Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My First Day Of 7th Grade!

Hi again! How have you all been doing? I hope your school year goes well! :)
Today, I went to my first day of 7th grade! I actually really like it so far!
All my teachers seem to be nice, and I REALLY love the choir and art teachers. I know the choir teacher from last year, but the art teacher is new, and I'm new to art class! She's SUPER nice, though! Big time animal lover, she even helped save a homeless dog! <3
I'll admit, it WAS kinda hectic, but since I've been at the school for a year or two now, I know my way around a little more. 
I was SOO tired, though! I took a long nap after school on the couch, got up, then went into my room and fell back asleep! XD
And guess what? So far, my math teacher doesn't seem to be the type who gives tons of homework, which means I may be a lot less stressed this year! WOOOO! 

But I can't judge 7th grade on the first day! I gotta get to know all my teachers first. Hopefully, though, all will work out just fine!

For those of you starting school, or who have already started, I wish you luck in your new grade! I'm sure you'll do amazing! ;)


  1. I'm going into year 8. I'm kinda paranoid. Here's why-
    1. We have to have vaccinations about a few weeks in and I hate needles
    2. We might get the Trump teacher for computing again
    3. I'm getting moved down in English. Which probably means I won't get my favourite teacher x.x
    4. Our form room is nuts. People thrown fizzy drink everywhere and go loopy
    5. A bunch of my form are going to start picking on the year 7s which I cant stand. When I was in year 7, I had chocolate milk thrown at me, as well as being shoved into walls and told that I'm a "bleeping turtle" because I couldn't move due to being stuck between a bunch of year 10s.
    6. Our DT teacher is evil.

    So yeah, school is brilliant! *sarcasm*

    Wish you luck in 7th grade! (I imagine 7th grade is the same as year 7, but I'm kinda clueless XD)


    1. Oh wow! That sounds pretty crazy! O.O

      People picked on you in 7th grade? I'm sorry about that. D:

      I wish you luck in year 8 as well! Hopefully it'll be better than the last one!

  2. OH MY GOD. WHO ISNT GOING TO 7th GRADE?!?!?! It's you, me, Penguin, PurpleStarClub, CookyCupcake, and maybe LostFairy too. XD

    1. I know, right!?

      Lostfairy told me she's a year or two older than me, so I'm guessing she's in 8th or maybe 9th. I dunno, though.

    2. XDDDD WAHAHAHA!! You don't know meh age.... XD (I'll probably tell you all my grade I'm going into sometime soon on my blog. :D)

    3. XD

      I will find your age...I WILL KNOW...I MUST KNOW!!!!!! XDD

    4. o.o I AM-*random loud machine starts up and drowns out my words*

      *machine stops*

      There. Now you know everything. XD (I am NOT thinking of Dez saying "Now you know everything" in an oooolldd episode. XD)


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