun.
I never got those 2 items back. I was lucky that nothing else was taken, but sadly, my amazing, adorable Epic Wolf Plushie was gone forever. I eventually earned the Heart Locket back, but to this day, I still miss my Epic Wolf, whom I could not replace. 

Let this me a lesson, to you, and myself: Don't give out your password to anyone. Even if they promise they won't use it, chances are your plan to keep your account secure will backfire.

I hope you enjoyed that story! Well, okay, I don't know why anyone would enjoy a hacking know what I mean!! :P
Remember to PARTY HARD, BE SAFE, AND JAM ON until my next post, everyone!


  1. Wow... D: I'm sorry, Swirl! *throws all the Epic Wolves I can find through screen* Man, if I had one or an extra or something, I'd totally give it to you! But I think they are worth a TON and little old me doesn't have all those pretty betas. XDD

    And this is totally random but today I have to pack for camp. Which usually takes me an hour or so, depends how much I worry. XD *thinks of last year and how the suitcase almost didn't shut* Heh... XD And this time it's a longer week so more clothes... XDD Wish me luck. >.<

    1. OOO!!*Grabs them all and squeezes them*
      Yeah, they are worth a lot. That's why I couldn't replace it.
      Aw, thank you! You're such a good friend!
      Betas don't matter to me, anyway. :)

      Ah yes, camp! I hope you enjoy it!
      *Watches flashback-thingy*

      Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm never doing it either XD

      I was stupid in 4th grade.

  3. I remember that me and my friend shared our webkinz passwords. We never logged onto each others accounts, let alone take anything, but then in webkinz no items really have values.

    By the way, I have an epic wolf plush you can trade for if you want!


    1. To be honest, my best friends have my password. They probably forgot it, though. I gave it to them because they gave theirs to me. So that, if on of us can't get on AJ, the other can just log in on their account and get whatever the other person wanted.

      You do!? Awesome!
      Sadly, though, I don't think I have good enough items for it.

  4. What's an epic wolf? Oh wait... Searches it up, oh yes I know what it's. Sorry to hear your loss:( Maybe you'll get it back one day:)

  5. I had an A-friend that knew my password as well!! Ya know, lovekoala248,the one that stopped playing because I were rarer.
    So I gave it to her once that I had visited her. I told her not to take anything or mess up with my account. She didn't ruin everything, and she soon forgot my password (yay!). But the mistake I had done was, that, before she starts playing animal jam, I made an account for her and gave her the password! She said she wouldn't use it, but, all my good stuff was gone next day!! I called her and asked her if she stole the items. She answered me it was just a prank to scare my sister. Then I told her to give all of the stolen items back. She accepted. I put several necklaces on trade, but she denied trading for such a bad item! She said I should trade twice the worth of each item. I denied, of course, but then she said:''I believe you don't want your items, then'' and unbuddied me. But then my sister traded 1 of her straw hats for a yellow rare wristband that was worth A LOT more than those silly Bitter Sweet item lovekoala248 took. My sister told her, and she said ''Um, I decided I don't want the items. I will give them all to you JUST for the wristband!!'', but she apparently was lying, because that time you could only trade 4 items per trade.
    I actually called her A at the beginning because her name starts with an A, but, since I ended up calling her lovekoala248, whatever...

    1. Wow...
      She sounds...delightful.

      That's just wrong. She lied and hacked you all in one. ):l


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